Twist Throttle vs. Button throttle on Electric Trikes: Which One is Better?

By Addmotor | 14 November 2023 | 0 Comments
Electric trikes are most commonly known for their better stability and ability to deliver goods or tow a trolley. An electric trike bike usually has two of the most common types of throttles that a rider uses to propel a bike using an electric motor: Twist Throttle and Button Throttle.
In this article, we’ll guide you about both throttle types and we’ll see how each throttle type affects your riding experience. Now, let’s take a deeper look on how each throttle works and propels your electric 3 wheel bike.

addmotor grandtan adult electric trike with a twsit throttle 
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Twist Throttle in Electric Trikes - How Do They Function?

Just like it sounds, a Twist Throttle needs to be twisted in order to start an electric motor to assist you gain acceleration. It is usually placed on the right handlebar and a rider needs to twist inwards the throttle to get assistance from the motor. 
With an e trike bike having a Twist throttle, it is quite easy to control your speed with your twisting motion. It’s quite intuitive and it’s just like riding a motorbike that runs on gasoline; it’s the same principle - the more you twist, the faster you accelerate.

Advantages of Twist Throttle in Electric Trike Bike

Twist Throttle can be a great deal in various real-life scenarios. Imagine you’re pedaling your e trike with a heavy load in your rear basket and there’s an intersection up ahead. You might want to gain just the right acceleration to cross it by having full control over your e trike bike. With Twist Throttle, you can manage to do that quite effectively since you can easily control your speed.
Other than this, riding uphills can be very efficient and effective with a Twist Throttle. When encountering steep uphill climbs, a twist throttle can provide an extra boost of power to help you conquer the incline more easily. It allows you to maintain a consistent speed without exerting excessive effort, making uphill rides more manageable.

Disadvantage? (Not really!)

The only thing that might give you a hard time throttling your e trike, is your gloves. Many gloves (made of cotton or similar material) might make your hands slip over the throttle. It isn’t something that deals with the disadvantage of a Twist Throttle, but one needs to use the proper gloves with good grips.

Button Throttle in Electric Trike - How Does it Work?

Unlike Twist Throttle, a Button Throttle is just a button which you press and hold to accelerate. A button throttle is an old tech now, but most people still prefer it because they find it convenient (different choices, different voices).
Regardless of the fact that some people prefer button throttle, there are many limitations and shortcomings to a button throttle e trike.

Limitations of Button Throttle E Trike Bike:

Having a button throttle might get you in trouble in different real-life scenarios.
#1. Steep Uphill Terrain: When riding on steep uphill terrains, relying solely on the button throttle may not provide enough power to overcome the incline. In such cases, having the option to pedal along with the assistance of the electric motor can be beneficial.
#2. Limited Battery Life: Electric bikes have a limited battery life, and using the button throttle continuously at high speeds can drain the battery quickly. If you're planning a long-distance ride or need to conserve battery power, it may be more efficient to use a combination of pedaling and intermittent throttle usage.
#3. Precise Speed Control: In situations where precise speed control is required, such as navigating through crowded areas or getting yourself out of a traffic jam or tight spaces, relying solely on the button throttle may not be a good option to control your e trike bike. In these cases, having an electric trike bike with a twist throttle can provide more precise control over your speed.
#4. Safety Concerns: Using the button throttle alone without pedaling can lead to sudden acceleration which might get you in trouble, especially if you accidentally press the throttle while starting or stopping. This can be a safety concern, particularly in crowded areas or when riding in close proximity to pedestrians or other vehicles. In such a scenario, a Twist Throttle e trike bike is a much safer option to go with.

Final Thoughts - Which One’s Better?

From a customer’s safety perspective, we at Addmotor would highly recommend going for a twist throttle e trike bike because it gives you a safe riding experience and gives you much more control over your electric trike bike.
Addmotor have got a wide range of cool-looking electric trikes for customers with different needs. You might love checking out our powerful and reliable electric trikes for adults.

Having an electric 3 wheel bike is a bit heavy to pedal all on your own, but if the right amount of motor power is used, it becomes very convenient for a rider to control an e trike.


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