Torque vs Cadence Sensor Electric Trikes: Which One is Better?

By Addmotor | 09 November 2023 | 1 Comments
Electric trikes are getting much more popular in the market since the world is getting to know its utility in daily routine life. An electric trike bike is most commonly used to ferry heavy luggage between destinations. But when it comes to choosing the right e trike bike, people are mostly confused between going for an e trike with a Torque sensor or Cadence sensor. 
Well, in this article, we’ll learn more about the Torque vs Cadence sensor and will see which is the better choice for you.
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Torque vs Cadence Sensor - Which Type of Electric Trike is Better?
Before giving any explanations about the functionality of both sensors, let us just make it clear that a Torque sensor is comparatively a better choice because of its smoother ride experience and a couple of other good reasons.
With an electric trike bike having a Torque sensor, like Addmotor CITYTRI E-310, you don’t feel a jerk when the motor kicks in. Contrarily, an e trike having a Cadence sensor would give you an unpleasant jerk. Moreover, a torque sensor makes your e trike bike much more efficient and allows you to get the most out of it.

To understand the concept of Torque and Cadence sensors, we’ve to explain how each sensor works and what are their respective pros and cons.
How Does Torque or Cadence Sensor Work?
As the name explains it all, a torque sensor senses the torque, or say the force, on the pedal exerted by the rider. As soon as a rider puts force and starts pedaling harder, the sensor senses the force and instantly brings in just the right amount of electric motor assistance required by the rider.
On the other hand, a Cadence sensor senses the speed of the turning pedals to determine how much assistance to provide.
In a torque sensor, the sensor determines how much assistance is required based on the force exerted, however, a Cadence sensor measures the speed of the pedals and turns on the motor which sometimes might give you a jerk.

Imagine you’re already pedaling fast and you don’t need any acceleration or assistance. In case of a Cadence sensor, your increasing pedal speed will turn on the motor when it’s not even required, resulting in the loss of energy. However, on the other hand, a Torque sensor brings in the assistance of a motor when a rider puts pressure on the pedals which means that it only provides the assistance when it is genuinely required by the rider. This is why the Torque sensor is efficient when it comes to saving the batteries.

Pros of Torque Sensor over Cadence Sensor

Some of the pros of Torque sensor over Cadence sensor are as follows:

#1. Reliable and Accurate.

Torque sensor is quite reliable when it comes to determining when to provide the electric motor assistance. Regardless of the wind speed or terrain dynamics, a Torque sensor will help you get the most out of your e trike.

#2. More Efficient.

Torque sensor is, without any doubt, more efficient than a Cadence sensor because it saves the energy and only kicks in when a rider needs it.

#3. More Control Over Ride.

With a Torque sensor, a rider has more control over an e-trike because of the fact that it allows riders to get the required amount of assistance by applying the required amount of force on the pedals. Contrarily, with a Cadence sensor, a rider can’t have full control over the amount of assistance required since it depends on the speed of the pedals.
Final Words
We at Addmotor know how important it is for you to purchase an electric 3 wheel bike. That’s why we strive to provide you the required knowledge you need to make the best and informed purchase decision.
So whenever it comes to selecting your e trike bike, Torque sensor is the one you should value because of its latest design structure and high efficiency.

If you’re looking for a smooth ride experience in an electric trike bike, try to look for the one that comes with a Torque sensor. Talking about the Torque sensor electric trikes, Addmotor has got your back with a variety of Torque sensor e-trikes at an affordable price. Whether it’s about the design or the modern technology, Addmotor has everything under one roof. You might like checking out the Addmotor TRIKETAN M-330F, ARISETAN II M-360, TRIKETAN II M-330, and TRIKETAN II M-330 MINI, as they all come with Torque sensor installed in them with the price similar to that of Cadence sensor of any other brand in the market.


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