Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Electric Bikes

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Some misconceptions will surround all innovative technologies, especially when they seem too compelling to be true. Electric bikes work similarly. The reason that they are so misunderstood is that people confuse them with conventional bikes or something that's too advanced for them.

Over the past decade, electric bikes have been attracting a growing amount of interest, which has intensified in the past couple of years into ravenous demand. Electric bikes are cheaper and more convenient than other mobility alternatives, easy to use, and equipped with pedal assist, which makes them better than traditional bikes.

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Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Electric Bikes

It's no secret that electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular as more and more people discover their amazing benefits. However, we still hear many common misconceptions about e-bikes, and we need to set the record straight with facts.
The following are 10 common myths and misconceptions about ebike you probably believe, but they aren't true:

#1 Electric bikes are only for seniors

Having an electric bike is definitely a viable option for older people, but that does not necessarily mean they are only for them. The benefits of owning an e-bike can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. Many reasons to own an e-bike appeal to younger generations, which make up an increasing percentage of the e-bike market.  
Many young riders value being environmentally conscious, budget-friendly, and having an easy commuting method without the added hassles of owning a car and electric bikes are perfect for them.

#2 Riding an electric bike is cheating

One of the most common misconceptions about electric bikes is that riding one is cheating because the electric motor does all the work. But in reality, it is actually the opposite because having added assistance makes electric bikes more accessible to a wide range of people. Especially those who would struggle to ride.  

The motors on e-bikes provide assistance while you ride, but this assistance is only available when you pedal, so they aren't cheating. Motors make it easier to ride longer and faster, which makes it easier to stay fit. Additionally, research has shown that people who ride electric bikes burn more calories because they are more likely to ride them frequently.

#3 E-bikes are too expensive

It is true that electric bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes because having the added motor comes at a cost, but it isn't as much as people think.

Electric bikes are still less expensive than cars and can replace cars, whereas traditional bikes cannot. You can carry out a range of tasks on your electric bike thanks to the power of the motor. Since there are no fuel charges or special maintenance or licensing fees, electric bikes are a wise investment in the long run.  

In comparison with owning a car, using a taxi, or using public transportation, electric bikes are cheaper and more practical than others. At Addmotor, you can also find discounted electric bikes for sale.

#4 Electric bikes are not good for the environment

This is another myth. Compared to other modes of transportation, electric bikes emit no pollutants, making them an eco-friendly alternative to your daily commute. E-bikes are a very effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce traffic on the roads, and avoid getting stuck in traffic jams if you live within a rideable distance.

#5 Electric bikes are not safe

In electric bike markets, this is a common misconception. There is no difference in safety between traditional bicycles and electric bikes. Many electric bikes come standard with lights and reflectors, which can make riding them safer than driving in cars.

Aside from that, most e-bikes use a motor that shuts off once the rider reaches a certain speed. Pedal assist is intended to assist you in reaching the legal maximum speed. The rest is up to you, just like an ordinary bike. Additionally, the bike lanes are separated from the regular traffic, so riding an electric bike is completely safe as long as you take good care of yourself.

#6 E-bikes are limited in distance

It's true that e-bikes have batteries, and these batteries don't last forever. Even after the battery has been depleted, an e-bike can still be used as a regular bicycle by pedaling. Depending on the battery size, ranges on e-bikes can range from 20 to over 80 miles, which is more than enough for most people.  

You can also monitor the level of the battery on most e-bikes through their displays. Therefore, if understood properly, electric bikes do provide a good range and do not cause any worries while riding.

#7 E-bikes are only for city dwellers

It is true that electric bikes are gaining popularity in cities because they are ideal for commuting and other errands within the city. However, they aren't limited to city roads. There are many types of electric bikes that are suitable for other tasks as well such as off-road adventures, hill climbing, and hunting.

#8 You can't ride an electric bike in the rain  

Many people believe that you can't take your bike out in the rain since electricity and water don't work well together. However, this isn't entirely true. The introduction of waterproof ratings in electric bikes provides reasonable protection from water under moderate conditions of rain. This provides sufficient protection to ride for sustained periods of time in the rain. However, it isn't recommended to stay in heavy rain.

#9 E-bikes are difficult to ride

There are only a few people who repeat this misconception, mainly those who have never owned an electric bike. It is very easy to ride an electric bike. It requires far less physical effort to propel the vehicle and for some models, it's as simple as twisting a throttle. In other words, if you know how to ride a bicycle, you can handle an electric bicycle without any additional skills.  

#10 Electric bikes require extra maintenance

In reality, e-bikes are still bicycles. In contrast to conventional bicycles, electric bikes use the same gears, chains, and brakes as conventional bicycles. Therefore, the maintenance of an e-bike is fundamentally similar to that of a traditional bike. In the same way as traditional bikes, e-bike maintenance is heavily influenced by usage.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this will help clear up these common misconceptions about electric bikes, if these were what prevented you from getting an electric bike. Electric bikes can be found at Addmotor in a wide range of styles.

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