Addmotor Electric Trikes and the Rains: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

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It is evident that e-tr
ikes are in high demand in the transportation sector. Since electric trikes have lower costs and are an environmentally friendly option, electric trikes are much more suitable than other modes of transportation. With a wide variety of models and brands, electric trikes continue to attract more and more customers.
Riding your fat tire electric trike is an excellent option for exercise. However, if you live in an area where it rains a lot or the weather is unpredictable. There are a few things to consider for every rider. Considering that electric trikes have typically opted for older people, they require more attention and care. Take a look at the top 5 do’s and don’ts of riding an e-trike in the rain if you want your vehicle to survive our sudden, fierce weather.

Addmotor Electric Trikes and the Rains: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Taking a ride on an electric trike is one of the most exciting experiences since it allows one to move and have fun at the same time. In adverse weather conditions, however, this can turn into a different story, so one must be prepared to handle these occurrences.

When it comes to Addmotor’s adult electric trike collection, it doesn’t matter what type of weather it is. In addition to being durable and water-resistant, these electric trikes for sale from Addmotor also provide you with relative comfort, safety, and security throughout your ride.

However, if you’re prepared with the right gear and skill set, riding the electric trike in the rain can be safe and even fun. Staying safe while riding in the rain involves many factors, such as what you are wearing and how you set up your electric trike. Following are the tips that should be followed to ensure a safe ride on any electric fat tire tricycle:


5 Do’s and Don’ts to Follow

To ensure a safe trip on an electric trike in the rain, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to consider;

#1 Do get the right gear

Getting the right gear is no trivial matter before beginning your journey. You can make your ride much more comfortable if you wear the proper gear for the weather conditions. In addition, you can even save your life if unexpected circumstances arise. A variety of gear can help you stay safe, from high visibility clothing or raincoats to helmets, and safety goggles, as well as having proper fenders and waterproof bags. This will help keep your valuables safe.  

In addition, mudguards can also protect your e-trike and electrical components, such as the battery or motor, from getting wet when it rains. The motor generally will not be affected by light splashes of water, but just in case, fenders can help prevent serious damage. In the rain, riding is both challenging and risky. Therefore, it is always advisable to invest in the right gear depending on the weather.


#2 Don’t Drive Through High-Water Level

Riding an electric trike through deep rain water is one of the most obvious “Don’ts”. Riding through deep water is not advisable in any situation, whether you’re on an e-bike, e-trike, or simple bike. Before proceeding on any road, be sure to check the water level. This is because if the water level is higher than a certain level, it might get into the inner circuits of your electric trike and cause serious damage.

Another suggestion is to turn off your trike’s electrical system and pedal it through the water like a traditional trike, without any help or power from the electrics. Unfortunately, you won’t know whether water reached your motor or other electronic components, so to be on the safe side don’t turn your power on again right away. Wait for it to dry out and be patient. Also, avoid leaving your e-trike outside in rainy weather.


#3 Do be More Cautious

It is always a smart idea to be more cautious and aware than normal during inclement weather. Make sure to stay in your senses and avoid making any kind of mistake. During the rain, the roads can be far more slippery and visibility can be very low. There is also a possibility of running into unexpected objects on the road, so keep your eyes on the road.  

Try to apply brakes early, as wet weather conditions can make coming to a complete stop for trikes slightly more difficult. Whenever turning around the corner, always slow down more than usual and try not to lean around the corner too much. Do look out for puddles or any kind of pothole on the road.


#4 Don’t Overspeed

Rains are no doubt loved by everyone and could fill one with immense joy, but you must make sure you don’t drive fast when it’s raining. Make sure you are careful when accelerating with your motor. This is because in wet weather conditions, the friction on the road is reduced, so there is a much higher chance of getting slipped.

When its rainy, visibility is also greatly reduced, so avoid exceeding a certain speed limit. This is because approaching other objects at a higher speed could make it almost impossible for you to avoid collisions.  


#5 Do Make Sure Your Lights are Working

Since e-trikes typically come with head and tail lights, it is imperative that the battery is fully charged before heading out in rainy weather. Because, when you come out on the road, you’re likely to share the roads with different types of vehicles, some of which might not see you without a headlight.

The electric trikes for sale from Addmotor are equipped with long-range batteries and illuminating head and taillight, to assist you during any kind of weather condition.



Electric bikes and electric trikes are made for every weather and season. So, rainy weather isn’t something that could stop you from venturing out. To stay safe and enjoy your rainy ride just as much as your sunny one, you just need to follow these basic tips.

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