Things you need to know about the electric Trike LCD display

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Electric tricycle for adults is known for all their advanced features and components that provide a safe and convenient riding experience. Along with the motor and battery, another component that allows a safe and smooth ride is the LCD display of the adult electric trike. The integrated technology of the LCD display provides you with all the necessary information you need to know during the ride, such as the charging level of the battery, mileage, speed, pedal assist level, power output, etc. You have all this information displayed in front of you on the screen, so you don’t have to worry about the charging level or speed of an adult electric trike, and your focus is needed only on the road in front of you.
It can be really helpful, especially when using e-trikes for fitness purposes. You can assess your performance with the information displayed on the screen and improve your performance. But it would not benefit you if you wouldn’t know about the features and functionality of an LCD display in e-trikes. So to help you in this, we have gathered all the information you need to know about the LCD display of electric tricycles for adults.

Features of LCD display of an adult electric trike

1. Battery capacity

It is difficult to estimate the battery life of e-trikes during or after the ride. But it is also crucial to know about the battery so that you don’t go too far with a low battery and have to pedal back because pedaling an electric tricycle for long distances requires a lot of strength and stamina. An LCD saves you from all the hassle, as it displays the battery capacity of an electric tricycle for adults in the top right corner, and the line fades gradually from left to right, indicating the battery loss. You can easily estimate the distance you can cover with the remaining battery power.  

2. Speedometer

It is important to know about your speed while riding an electric tricycle, especially if you are an inexperienced or new rider. You can maintain your speed within the safety limits only when you know the speed you are riding your adult electric trike. The LCD of e-trikes has the feature of a speedometer that calculates and displays your current speed, average speed, and maximum speed. It is also essential to know the speed to maintain it within the range according to the rules and regulations of the particular state.  

3. Odometer

Another great feature of an LCD display in an electric tricycle for adults is the odometer, which displays the miles you have covered during the ride. Some LCD displays also have an odometer that displays the time you have spent riding your adult electric trike. This feature is beneficial for people using e-trikes for maintaining health and fitness. You can track your fitness journey and set goals by increasing the mileage and time gradually to improve your strength and stay physically active.

4. Pedal assist level

The feature that differentiates e-trikes from manual trikes or bikes is the pedal assist system. The pedal assist in an adult electric trike is the power output derived from the motor and delivered to the pedals, making it easier for the rider to pedal while the electric motor accelerates the e-trike to propel forward. Pedal assist has levels, each of which depends upon the amount of motor power required to assist at a certain level. the higher the level of assistance, the more the power output is delivered to the pedals. The level of pedal assistance you have selected displays on the LCD. In some e-trikes, the LCD also functions as a controller through which you can select or increase or decrease the level of pedal assistance.  

5. Electricity meter

The LCD display on an electric tricycle for adults also shows the motor wattage used. You can determine how much motor power is being used during the ride. This current motor wattage will help you determine which level of pedal assist should be used during the ride and how much battery is being used on the current motor wattage. It might not seem to be a crucial feature on an LCD display, but it will help you improve your riding experience.  
E-trikes have numerous benefits, from being environmentally friendly to helping riders maintain their health and fitness. The additional advanced features like LCD display have made the electric tricycle a popular mode of transportation, but you can only maximize its benefits by being familiar with the features and its functionality.


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