Things you need to know about the electric bike LCD display

By Addmotor | 23 December 2022 | 1 Comments
 the electric bike LCD display
There's no doubt that electric bikes are here to stay and provide all the necessary features for riders. They are a viable alternative to other mobility alternatives or perform even better when it comes to being convenient and eco-friendly for the environment.

The technology and features of this adult electric bike aren't novel. They have been around for a long time and are affordable and friendly enough for people of all ages. However, many people adopting this innovative gadget are still unaware of many aspects of this cutting-edge technology.

Things you need to know about the electric bike LCD display

Electric bikes are equipped with several features that traditional bikes aren't equipped with to make them more accessible to people of all ages. Among these amazing features are LCD displays that serve an essential purpose on these electric bikes.

Electric bikes are defined most by their motors. However, the E-bike display emphasizes the benefits of integrated technology that differentiates the bike. Therefore, when riding an E-bike, you should be aware of all the crucial parameters displayed on the display. In this blog, we are going to discuss what you need to know about LCD displays.

#1 Capacity of the battery

At the very top of your LCD display on your ebike, battery life is displayed. It is placed at the top because the capacity of your battery is an essential factor because it tells you how much charge is remaining. By knowing their remaining battery capacity, riders can estimate how much further they can travel with the power left.

The reduction in battery power is also displayed by the lines, as each cell gradually disappears in the left to the right direction. Battery levels can fluctuate during riding, so it's advisable to get the electric bike stationary for about half a minute so you can measure how much power remains.

It is also recommended that power levels be kept between 20% and 80%, before recharging them. By doing so, the battery life will be prolonged, and you will avoid incurring additional costs for its replacement.

#2 Speedometer

Along with the battery capacity, there's a speedometer on the LCD as well that records and indicates the present and average speed. In addition to the distance traveled, users of electric bikes can see their acceleration in kilometers per hour, their average acceleration, and their top acceleration.

#3 Odometer

To motivate users, electric bikes have LCD displays with odometers. Using the odometer, you can keep track of how far the electric bike has been ridden. This is a vital tool for assessing a rider's progress. By viewing their goals on a screen, riders can see their achievements coming to fruition. Moreover, there is an inbuilt track record system that can help you remember your routine. Additionally, odometers can be used to gauge the range of e-bikes on a regular basis.

#4 Pedal assist

When using pedal assist on an ebike, riders pedal easier and move faster with help from the motor. With the motor turned on and a certain level of assistance selected, the pedals receive a certain amount of power. Therefore, a slight push might be necessary as one rides. Pedal assistance is available in varying degrees on electric bikes.

The pedal assist range of electric bikes can vary. For example, Addmotor electric bikes have a range of 0-7. You can easily switch between various types of power assistance according to your physical situation and trail. This pedal assist can also be turned off from the display to save your battery for tough trails.

#5 USB Charging

The electric bike has a USB charger on the LCD display as well that lets riders recharge their electronic devices. Nowadays, cyclists carry cell phones, cameras, and music players with them while cycling, which makes the sport more enjoyable. Therefore, it's helpful to have a USB charging system that's reliable, so users don't have to worry about their electronics running out of power while riding.

Bottom Line

The ride on your electric bike can be made much easier and more convenient with the help of these LCD displays. It is useful for riders to have features such as speedometers and odometers to keep track of their performance and also make informed decisions based on their results. Electric bikes from Addmotor are equipped with excellent LCD displays that keep riders informed. To find a suitable electric bike, visit Addmotor.

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