The E-bike Heat Wave is Here for Your 2022 Summer

How to fully enjoy this comfortable summer? How to enjoy this wonderful summer through electric bicycles?
By Gavin | 23 July 2021 | 0 Comments
Summer has been here for a while, how to fully enjoy this comfortable summer? A very worthy option-use electric bicycles for outdoor activities. Summer is the most comfortable time to go out on an electric bicycle. It is a great choice whether alone or with friends or with family. Enjoy the fun of riding an electric bicycle, and at the same time enjoy the time with each other. Of course, there are also many activities to choose from to enjoy this summer.
Below are some of the activities we have prepared for you. I believe there will be one that you or your friends and family are looking forward to.


Family Cycling Trip

With the arrival of summer, if you want to give your family and children a truly memorable and healthy summer, then please consider a family bike trip. Of course, you can also take a family bike trip with your partner or your parents. If you have children, you can take them to nearby resorts or parks to explore on electric bicycles. You can even carry a toddler by adding a rear child seat to your electric bike rack. Children will love seeing new things from the position of the bicycle. You can also go to local parks and national parks near your hometown with your partner or parents. Take a family bike trip with your family partner and you and them will have fun.


Bike camping is also a great idea. You can ride an electric bike to the camp, or you can take a car to go farther, take your electric bike during the journey, unload it when you arrive at the camp, and explore by cycling nearby. Bike camping will make you remember the smell of a campfire and the laughter of kids and friends. An electric bike will be the perfect complement to your camping trip. Even if it rains or snows unexpectedly during your camping trip, your fat bike can work normally, allowing you to enjoy camping more steadily. Of course, we must first ensure safety during camping trips.



In our recommendations for summer electric bike activities, nothing can better represent summer than a picnic basket, cold drinks, and a large stall spread on the grass. Listen to the sounds of birds and the sights and sounds of cute animals interested in picnic food, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Of course, the most important part is that you need an electric bicycle that can pack a complete basket without feeling overburdened on the way to the picnic destination. Take the kids or friends and partners to spend an afternoon or evening in a unique way in warm weather.

Go To The Beach

Cycling on the beach is a calming and enjoyable activity-the smell of the sea, the cool sea breeze, and the warm sunshine on your skin. This creates the perfect environment for cycling on the beach. People jump on their electric bikes and take them to the beach to surf, swim and sunbathe. It is also very pleasant to complete a summer activity on the beach with your children or your partner's family.
There are many outdoor activities to enjoy in summer. With these summer electric bike ideas, you can choose one or all of them to make the most of your electric bike. In order for you to better enjoy this summer and realize your summer riding electric bike ideas, we recommend the best list of
ADDMOTOR for you.


Best for Everyday Electric Bikes: M-66 R7 Cruiser E-Bike


The M-66 R7 Cruiser E-Bike was rated as one of the most suitable daily electric vehicles. They wrote: "The M-66 R7 is a fun and exciting bike with a unique moped feel. The Bafang motor is strong and responsive, and the large tires can handle any terrain." "I appreciate ADDMOTOR This E-bike is configured to provide full-throttle power at any assist level. If you cruise slowly at a low assist level and suddenly need or want to accelerate, it will be very useful and interesting.” “The ride comfort is very good! Banana style The seat is soft and wide, you can slide back and forth on it to find a comfortable sitting posture. You can use the tool-free adjustment clip to position the handlebar wherever you want. The suspension fork + fat tires do a good job of smoothing bumps," and It will be very suitable for daily commuting and playing in the city.


 Best Folding Electric Bike: M-140 P7 Folding Electric Bike

M140-P7 A practical folding bike, lightweight, affordable and powerful. It can be stored well in the RV, and space can be maximized. It has some features that enable it to cope with certain terrains that other folding electric bicycles may not be able to cope with. Specifically, this electric bicycle has 4-inch-wide fat tires, a relatively large 16-amp-hour battery, a 750-watt hub motor, and a top speed of 65 mph. It can be assisted by an accelerator or pedal operation. It is also equipped with an Addshox suspension fork with 80 mm travel, locking, and preload adjustment. Taken together, this folding electric bicycle performs very well on wet terrain, especially mud, snow, sand, and gravel. There is no doubt that it is a great choice for camping and field trips, allowing you to have a good experience exploring the wild.

Best Cargo Electric Bike: M-340 Electric Fat Trike

"The M-340 is a powerful haulage machine. The included front and rear baskets and sturdy frames mean you can carry a lot of cargo other than yourself. The official load-bearing capacity is 350 pounds, which seems to me A bit conservative because the frame is made of 7075-grade aluminum alloy (more robust than the 6061 we usually see in bicycle frames)." "A lot of power from a 500-watt octagonal gear hub motor, which is mounted on the front wheels Special motors for fat tires. Riding with myself and a backpack (about 205 pounds) I can twist the throttle and "peel", some of which is because the motor is in the front and most of the weight is in the back......But the motor is very powerful, and its rated torque is 80 Newton meters, so there is no problem with heavy loads and steep hills.” This is a very pertinent evaluation of it. Its front and rear baskets can completely put down everything needed for a picnic, which is great. Of course, it can also meet your daily needs.

Best overall electric bike: M-560 P7 Hunting E-Bike

M-560 P7 is an interesting and off-road capacity electric bicycle with fat tires, sufficient power, sufficient comfort, and a reasonable price. Its unique frame design is very popular among riders. Has become one of our most popular electric bicycles. The 4-inch-wide fat tires have enough air and add some extra suspension for riding. The tires can also be lowered to 5 PSI to increase the tire patch for driving on very wet terrain such as sand and snow. , The rim is stamped to reduce weight, and the spokes at the back are thicker to increase structural integrity. The 500-watt motor has enough power to allow the bike to reach a top speed of 20 mph, and there is enough power to climb some moderate slopes, even without pedaling at all. Riding it to the beach is a wise choice. M-560 P7 not only has an excellent performance in various scenes but also takes care of your daily commute.
You can also view more of our best and choose the most suitable electric bike for you! We will handle it quickly for you within 48 hours! We also remind everyone to pay attention to safety when traveling in summer! Looking forward to your wonderful summer!


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