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By Addmotor | 20 December 2022 | 0 Comments
The fat tire electric trike market is thriving amid the growth of the broader electric bike market in the world. According to statistics based on research, the fat tire electric trike market in 2019 was valued at 40,312 million dollars and is estimated to reach 118,657 million dollars by 2030. Electric bikes are significantly contributing towards the booming GDP of countries and globally as well. Data shows that over 3 million fat tire electric trikes and bikes were sold in 2019 as compared to the previous year, a 23% increase. This trend is increasing since 2019 and is projected to cross 6.5 million e-trikes and e-bike sales in 2025. Amid the ongoing pandemic, New York Times claimed that there was an 85% increase in the sale of electric bikes by the year 2020. At the forefront of these statistics are the companies that bring groundbreaking technology to the fat tire electric trikes and make them sustainable replacements for fuel-based vehicles. There are a few fat tire electric trike brands that come to mind and there are a few questions that also spring to mind. How much are electric trikes? Where to buy electric trikes for adults? These are all genuine questions and few brands actually cater to these questions. In this article, we are going to look at those brands and see which one is the best.

The brands we will discuss are:
• Pedego
• Rad Power
• Addmotor
These are the three most renowned brands in the US and for good reason because of their pricing and wide variety of trikes for a plethora of tasks is what sets them apart from other brands.

The Pedego E-trike is built for optimal comfort and stability. You can ride with confidence knowing that their design team spent years perfecting the stability of the Trike. An extended wheelbase, low center of gravity, and finely tuned computer software all work together to set a new standard for safety and control. Their Trikes are a complete package with everything you need and more. It’s fully-loaded with user-friendly features that make riding even more fun and practical. Positive things about Pedego as a brand is that they use quality materials and have been known for the comfort and longevity of their trikes without breaking down for maintenance. However, there is little to no variety of fat tire electric trikes at Pedego. Currently, only 1 model of fat tire electric trikes is available on their website and the pricing is also not as convincing as you would like it to be.

With over 550,000 riders across the globe, and more jumping in the saddle every day, RadPower Bikes is committed to more than award-winning electric bikes. They are focused on redefining transportation at large. RadPower is a reputable brand in the United States. RadPower makes electric tricycles for adults. Their three-wheeled electric bikes feature accessible step-thru frames designed for confident handling, tight turns, and an industry-leading payload capacity. The plus point of RadPower is that they are the pioneers of e-biking and they have the one-on-one approach which keeps the consumer safe from third-party retailers, wholesalers and the tricky conundrum of markups etc. On the flipside, the trike category is still not as developed as you would like it to be, with not a lot of additions to the trike section and only 1 type of design.

addmotor etrike
With the mission of designing and manufacturing the top-quality electric bikes for everyone. Addmotor have spent years perfecting, tweaking, and designing electric tricycles &electric bicycles to suit the diverse needs of customers. Addmotor offers a wide category of electric bicycles and electric tricycles, such as Motan fat tires e-trikes, Cargo fat tire e-bikes, folding fat tire-bikes, Cruiser electric bicycles, City& Citypro e-bikes, All-terrain electric fat bikes, and Hunting mid-drive motor bikes.

They basically have the most amount of variety available in their fat tire electric trike section as compared to other brands and they have been part of groundbreaking technological feats. Like, they were responsible for making word’s first 48v*20Ah UL-verified battery. Addmotor has a lot going for them in terms of being called the best electric trike company because of their wide variety of electric trikes, best price-to-performance ratio, and monthly and holiday sales which make it extremely possible for everyone to own their fat tire electric trikes.

So if you are looking for the best fat tire electric trike brand which offers, variety, quality, technologically groundbreaking features and occasional discounts, Addmotor makes a great case of being called the best. We hope the fat tire electric trike company you choose provides you with the best of your investment.

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