The Best Electric Bikes for City Cycling

By Ella | 28 May 2022 | 0 Comments
Are you looking for an electric bike that makes your city life more enjoyable? We got you. Our EB 2.0 city electric bikes are set up for city cycling. They help power up your ride and make it easier to travel across the traffic-clogged city streets. Each of them has certain characteristics and meets different riding needs.
To make sure you get the most out of your bike, here's a buying guide to help choose the right model for your lifestyle.
The Best Electric Bikes for Commuting:
Addmotor E-Series Citypro Electric Bikes
If you are a city dweller tired of traffic jams and want to get to work without breaking a sweat. The Addmotor E-series e-bikes can allow you to traverse freely through the city. They are upgraded for city commuting with a high-performance and maximum riding range.
The E-series, Citypro electric bikes, comes in two models: E-53 & E-43. The Bafang 500w brushless geared hub motor is perfectly combined with our exclusive 20 AH EB 2.0 battery to ensure the best riding range and experience. With riding tests conducted on flat asphalt roads, the E-Series can run 125+ miles at a constant speed of 8 mph in PAS1 mode. The rider in our test weighs about 165lbs. Another cool feature of the E-Series is the 360-degree visual safety lighting system with a bright LED headlight and taillight. The taillight is very versatile. The combination of turn signals, warning signals, and brake signals ensures a safer ride
(Learn More). Also, you can benefit from the rear rack (payload capacity of 55lbs), fenders, custom e-horn, and multi-function LCD display.
Respectively, the E-43 model is designed for those who value an approachable bike, and the E-53 is for riders between 57’’ and 61’’. The E-43 model features a low-step frame design. The E-53 model has a high-step frame and delivers a more traditional ride-feel. They are both perfect for commuting to work or family fun over long distances. You can choose the one you prefer.

The Best Electric Bikes for Two Riders:
M-66 Step-Thru Electric Bike
Featuring an adjustable handlebar and a banana seat, the M-66 e-bike allows you to adjust yourself to the most comfortable riding position. Not only that but the banana seat gives you plenty of room to bring a partner for a ride. With foldable passenger footpegs, a front foot-resting platform, and a backrest, the M-66 model is perfect for two riders. But please note that you will need to purchase the backrest separately. This e-bike is equipped with a 750W hub motor powered by a 20AH EB 2.0 battery. Ride uphill and conquer uneven roads and the beaches easily. Not only that, the EB 2.0 hydraulic disc brake, customized e-horns, and the uneven button design will ensure a much safer riding experience. So for those who want to go out with a partner on one bike, its a capable e-bike that wont let you down.

The Most Utility Electric Bike:
M-81 Cargo Electric Bike
The M-81 model is one of the most affordable, longest range, and feature-rich cargo electric bikes on the market. It also uses the EB2.0 electronic control system. Under the same test conditions, it can run 80+ miles on asphalt roads in PAS1 mode. Moreover, the reinforced frame, including the extra-long rear rack, is welded in one piece. That means this model is sturdier than ever before. Specifically, it can withstand up to 350 lbs. For example, if the rider weighs 165 lbs, the rear rack can still carry 185 lbs of cargo. You can add two child seats on the rear rack. When you're out, you don't have to worry about your kids being home alone.

By the way, this model has a taillight with various lighting modes, too. The wide-angle led headlight, uneven patented button
s, adjustable handlebar, front foot-resting platform, and adjustable saddle with back handle are the great designs of this model. This bike will be able to offer you the most utility and unforgettable experiences with your family.


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