Begin a Cycling Trip with Your E-Bike: The Best Cycling Routes in California

By Ella | 14 May 2022 | 0 Comments

National Travel and Tourism Week may have just passed but have you ever been on a fun e-bike trip? If not, you should consider doing it. We have summarized some of the best cycling routes in California. Maybe you can get on your e-bike next time and embark on a trip to enjoy these incredible views.

1. Rincon Bike Trail
-City: Ventura
-Tour distance: About 3-10 miles
-Route: Ventura →Rincon State Park   
There is a paved bike path alongside the 101 highway. Riding on this path will be easy and safe.
-Views or entertainments:
The coastline views are attractive and fabulous. You may watch the dolphins and surfers when cycling.
It is advised to bring drinking water and some snacks. Our M-81 cargo e-bike is designed with a 55lbs integrated rear rack to carry items you need. Ride in style on this trail with colors such as army green, pearl white, and black. It is convenient to park your bike at the Rincon State Beach parking area. You can hang out on the beach after your ride.

2. Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail
-City: Monterey
-Tour distance: About 18 miles
-Route: Castroville → Pacific Grove   
This route follows the old Southern Pacific Railroad route. You can start from the trail in Castroville, then run along the coast, and finally arrive at Pacific Grove.
-Views or entertainments:
The unique cypress trees and rocky coastline may impress you.
You will pass through Cannery Row, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Lover’s Point. Enjoy your time passing through these destinations and sightsee to your hearts content.

Picture on Google Map

3. The Marvin Braude Bike Trail
-City: Los Angeles
-Tour distance: About 22 miles   
-Route: Will Rogers State Beach → Torrance County Beach 
It traverses several well-known coastline cities, like Santa Monica, Manhattan, Venice Beach, and Redondo.  
-Views or entertainments:
Enjoy the beauty of nature and urban architecture and play volleyball on the beach with your family and friends. Additionally, you can entertain yourself by enjoying the activities at the Santa Monica Pier such as riding a Ferris wheel or roller coaster.
There are many restaurants and shops in Venice and Santa Monica.  
It will be crowded on weekends.

4. The American River Trail
-City: Sacramento
-Tour distance: About 32 miles
-Route: Discovery Park  Folsom Lake
This route follows the American River, which is a popular riverside trail for cyclists, walkers, and joggers.

Picture on The American River
-Views or Entertainments:
Along the way, you will pass lakes, parks, swimming spots, waterfalls, and more. You may also see deer, egrets, herons, turkeys, and Chinook salmon.
This paved path comes with trailside maps, mile markers, water fountains, and restrooms.

5. Pacific Beach Boardwalk
-City: San Diego
-Tour distance: About 5 miles
-Route: the Pacific Beach Boardwalk → the Mission Beach Boardwalk
-Views or entertainments:
You can enjoy the white, sandy beaches, the classic wooden roller-coaster, and the carnival rides.
The route is very crowded in the summer and on weekends.
There are restaurants and bars in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach.

6. Other Routes (Source: DIRTYFREEHUB)
Hat Creek Crossing
Starting from McArthur;
The total mileage back to the starting point is about 51 miles.

Romeo Montague
Starting from Montague;
The total mileage back to the starting point is about 48 miles.

Avenue of the Giants
Starting from Founders Tree, Weott;
The total mileage back to the starting point is about 23 miles.

Billy Lyle
Starting from the intersection of Saline Valley Road and White Mountain Tack Road;
The total mileage back to the starting point is about 27 miles.

Starting from the intersection of Emigrant Road and State Highway 190;
The total mileage back to the starting point is about 36 miles.

Twenty Mule Team
Starting from the Zabriskie Point parking area;
The total mileage back to the starting point is about 7 miles.

Titus Canyon
Starting from the parking pullout near Scotty’s Castle Road and Daylight Pass Road;
The total mileage back to the starting point is about 61 miles.

Big Bear Lake
Starting from Serrano Campground;
The total mileage back to the starting point is about 23 miles.


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