The Best Cargo Electric Bike 2023: Graoopro vs. Garootan

Learn the difference between Addmotor Graoopro and Garootan bikes to understand which electric cargo bike is best for you.
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M-81 Step-thru Fat Tire Cargo Electric Bike, Army Green
Getting extra with the products or services you buy is always great. Similarly, the Addmotor provides extra space in their cargo electric bikes. Riders do not need to compromise with anything when they need to bring the cargo from one place to another. The large racks allow the riders to carry weights without impacting the speed of the electric bikes. Also, electric cargo bikes are efficient enough to carry weights on different surface types. 
People who love riding or exploring new places with their children or other stuff can use electric cargo bikes to make their ride better. Using cargo electric bikes is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for a better and more effective ride. The multiple advanced features make the electric bikes a perfect travel companion for riders.  
The rider should understand their needs and preferences before buying an electric bike. Understanding an electric bike's features helps the rider get the perfect one. So, this article will discuss the Addmotor Graoopro and Garootan to explain which one is better for the riders.  
Difference Between Features of Graoopro and Garootan
The table below mentions the different features of the Addmotor Graoopro dual battery electric bike and Garootan fat tire electric bike, which helps you understand the features and specifications of both electric cargo bikes. 
Feature Graoopro E-Cargo Bike Garootan E-Cargo Bike
Battery Dual Battery System: 48V*20Ah EB 2.0 Battery Packs (960Wh Capacity) 48V*20AH Ebike 2.0 Samsung Battery (960WH)
Range Single Battery Option: 105 miles;
Dual Battery Option: 210 miles;
105+ (PAS 1) Miles Per Charge
Payload Capacity 450 LBS 350 LBS
Tires Durable Thin Tires 24''X2.5'' F/ 20''X3.0'' R 20" X 4.0" Durable Fat Tires
Rear Rack Size 32" 25.8"
Front Suspension Oil Spring Fork with 100 mm of Travel Oil Spring Fork with 80 mm of Travel
Brakes Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake with Motor Cutoff Sensor EB 2.0 Hydraulic Disc Brake, Small Friction Generated
Price Single Battery Option: $1,999.00;
Dual Battery Option: $2,698.00;
Graoopro Dual Battery Electric Cargo Bike 2024 Best Electric Bike Orange
Similar Features Between Addmotor Graoopro and Garootan
The table below mentions the similar features of electric bikes. Those who are looking to buy one of these electric bikes can consider the given features because these are the same in both of the electric cargo bikes. 
Same Feature Garootan & Graoopro Comments
Motor Upgraded 750W brushless gear hub motor 750W rear-mounted motor effectively pushes the bike on any surface.
Throttle Twist throttle The throttle helps you riddle without using the pedals.
Pedal Assist 7 levels Help you adjust the power assistance and ride the electric bike effortlessly. 
Gears 7-speed gears Change gears to adapt to the surface types and make riding safe.
LCD  EB 2.0 LCD  LCD improves the riding experience by showing important information.
Lights EB 2.0 head- & tail-lights An advanced lighting system makes riding safe by providing better visibility and proper indications.
Frame Step-through bike with footrest board A lower center of gravity and easy mount on and off ensure better balance for riders. 
Rider Height Range 5'4"-5 '9" Ideal electric bike for this height range. 
Speed Up to 20mph Pace up your ride to cover long distances in a short time.
Warranty Two years Frame, battery, and other parrots are covered under the warranty. 
Overview of Addmotor Graoopro Cargo E-Bike
The bike is a perfect combination of comfort and convenience. The riders can enjoy the ultimate range of 210+ miles on a single charge because of the dual battery availability. The extra large rear rack of the electric bike provides extra space for the riders. 
The electric bike offers a 750W Bafang brushless battery, which is super strong and runs longer than other motor types. The electric cargo bikes allow a maximum speed of up to 20 miles, and the LCD shows all the required information for a better and enhanced riding experience.   
Overview of Addmotor Garootan M-81 Fat Tire Electric Cargo Bike
The bike offers a range of 105+ miles on a single charge (PAS 1), which enables the riders to explore multiple places without feeling tired. The rider can use the 7 levels of pedal assistance and make riding effortless. The 750W motor pushes the electric bike effectively on any surface type and improves the riding experience.
The stand-out cargo design and amazing payload capacity of 350 lbs is a perfect combination of style and convenience. The efficient front and taillight provide better visibility and indications, which makes riding safer. The adjustable U-shaped handlebar of the electric cargo bike makes riding by adjusting the perfect angle to make the upright position while riding. 
Other Considerable Factors
The riders also consider electric bikes as their future travel companion. The battery supplies power to the different parts of the electric bikes and ensures a smooth and efficient ride. Both electric bikes offer high-performing and UL-certified batteries to ensure higher safety for the rider. 
Both electric bikes cost less than $2000 (Addmotor Graoopro with single battery), which easily suits the pocket of the riders and enables the riders to enjoy every ride with better comfort. If a rider wants an extended range, they can choose the dual-battery electric bikes for an extended range of more than 210 miles.
The Addmotor Garootan M-81 Fat Tire Electric Cargo Bike offers an amazing payload capacity of 100 lbs of the rear rack. On the other hand, the Addmotor Graoopro Cargo E-Bike offers 150 lbs rear rack payload capacity. The higher payload capacity with stylish looks helps the rider to enjoy every ride without compromising anything. 
Both electric bikes offer an LCD to ensure extra safety for the rider. The display shows real-time information to the rider and helps them monitor the current status of the electric bike. The information shown in the display includes speed, PAS level, turn indication, battery power status, trip distance, etc., to prevent the rider from any inconvenience. 
Addmotor Graoopro vs. Addmotor Garootan 
The major difference between the Graoopro and Garootan is the different tires. Addmotor Graoopro offers a thin tire, which suits the urban and on-road riding conditions. On the other hand, Garootan offers 4-inch fat tires, which makes the bike perfect for off-road and adventurous riders for thrilling experiences. This indicates that Graoopro is perfect for urban riding, and Garootan is perfect for adventurous riding. 
Addmotor Graoopro's mechanical disc brakes make the cargo electric bike safe and efficient. Also, the mechanical disc brake with a motor cutoff sensor is the best for urban riding. It provides instant stoppage power to the rider and makes riding safe.  On the other hand, Addmotor Garootan offers hydraulic brakes in the electric cargo bike. The hydraulic brakes are super-efficient and provide optimal braking efficiency. The electric bike with a hydraulic braking system provides ultimate stopping power, whether the rider is carrying weight or not.
The dual battery of Graoopro provides double the range of Garootan and engages the rider to cover miles without worrying about the range or battery power. Also, the rear rack of Graoopro is larger than the rear rack of Addmotor Garootan, which makes the Graoopro efficient enough to provide a higher payload capacity. Moreover, The Addmotor Graoopro offers the Oil Spring Fork with 100 mm of Travel, and Garootan offers the Oil Spring Fork with 80 mm of Travel, which absorbs the bumps and shocks while riding on uneven or rough surface types.
Addmotor Electric Bikes are known for their safety and performance. The Addmotor Graoopro and Garootan are good electric cargo bikes, which makes every ride perfect for the riders. The electric cargo bikes offer advanced features and make every ride better and more joyful. The rider can choose any electric bike based on their needs and preferences to make their ride perfect and memorable. So, it is important to book a test ride before buying an electric cargo bike.


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