Storage and Use of Electric Tricycles in Winter

By Addmotor | 05 January 2023 | 0 Comments
For many of us, getting out of a blanket or leaving a warm and cozy environment during winter is no less than a challenge. So people think that you can enjoy riding an e-trike only during summer. But with the new and popular 3 wheel electric bikes for seniors available in the market, you can enjoy riding a bike in every weather. Even if you think your health doesn’t allow you to ride a fat tire electric trike, there might be much confusion regarding storing it appropriately without compromising its performance. To help you in this regard, we have gathered some information that would help you in either case, whether you want to ride an e-trike or store it during winter.

Riding your electric trike during winters 

Riding a 3 wheel electric bike for seniors safely during cold and chilly weather requires some preventive measures for you and your e-trike. So here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to ride your fat tire electric trike safely during winter. 

1. Wear protective winter gear

While protecting your e-trike from harsh weather, it is also necessary to keep yourself warm and safe during the ride. The cool breezes and wind can make you shiver and distract you, which can be very dangerous while riding an electric trike. A winter-appropriate protective gear would make you feel comfortable during the ride and keep you safe in case of an unforeseen accident. Protective winter gear should include a waterproof jacket, a warm base layer, heated gloves, bright-colored outerwear for visibility, a wool cap, and protective glasses.

2. Make sure you are visible

In winter, the days are short, and it gets dark early, so you may have to ride your e-trike more at night. Riding your electric trike at night during winter may sound dangerous, but an efficient lighting system in a 3-wheel electric bike for seniors makes your riding experience convenient. So before buying an electric trike, make sure it has LED headlights and tail lights that also don’t take up much charge of your e trike. Wear clothes that are bright and reflective so that you are visible to other drivers and pedestrians so you do not harm yourself or others around you.

3. Invest in fat tires

In winter, the 3-wheel electric bikes for seniors should have tires that provide better traction to prevent sliding, especially during the snow. Fat tire electric tricycle is an ideal purchase if you want your e-trike to be versatile. The fat tires provide stability and comfort on all surfaces and can provide you safe riding experience in case of snow in winter. In winter, you also find more litter on the roads, such as sharp objects like nails and thorns, which can puncture your tires. The wide tires in fat tire electric trike are resistant to punctures due to the large air capacity inside them, which makes fat tire electric tricycle ideal for riding in winter.
Triketan M-350 Electric Tricycle In White 

Storage of electric tricycle in winter

If you think you won’t be riding your fat tire electric trike during winter and storing it for months, then you should follow some e-trike storage tips so that your electric trike remains in a good condition and gives the same performance.  

1. Keep your electric trike clean

Cleaning an e-trike may be a common practice, but in winter, a fat tire electric trike requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. The salt, dust, sand, and debris, due to the moisture leave traces on the electric trike, making it prone to rust and grit. You should wipe off your bike from dust after every ride to protect your fat tire electric tricycle from rusting, especially the mechanical components such as chain, cassette frame, and gears from getting damaged as they are more prone to corrosion. You can use a damp cloth, dishwashing liquid, oil, or antirust sprays to clean and protect the chains and metallic components of your e-trike from rusting but do not use pressurized water to clean your electric trike. Also, use oil for lubricating the chain for a smooth riding experience when you resume riding your e-trike after winter.

2. Battery maintenance

Batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures and require an optimum temperature range to function efficiently. It is necessary to store your battery by removing it from your electric trike and keeping it at room temperature in a dry place. The batteries lose their capacity over time, but with proper care and maintenance, you can increase the life span of the battery of your e-trike. If you store your battery at an extreme temperature below the freezing point, it will affect the chemical composition of your battery and damage it, affecting its capacity and lifespan. So it’s better to store the battery of your fat tire electric tricycle in a garage or basement where it is unlikely to freeze. It's best to store the battery between 55 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Store the battery of your fat tire electric trike on a 50% charge, and do not let it discharge completely, as it would affect its lifespan.

3. Storing 3-wheel electric bikes for seniors

Addmotor e-trikes are sturdy enough to withstand extreme temperatures, but we still recommend storing your fat tire electric trike in a protected environment with moderate temperatures. Garages, basements, or sheds are typically ideal for storing a 3-wheel electric bike. Ensure that the area is cool and dry and at room temperature as the temperature below freezing point and a wet place can damage the electrical and mechanical components of an electric trike. If you have to store your fat tire electric tricycle outdoors in an open area, you can use a good quality waterproof cover to protect it from rain and snow. Even you can cover your e-trike in the garage to protect it from dust and debris. A less expensive but less secure option is to buy an outdoor storage tent to store your electric trike during winter.  
Though 3-wheel electric bikes for seniors are made for all weather conditions and can give you the same comfortable and smooth riding experience during winters as in summers but safety cannot be compromised at any cost. We hope these tips help you ride or store your electric tricycle during winter.


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