Pros of Riding an Electric Fat Tire Trike

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The global fuel crisis and rise in fuel prices made daily commuting on traditional vehicles difficult for everyone. Pollution by fuel emission was another problem that forced people to look for options like carpooling or using public transport. But the hike in fare prices brings everyone back to square one.  Well, after electric cars and electric bikes, motorized tricycles have paved their way to make commuting easier. We can already see a variety of three wheel electric bikes, and it can be tough to decide which one is best for you. The fat tire electric trike has become a popular purchase in the market in recent years due to its various benefits. So let’s talk about the pros of riding an electric fat tire trike.    

Difference between traditional and fat tire electric trike

But before we talk about the pros of riding a fat tire trike, let’s skim through a major difference between a conventional electric trike and an electric fat tire trike.  A fat tire trike, as the name indicates, has tires that are wider than the standard electric trike. The width of the tires is about 4 inches or twice those of the traditional e-trikes. The extra width of the tires makes the ride more comfortable, stable, and smooth for everyone, from young individuals to adults. The exceptional feature that makes the fat tire electric trikes popular in the market is the convenience of riding on off-road tracks, terrains, and snowy or muddy roads without being prone to punctures.

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Pros of riding an electric fat tire trike

If you are still unsure if investing in a fat tire electric trike is a wise decision, then here we have combined some of the advantages of riding a fat tire trike.
1. Eco-friendly
We are already facing the consequences of environmental pollution in the form of harsh weather conditions and unusual health conditions in some parts of the world. To reduce your carbon footprint, an electric fat tire trike is a great choice as no fuel is utilized hence it does not emit any harmful gases, resulting in less environmental pollution.
2. Versatility
Another great advantage of a fat tire trike is its versatility. Whether you want to use it for daily commuting to work, go for shopping, riding on terrain or sandy beaches, or making your way on snow, you can ride your fat tire electric trike anywhere, regardless of the conditions. The Addmotor Grandtan m340 e-trike consists of 4-inch fat tires, having more shock-absorbing capacity to provide you safety and comfort on every land. The tires grip over any surface with great acceleration and friction, making it convenient for you to ride over the terrain.
3. Longevity
The rough terrains or the sharp obstacles usually make the tires prone to frequent punctures and flattening. But fat tires of motorized tricycles are durable, as the large quantity of air inside the tires prevents them from puncturing and frequent wear and tear, compared to the traditional thin tires. So gone are the days when buying extra tires in case of puncturing was a must.
4. Stability and comfort
Adults usually don’t enjoy riding a two-wheel bike due to the instability of the vehicle and the bumpiness on the rough roads that makes the ride uncomfortable. But the fat tire tricycle is for all the adults who want stability and comfort as the fat tires have a large shock absorbing capacity that prevents all that bumpiness and shakiness on rough terrain. The three-wheel electric bike provides you the maximum stability on any surface and you can enjoy the ride without any fear of tipping over or risk of injury.
5. Improve physical fitness
Why pay annual charges to the gym when you can burn calories while riding your three-wheel electric bike? Cycling is always a great exercise to keep you physically and mentally fit but a motorized tricycle provides you with pedaling assistance so that you do not get tired by putting maximum force into pedaling. But a fat tire electric trike, due to its large tires, requires more pressure while riding it, which means your muscles need to do some extra work, which in turn burns the extra calories. Don’t worry! You can always use pedaling assistance whenever you feel tired.
6. Low maintenance
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a fat tire trike is a one-time investment. Compared to conventional vehicles that require timely maintenance of the tires, fat tire electric trikes require less maintenance. The fat tires are durable and last for a long time. They don’t require frequent air filling as they do not flatten easily like conventional tires. The fat tires also do not get punctured when riding on rough lands or hitting sharp surfaces. So an advantage of a fat tire electric trike is that its maintenance is not heavy on pockets.
7. Enjoy your adventures
A fat tire electric trike would bring out the adventurous person in you with its smooth ride experience everywhere. Whether you want to climb a hill or mountain, ride in a snowy or deserted area, or pass through smooth or rough terrain, you can enjoy all your adventures smoothly on a fat tire trike without getting stuck anywhere.

Where to find your best fat tire Etrike?

The best collection of e-trikes can be found at Addmotor. Their latest updated Grandtan m340 e-trike consists of large capacity Samsung batteries of 20Ah that take you up to 85 miles. This fully featured e-trike is the most comfortable fat tire tricycle for adults as it is ergonomically designed with a backrest, footrest, and adjustable handlebar. Its 4-inch fat tire with a large shock-absorbing capacity is another captivating feature for adrenaline junkies and also adults who avoid bumpy rides. With integrated headlights and tail lights with 360-degree side views, you can travel smoothly and enjoy your ride at night. You can enjoy your ride freely without worrying about battery life or speed as the 5-inch LCD does all the work and displays everything for you.
The advantages of buying a fat tire electric trike are numerous, which is also worth the investment. You can enjoy all the perks of a fat tire trike by purchasing the best fat tire electric trike at Addmotor.


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