Pedal VS throttle e-tricycle, Which one to choose?

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When you are on an e-tricycle hunt, you would hear two options to decide which one you would prefer, pedal assist or a throttle e-tricycle. These two options determine the power delivery system of your fat tire electric trike. So it may be a hard decision to make when you see electric tricycles for sale in the market as both the features have pros and cons. To help you decide whether a pedal-assist or throttle e-tricycle for sale available in the market would be best for you, we have gathered some information so you can make a quick decision. 
So let’s first see what these two modes of e-tricycle are and the difference between the two.

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Pedal assist e-tricycle

The pedal assists in the electric trike is an optional power delivery mode that provides motor power only when pedaling your e-tricycle. It is a great option for people who want a less tiring but similar riding experience to traditional tricycles.

You can also choose the level of pedal assistance by pressing the button on the handlebar according to your desired speed and power when riding your electric trike. You can increase the motor power from the lowest level of pedal assistance by 20% to the highest level of pedal assistance, which multiplies your pedaling power by 300%. The lowest level of pedal assistance provides you with a slight push while pedaling your e-tricycle, while the highest level of pedal assistance can help you ride your e-tricycle easily on terrains and steep hills. As the motor works, the charging from the battery decreases, so the lowest level of assistance takes up less charging from the battery, whereas, at the highest level of pedal assistance, the battery would discharge quickly, decreasing the mileage of the fat tire electric trike.

The pedal assist system works on the sensors present in an e-tricycle. There are two types of sensors in the electric trike, the torque sensor, and the cadence sensor. The cadence sensors sense when you are pedaling and send signals to the control unit, which activates the motor, and when you stop pedaling e-tricycle, the sensors signal the control unit to cut off the motor power. The torque sensors sense the intensity of your pedaling and signal the control unit to increase or decrease the power output of the electric motor. The harder you pedal your electric trike, the more the power output is generated by the electric motor to assist you during pedaling and vice versa.

Throttle controlled e-tricycle

The throttle-controlled electric trike doesn’t require pedaling for the motor to supply the power output, the electric motor does all the work on its own. They provide a similar riding experience as scooters and motorbikes but with three wheels.

The throttle is present on your handlebar, and when you push or twist the throttle, the motor supplies its power output to the wheels of the fat tire electric trike, and it starts to move forward. They may be in the form of a trigger or push button or grip throttles similar to that present in motorcycles and scooters. With grip throttles, you can modulate the power, i.e., increase and decrease the motor power, whereas with push button throttles, the motor power cannot be modulated, and the e-tricycle starts directly with peak motor power, and when released, the motor turns off.

As throttle electric trike for sale work very similar to scooters and motorcycles, many states do not classify them as e-tricycles, and their rules and regulations are different. United states classify electric bikes into three classes according to power and speed, and the laws vary in each state based upon the classes. Let’s look at the classes of electric bikes.
Class I electric bike: pedal assistance with speed up to 20mph
Class 2 electric bikes: pedal assistance or throttle with speed up to 20mph
Class 3 electric bikes: pedal assistance with speed up to 28mph or throttle with speed up to 20mph.

How to choose one?

• The local laws regarding the class of electric bikes would also be important while deciding whether to choose throttle or pedal assist e-tricycle.  
• The purpose behind riding the fat tire electric trike would also matter while making the decision. If you would be riding your e-tricycle daily but for a short distance, then throttle e-tricycle might work for you. But if you want it for rare recreational activities that involve covering a long distance, then pedal assist fat tire electric trike would be best for you.
•  It also depends on your health and fitness, which one you should choose. If you have mobility issues and other health issues that don’t allow you to pedal at all, then you should look for throttle electric tricycles for sale. But if you want to maintain fitness by doing low-impact workouts, then pedal assist fat tie electric trike would be a great pick.   
So this was all about pedal assist VS throttle fat tire electric trike. It may be difficult to choose one, but with this information, the task will become a lot easier. Also, Addmotor has made this decision hassle-free for the customers by manufacturing e trikes for sale with both the pedal assist and throttle modes. Now you know where the best electric tricycles are available in the market.  


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