NYC E-bike Battery Explosion: Is your battery safe

By Addmotor | 18 November 2022 | 1 Comments

 The rise of technological vehicles such as Electric bikes has made life easier for everyone. From senior adults who can now perform daily grocery chores and stay active to cycling lovers who use drift e-bikes, electric bikes have become the latest and most favorite means of a ride for everyone.

E-bikes are not only used for household tasks or sports, but they are also used as delivery vehicles for food, medicine, or small item delivery services. This highlights the importance electric bicycles have in the lives of many people. Yet, recently there have been rising cases of battery explosions in electric bicycles. The powerful lithium-ion charged batteries in these bicycles have caused an epidemic of fires in around 200 incidents which have resulted in approximately six deaths in New York alone. Recently, a faulty e-bike battery caused a fire in NYC that gutted two houses. And this begs the questions, “Are you an e-bike rider?” and “is your electric bike safe to ride?” Certainly, a concern from a rider would be something like, “how do I ensure the safety of my E-bike and what measures can I take to avoid any accidents?” Fortunately, we have taken it upon ourselves to guide you to ensure the safety of your electric bike to avoid any incidents.
Read on to find out some measures you can take to secure your e-bike battery and ensure maximum efficiency.

1. The first thing to consider to ensure your safety regarding your electric bike is to purchase it from a licensed and reputable brand. Buying a guaranteed and safely manufactured electric bike ensures that the battery is made under regulations and careful processes and has less likely chances of accidents.
2. The second thing to do if you want to have a safe experience with your electric bike is to always use the battery and charger that came with the electric bike. The battery and charger in an electric bike or any other electric device are designed for that specific product which means that they are not only good for the optimal health of the product but will also ensure long-lasting usage.
3. Always charge your battery between 20 to 80 percent. Don’t let the charge get too high or too low as it will impact the battery health a lot. If you let the battery percentage get too high or too low, the battery will go through many lifecycles and will eventually die.  
4. If you intend to store your battery or electric bicycle, do not store it at full charge. You must also avoid storing the battery inside your electric bicycle. For careful storing, please remove the battery from the electric bicycle and store it safely in a dry place at around 60%.
5. If you face any problem regarding your battery, have an authorized dealer check it. They will suggest the best course of action you can take for safety measures.
6. Always remove your battery if the bicycle is not in use or if you are transporting it somewhere. This will also ensure safety.
7. Store the battery or ebike at room temperature in a moisture and humidity-free place to avoid any unnecessary damage to the cells of the battery. Avoid storing your ebike in a damp place or any place that has too much heat. Also do not store your electric bike in a place that is prone to water drippings.
8. Do not place or store your electric bike near flammable objects or materials.
9. Be very careful when handling lithium-ion batteries and chargers. They can explode under impact or if dropped.
10. Do not try to modify your electric bike by adding different components such as a battery or motor that are not suitable or designed specifically for your bike.
11. Lastly, always get a UL-recognized battery.


The importance of a UL-recognized battery

A UL certificate is a safety authorization that is given to devices manufactured under designed safety conditions and guidelines. A UL certificate is granted by Underwriter Laboratories which is an international safety certification organization. The Laboratories lead in the development of safety for electric products. The organization develops standards of safety and tests all products and components to ensure that those standards are implied correctly. 
The UL organization has certain procedures to assess products through the testing of materials, components, electrical systems, performance, and mechanical integrity. 

The products authorized by Underwriter Laboratories have a distinct logo printed on their labels which makes them high-value and user-favorite. The test standards of Underwriter laboratories have thorough test requirements that mitigate risks and ensure safety and reliability. There are also other measures that these standards help with such as ensuring that the electrical designs of the products are robust, materials such as wires, connectors, and plastics are properly placed at a suitable distance and that hardware protection levels are sufficient. Manufacturers who comply with UL standards use UL-rated materials in their batteries which help to avoid risk and ensure high quality giving the rider a sense of security and peace of mind.

UL-recognized battery 

Why you should choose an Addmotor Electric bike

If you want an Electric bike or 3 wheel electric bike that is secure and developed under safety standards, there is good news for you.
Addmotor electric bikes come with 2 and 3-wheel electric bicycles equipped with powerful electric motors ranging from 500w to 1,250w, it has successively upgraded its electric bikes and electric trikes with world-first 48V*20 Ah EB 2.0 battery system verified by UL, which powers ride ranges from 55+to 125+miles and safe ride.

The batteries of these bikes are designed and manufactured keeping in view the standards of Underwriter laboratories and user security. These upgraded bikes allows all users such as delivery boys, the elderly, and sports lovers to ride these bikes without any worries of accidents and battery explosions. 

UL-recognized battery

The Addmotor electric bike also comes with other great features such as different color options, comfortable seats, and ergonomic architecture. Looking at the more cool features, you get an LCD Display screen, durable tires, and EB 2.0 lighting system, which gives an extra guarantee of your safety while riding and makes these bikes user-friendly no matter if you are a young person or a senior adult. 



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