Introducing Addmotor Triketan M-330 Fat Tire Electric Trike

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fat tire electric trikes for adults

Save time, money, and effort and make 2024 a year of success by choosing the advanced fat tire electric trike for faster and smoother travel.
Definitely, motorcycles and cars are also great means of transportation, but are not good for the environment. Sometimes for short trips it is more convenient, faster and environmentally friendly to use an e-bike or e-tricycle. Adult electric trikes are affordable, faster, safe, and effortless for the riders. 
Among the increasing demand for electric trikes, we have launched an upgraded Addmotor Triketan II M-330. This 750w fat tire electric trike offers advanced features and colorful options allowing the riders to choose their favorite one to match their style.
Check Addmotor Triketan M-330 Fat Tire Electric Trike
Battery: 48V*20Ah UL-Recognized Lithium-ion Battery (Samsung Cells)
Motor:  48V*750W Rear-Mounted Motor
Range: Up to 85+ Miles per Charge
Brake: Tektro Mechanical Brake
PAS Level: 7-level
Maximum Speed: 20 miles per hour
Tire: 20" X 4" Fat Tires
Payload Capacity: 450 lbs
Who Benefits Most from the Addmotor Triketan?
The fat tires of the Addmotor Triketan electric trike makes riding suitable on different surface types and allows riders to experience the thrilling joy of riding on challenging surfaces. It makes riding more joyful and adventurous for adult riders. So, the fat tire e trike is a perfect travel companion for adult riders. The attractive color options attract the adults to pick their favorite colors and enhance your style by adding the attractive electric trike to your collection. 
When we consider comfort and safety, the trike is rated 5/5 by riders who already experience riding the Upgraded Triketan II M-330 Electric Tricycle. The enhanced safety and comfort help the adults to enjoy riding without feeling tired. Also, the trike encourages adult riders to cover more miles by offering effortless riding options. Also, senior riders can enjoy experiencing the adventurous rider along with higher comfort. So, this Electric Fat Trike is perfect for riders of all ages. 
Features of Addmotor Triketan M-330 Electric Trike
#1 Powerful Motor to Ace Every Terrain
The electric trike bike offers a 750W motor that provides efficient power and makes every ride effortless. The rider can use the pedal assist to enjoy an effortless ride on every terrain. Also, the motor is mounted on the rear side of the trike, which provides better stability and balance to the rider. It comes with a brushless motor, which is more durable than motors having brushes. So, the Addmotor Triketan II M-330 electric trike helps riders and provides an enhanced riding experience. 
The rear-mounted motor of the electric trike bike provides better traction and ensures smooth acceleration, which allows the riders to navigate different terrain easily. The 750W of power efficiently pushes the trike forward on any surface, even without using pedals by the rider. 
#2 Impressive Range to Ride 
The riders can take advantage of the 48V UL-certified lithium-ion battery to enjoy the long range of the electric tricycle. It offers a range of more than 85 miles on a single charge. The lights and LCD are directly powered by the battery of the electric trike, which runs till the battery is fully discharged. So, the rider can enjoy riding  without getting tired on any surface type. 
M-330 II Trike has a torque sensor that responds faster and supplies precise power to the rider while pedaling. The precise power supply using the torque sensor increases the range by 20-30%. 
#3 Rear Speed Differential for a Safe and Stable Ride
The rear speed differential indicates the different speeds of the rear wheel and works better during sharp turns. In the rear speed differential, the rear wheels of the electric trike are not connected to an axle and the wheels can rotate at different speeds and in different directions. The rear differential makes riding safe and stable on any surface, especially during the turns.  The speed differential allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds while receiving power assistance from the motor. 
The rear differential is also helpful for the riders by ensuring smooth navigation in crowded places or tight spaces during parking. So, differential helps the rider by making the ride safe and stable. 
#4 Parking Brake for Better Safety and Security
The parking brake blocks the tire of the electric tricycle and keeps the trike in a stationary position when the trike is parked. The rider can rely on the parking brake for extra safety and confidently park the trike on any surface type. Applying the parking brake is the safest option for the rider to stop the unintended movement of the electric trike, especially on inclined surfaces. 
Now, the riders can confidently concentrate on their work instead of worrying about the unwanted movement of the electric trike. Also, the process of applying the parking brake is super easy. The rider needs to squeeze the handlebars brake and press the parking brake button. 
#5 Reinforced Trailer Tube Strengthen the Frame
A weak trailer tube bends easily and impacts the rider's confidence. Addmotor offers a reinforced trailer tube that provides extra strength to the frame of the fat tire electric trike. The Triketan II M-330 has a thickened trailer tube that provides strength to the frame of the electric tricycle. The riders can confidently tow the cargo without worrying about damage or bends in the trailer tube. 
The reinforced trailed tube of the Addmotor electric trike frame allows easy towing of the trailer and enables them to explore with loads by trusting the fat tire. Also, the step-through frame of the trike enables the riders to ride with better control and stability. 
#6 Mechanical Disc Brake for a Safe and Controlled Ride
A good braking system boosts the confidence of the rider and provides better control on any surface type. The step-through electric trike offers a Tektro mechanical disc brake to provide instant stopping power for better safety. The mechanical brakes are super efficient in all weather conditions and encourage fear-free riding on any surface. 
The maintenance is too low for the mechanical disc brakes. Also, the larger 180 mm rotors ensure better heat dissipation during intense braking. So, the rider can trust the mechanical brakes to enjoy a controlled and thrilling ride. 
Addmotor Triketan M-330 Alternatives
#1 Addmotor Grandtan M-340 Fat Tire Electric Trike

fat tire electric trike for adults
The trike is suitable for seniors. The e trike is available in eight different colors that give a touch of elegance to your ride. Also, the fat tires of the trikes are super efficient on different surfaces and weather conditions. The fat tire electric trike offers an extreme level of comfort with the trike’s swan-like design, wooden footrest, extra wide saddle, and adjustable backrest.
The adult electric trike also has an EB 2.0 chip-based controller, which prevents short-circuiting and overheating risks with its simplified circuit design. Also, a waterproof rear basket bag with a reflective liner strip ensures better safety and convenience. 
- The impressive range of 85+ miles on a single charge helps riders cover a long-distance journey with ease.
- Features like a front fork, 7 levels of pedal assist, a front basket and a rear basket waterproof bag, and a seat post with a backrest make riding comfortable. 
- A payload Capacity of 350lbs+100lbs helps riders carry everything they want without impacting the speed of the trike.

- No torque sensor
#2 Addmotor Arisetan II M-360 Fat Tire Electric Bike

m-360 electric trike for adults
This Arisetan M-360 e trike is the World's FIRST Semi Recumbent Electric Trike, which provides higher comfort to the rider. The rider can enjoy every ride with reduced strain on their back because of the reclined sitting position. The integrated headlight with extra light provides better visibility and safety to the rider in low-light conditions.  
The rider can use the 7 levels of the pedal assist system to make riding effortless, even on inclined surfaces. The enhanced Mid-axis torque Sensor’s quick response saves power and provides a better range to enjoy riding more miles. 
- 8 attractive color options and a wooden footrest make riding comfortable and joyful. 
- An ergonomic saddle, rotatable U-shaped handlebar, and adjustable backrest ensure an upright and relaxed sitting position. 
- Step-through Frame for easy mount and dismount

- Lower payload capacity compared to other electric trikes
Addmotor Triketan M-330 Fat Tire Electric Trike Summary:
Excellence Indicator:
- A motor that makes riding effortless
- Reinforced trailer tube improves cargo capacity
- Rear Speed differential for a smooth and stable ride
- The battery supplies power to other features for smooth and safe riding
What a brand needs to improve:
- Need to reduce the charging time
The trike comes with all upgraded and advanced features to make every ride memorable. The durable frame with attractive colors and impressive performance makes the fat tire e trike a perfect option for outdoor adventures. From running an errand to exploring new areas, the Triketan II M-330 electric tricycle is the best travel companion, which suits your pocket and is better for nature. 
The trike is powerful, high-performing, and comfortable for the riders. This step-through electric trike delivers a thrilling riding experience and upgraded features ensure better safety and convenience. So, the Triketan M-330 is a perfect trike for those who want to explore different terrain and visit crowded streets. It is time to book a test ride and experience the power of your favorite electric tricycle.  


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