Intro to Electric Tricycle - What they are and How they work?

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Gone are the days when calculating fuel prices when traveling long distances was a common practice, and people tried to avoid using their automobiles when commuting short distances daily. The hike in fuel prices led to these practices but also left room for thoughts for automobile companies. All of this together brought you the convenience of electric tricycle for your daily commute and once in lifetime adventures. So if you are on a vehicle hunt that doesn’t cost you an arm and leg, then you are on the right page, as it contains all the information you need to know about a three wheel electric trike.

Grandtan Plus electric trike bike for adults in Army Green 

What is an electric tricycle?

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is what makes an e-trike different from a traditional motorbike. As the name indicates, an electric tricycle comes with three wheels and a built-in electric motor, which makes it environmentally friendly and also provides a smooth, comfortable, and less-tiring riding experience. The three wheels provide extra stability and comfort and are especially helpful for adults who face difficulty in maintaining balance on an electric bike. The three wheels in an electric tricycle are also capable of carrying heavy weight and also provide storage space, so it's also useful for transportation. A 3 wheel electric bike for adults has many other benefits and can be a useful purchase for various modes of commuting.

How does an electric tricycle work?

Another thing that makes an e-trike different from a manual tricycle is the way it functions. It has a built-in electric motor placed at the front or rear wheels that provide pedaling assistance. This feature makes it a great vehicle for adults who get tired easily with pedaling and struggle in traveling long distances. If you get tired and don’t want to paddle at all, you can use the full throttle mode of your three wheel electric trike, and the motor will do all the work. Some electric trikes provide either pedal assistance or full throttle while others may provide you with both perks. The electric motor is powered by rechargeable batteries, and the mileage of a good brand electric trike cover on a single charge is what makes it stand out. The electric motor and full-throttle mode of an electric tricycle give you a smooth and comfortable riding experience on terrains, hills, and snowy or muddy lands. So these motorized trikes for adults can be a travel partner in any weather condition. The battery also allows the head and tail lights to function so that adults can have a comfortable riding experience at night. The e-trikes have a great shock-absorbing capacity that makes the ride smooth and enjoyable for adults and reduces the risk of injuries.

Things to consider before buying a three wheel electric trike

Buying an electric trike isn’t about spending some cash but an investment of a large amount of money. So you wouldn’t buy any trike available in the market but find the best one for yourself. You may find it difficult to decide which adult 3 wheel electric bike is best for you. So here we have combined some things that you can consider before buying an electric trike for yourself.

#1.  Electric Motor

Since 3-wheel electric trikes work on a built-in electric motor, it is important to know about the power of the motors. Usually, the motor powers of e-trikes range between 250 to 1000 watts. The higher the power of the motor, more the speed of the trike. And since the 3-wheel electric trikes are heavier than the traditional bikes, it requires more motor power to accelerate on terrain or hilly area. So if you want your electric tricycle for daily commuting and recreational activities, you must look for fat tire electric trike with 500 watts of power or more. When talking about motors, you would come across two types of motors, the commonly used hub motors, and the mid-drive motors. Hub motors are mounted at either front or rear wheels and directly apply the torque towards the wheels while mid-drive motors are mounted on cranks and apply torque directly towards the chainring. Mid-drive motors can help you ride easily over terrains and hills on low gear, while hub motors are best for daily commuting.

#2.  Battery performance

You wouldn’t want your battery-powered trike to stop suddenly in the middle of the way due to low battery. That is why it is important to know about the battery performance of a fat tire electric trike, as it also provides power to the motor. The large battery capacity would allow you to cover longer distances on a single charge and wouldn’t require you to recharge the battery in the middle of the journey. You may have to decide between two types of batteries, lead acid battery or lithium battery. The lithium battery is usually preferred over the lead acid battery as it provides a longer range and is lighter than the lead acid battery.
Grandtan Plus electric trike bike for adults in Army Green  Ride  

#3.  Fat tires 

You may find a variety of electric trikes in the market but the most popular among them are the fat tire electric trikes. As the name says, these 3-wheel electric trikes have wider tires than traditional trikes. The extra width of the tires provides a smooth and comfortable ride off-road on terrains or hills and snowy and muddy roads during harsh weather conditions. The fat tire motorized trikes are best for adults as the fat tires provide better control and stability to the riders. The large shock-absorbing capacity of the fat tire electric trike results in a smooth riding experience even on bumpy roads. The fat tires have more air volume, so they are not susceptible to punctures or frequent wear and tear when riding on uneven or rough surfaces.

#4.  Lighting system

Before buying a 3-wheel electric bike, you must also consider a safe and smooth ride at night. That means a 3-wheel electric trike must have a built-in lighting system to drive safely at night. This lighting system should include a headlight, tail light, brake light, and turn signals. The headlight should cover a long visual range and greater lumen for clear visibility at night. The lighting system of a fat tire electric trike would work on a battery, so make sure that the electric trike consumes the minimum percentage of a battery and doesn’t run out of battery frequently due to the lighting system.   

#5.  Brake system

You would never compromise on safety and want your e-trike to have efficient brakes to prevent any accident. You would see fat tire electric trikes with different types of brake systems in the market, but you may consider the one with the disc brakes as they are considered the gold standard in an electric tricycle. Disc brakes are efficient and would stop the vehicle smoothly and instantly whenever you want, preventing you from any kind of accident.

#6.  Maximum load-bearing capacity

Motorized trikes for adults already have their heavy weight due to additional electrical and mechanical components, all built into the electric trike. So before buying a 3-wheel electric bike, you should consider options with maximum load capacity according to your use. If you want a battery-powered trike for your daily commute, then load capacity won't be a problem, but for grocery shopping or transportation, you should check the carrying capacity of the electric tricycle, so that doesn’t affect your overall riding experience.

How to choose the best electric trike for yourself?

To choose the best-motorized trikes for adults, here are some steps that you need to follow:

1. First, decide the purpose behind buying an electric trike and where you would be riding it the most. It would help you shortlist the one according to your need from the variety of electric trikes for adults available in the market.

2. You should now consider and look for the above-mentioned features in your fat tire electric trike, as it would help you choose the best electric tricycle according to your need.

3. Choose a 3-wheel electric trike that offers you the best value for money. A battery powered trike with advanced electric and mechanical features might be a bit expensive, but it would provide convenience for a lifetime. You may also pass by some cheaper options in the market, but you may have to compromise on quality and features.

4. Take a test ride to ensure that your chosen electric trike rides as smoothly and comfortably as it promises to. Also, test all the features while taking a test ride to ensure everything works properly and is one of the best electric trike.

5. Make sure to ask about the warranty of the electric trike, how long it lasts, and which parts it covers to avoid future inconveniences.

6. Finally, you can enjoy riding your 3-wheel electric bike as you have bought the best one for yourself.     


Where to find the best electric trike for yourself?

For more smooth shopping experience, you have a one-stop solution where you can find a variety of motorized trikes for adults. Addmotor offers you a variety of electric trikes for adults manufactured perfectly with the latest features in different designs, colors, and prices. You can easily find one for yourself according to your need. Our latest GrandTan series offers you the best electric trikes for adults with all the features that you may consider before choosing an electric trike.

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