How to Keep Your E-Trike Like Brand New

By Addmotor | 20 September 2022 | 0 Comments
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Proper maintenance is essential after carefully considering and purchasing an electric tricycle. People who require quick and efficient ways to commute with larger weights might consider an e-trike as a great option. Additionally, it's ideal for anyone who wants to take a joyride across their town or neighborhood on a pleasant autumn night.
Ample and prompt maintenance increases its lifespan, just like it does for the majority of other means of transportation. Inadequate maintenance of your e-trike can lead to thousands of miles missed, expensive and unnecessary repairs, and wasted money. In order to ensure you get the most value out of your investment, we're here to help. That's why we came up this list of tips on how to keep your e-trike brand new.
#1 Carefully Load Your Cargo
You should be able to load your tricycle effectively while maintaining safety if you imagine it as a grocery cart. This advice is only useful for individuals who intend to transport cargo. For instance, you wouldn't place water on top and your eggs or bread at the bottom.
So, when you put your cargo on the fat tire electric trike, the thinking process is similar. Making the correct loads keeps the rider safe and helps you avoid losing anything along the route. Additionally crucial to preventing damage to your tricycle is load balancing. A load that is uneven might put a strain on the brakes or other devices because anything that moves on wheels needs to be stable. For information about load limits, consult your owner's manual.
#2 Maintain the Battery
Your electric trike's battery is a crucial component; therefore, maintaining it should be a top priority. Although batteries can be replaced, doing so can be expensive, and there are techniques to increase their lifespan.
You should make sure the lithium-ion battery is being stored correctly and at the right temperature. Like with our mobile gadgets, the battery's usage can be significantly altered by freezing or sweltering temperatures. It is best to store it between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit because the amount of work required to keep it effective varies with temperature.
The battery being overcharged is another frequent problem. It's best to keep the battery between 20 and 80 percent charged because overcharging can lead to the battery going through more cycles.
This is equally true for a mobile device, and your electric trike also uses the same idea. Your trike's battery may carry you up to 10,000 miles if it is taken care of properly.
#3 Clean the Chain
An adult electric trike's drivetrain, which includes the chain, will operate more effectively and last longer if it is regularly cleaned. The only tools required are hot water, a toothbrush, rags, brushes, sponges, a degreaser, and chain lubricant; the chain doesn't need to be removed. You can use a handheld chain cleaner for a quicker job. Simply wash and degrease before rinsing, drying, and lubricating.

#4 Lubricate
The chain, brake and derailleur levers, cables, bearing systems, and any other sections of your bike where metal touches metal should all be lubricated. Never oil your chain without first thoroughly cleaning it; doing so will result in an abrasive paste that will erode the chain. Use a lubricant suitable for the weather you're riding in.

#5 Ride Cautiously
The condition of your tricycle can directly relate to this, even though it may have more to do with you as the rider. Every time you ride on paved surfaces, you should be cautious. Even though riding is very comfortable, accidents might still happen because of the unexpected nature of your environment.
By being extra cautious, you can scan your surroundings several times and possibly steer clear of any hiccups. This is particularly important because carrying passengers or freight increases your risk factors. You can keep yourself safe by doing things like taking bends wide and driving steadily.
#6 Check Tire Pressure
Both overinflated and underinflated tires can cause punctures. The PSI you should aim for may be found on the side of your tire.


#7 Check Your Brakes
Brake pads are an essential part of safe riding, both on and off the road, so if you feel your trike is no longer braking easily, please have a trained bike technician fix or replace them.
#8 Pay Attention to the Weather
Extreme temperatures can also damage your electrics, as we've already mentioned how they can affect the battery's life. Your trike's electrical components are at risk of being harmed if it freezes and unfreezes repeatedly. In chilly climates, your trike will still function, but maintaining it may require more effort on your part.
Make careful to remove the battery and store your electric trike in a warmer environment if you plan to store it in a location that you are aware gets cold. Usually, the battery performs best at normal temperatures.
#9 Service your Adult Electric Trike
If you've been courageous enough to pedal through winter, servicing your trike once a year is typically plenty. If possible, you should do this at the start of spring. But there is no shame in asking a professional to look at it. Consider it to be the annual tricycle MOT.
#10 Consider Storage Demands
Maintenance also includes your capacity for storage. It's great to protect your investment with appropriate cleaning and lubrication, but you also need to make sure it's secure during downtime. Although these joyrides are expensive, they remain a dependable form of transportation for many. If stolen, you lose everything you invested, and someone else can profit from this.
Consider the storage location and how convenient it is for you or others to access. The best sites are areas like garages and bike sheds. Additionally, when riding the trike, make sure you have the tools necessary to lock it securely while you walk away.
It's way too simple to overlook some quick but necessary maintenance procedures for the comforts in our lives. However, the ideal solution is to safeguard what you paid for if you want to continue using it or pass it along to a family member.
Contact our staff at Addmotor right away if you're prepared to make an adult electric trike purchase or if you require assistance with your trike's maintenance. With the right care and maintenance, you can get where you're going, whether you're transporting goods, taking in some fresh air, or touring the mountains!


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