How to Choose the Best 3-Wheel Electric Bikes for Adults

By Addmotor | 29 October 2022 | 1 Comments

Although 3-wheel electric bikes for adults have several benefits, you must choose the right one suited to your needs if you wish to enjoy the ride. Since it is a hefty investment, it's better to dig into specific criteria before purchasing one. So let's have a look at them.
There are some considerations you must consider before purchasing the best fat-wheel electric trike for you. It might surprise you how comfortable sitting on the perfect tricycle is. Keep reading this blog and you’ll be able to buy a perfect tricycle for yourself.


What to Consider When Selecting an Electric Tricycle

While buying e-trikes, you may be confused about what you should look for in your trike. The electric fat trike comes in three types: upright electric trikes, semi-recumbent electric trikes, and recumbent electric trikes. You can switch to whatever you prefer. Read on to discover further.
Apart from selecting your electric fat trike, many people are concerned about the fact as to how they will feel while riding a tricycle. Fat tire electric trikes for adults offer the most natural, effortless transportation powered by electric assistance. It is like riding any other bicycle but with a little more comfort. You won’t be pushed or pulled back by the motor forcefully; you have all the control.
Below are all the crucial factors you need to consider when buying a fat tire e-trike for adults.


The electric tricycle motor & battery should be up to par.

The riding range of an e-trike should be high, especially if you do not want to pedal too much. Most casual, upright electric trikes do not offer as much price range as their other electric bike counterparts. The heavier weight can be attributed to this, and these casual trikes are often used for leisure riding or commuting.
E- tricycles tend to use 250-1000W motors. You need to know that the higher the motor power is, the faster your trike can go under the same conditions. Since an electric tricycle is heavier than an e-bike, it needs more energy to go uphill or across challenging terrain. It is excellent to select a 3-wheel electric bike that has a 500W motor or more.
The battery is another essential part of an e-trike. It provides power to the motor. The quality and capacity of the battery determine the safety performance, riding range, and experience of the electric tricycle. For material, the battery can be divided into lead-acid battery and lithium battery. It is better to have a lithium battery, which ensures a more extended range and service life and is lighter. The battery capacity measures how much power the battery can store and is usually described as Watt-Hours(WH) or Ampere-Hours(AH).


Storage space should be adequate.

Before purchasing a fat tire electric trike for adults, it is important to figure out the purpose of buying an e-trike in the first place. Where do you want to take it for your daily commuting, or do you want to take your trike for your early morning ride? Where do you want to pedal or want regular moping mode? Asking these questions to yourself will make things much easier for you.

The motor of the e-trike should provide enough assistance.

Keeping in mind the heavy weight of these e-bikes, you need to pay attention to the integrated motor. Several cities cap their motor power limit at 750W, but if you use the e-trike for commuting only, 500W motors may probably be enough for you because they are as silent as they are effective. And a 750W electric trike is best for conquering the slopes.
For seniors who prefer fat tire electric trikes because of their stability, you can make do with motors that reach 20 mph top speed. Most low-speed models are cheaper while imparting satisfactory riding experiences every time. 


Other features should boost safety and comfort.

If you often ride through muddy or unpaved roads, don't hesitate to go for fat tire models; they are designed for that purpose and add significant support to front-drive motors. If you are a frequent night-time rider, you will need a powerful LED light.
The types of brakes used, likewise, are equally essential to consider. Disc brakes are often the gold standard in e-bikes simply because they are more efficient and make quick braking possible and more manageable.


Buying a fat-wheel electric trike requires a lot of homework from a buyer’s perspective. No doubt, fat tire electric trikes for adults, like Grandtan etrike series, are gaining more attention due to their comfortable ride and large storage space.
Grandtan etrikes are becoming a blooming option as they offer more stability and influence healthy habits too. If you’re interested in buying a perfect fat-wheel electric trike, Addmotor offers some great Grandtan electric tricycle options. For those looking for extra height, Addmotor offers Grandtan Plus.
You can choose between 6 different color schemes that make your e-trike looks super-amazing and modern. Electric tricycles are exceptionally convenient to ride and offer lots of space to carry items. But the factors listed above will affect your riding experience.
Considering them may help you select a model that fits you best. If you are still unsure about it, you can contact our service team, and we are ready to help you find the perfect one.


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