How to Choose Electric Trike As a Pet Lover?

By Addmotor | 05 December 2022 | 0 Comments
Are you a pet lover? Nowadays, as we get more and more pressure from daily life and work, it has become really common for us to feel stressed. Many people choose to release this stress by playing around with their pets, mostly their lovely puppies or kittens.
However, it becomes a big deal when needed to bring them for outdoor activities since there are some necessities needed for outdoor pet walking or outing. At this time, an electric trike will be exactly what you need. But do you really know how to choose an e-trike that is suitable for you and your beloved pet?

etrike for pet lovers
1. Convenient Front Basket
Having a front basket will be very convenient for you to directly put your pet into the front basket when you need to go somewhere at the fastest speed. Of course, it comes with a precondition, that is your pet must be small in size. After all, it’s not a safe choice to let an Alaska stay in that little front basket, it will cause safety issues in this scenario because they are more likely to jump out of the basket and even obstruct the line of your sight for the big size. The advantage of putting your pet in the front basket is that you can always monitor the real situation of your pet and head to your destination at the fastest speed.
You can also put some pet food or a pet bag in the front basket which will be very convenient also.
2. Suitable Seat Height and Comfortable Backrest
Seat height becomes extremely important, you will always want to stay in the most comfortable sitting position when spending your leisure time with your pet. And with a suitable seat height, you can always deal with various emergencies. Keeping you and your pet safe in any circumstances.
There will have many details info on the product detail page and the advised rider’s height will also include. Normally speaking, the advised rider’s height might be slightly different depending on the model you choose, so you can easily know the seat height of the different models and take your personal circumstances into consideration then you will know whether the seat height is suitable for you. If you can have the chance to try it by yourself in an offline store, then it will be the best.
Meanwhile, it’s very normal to unleash your pet and let them enjoy their own freedom outdoors time. You might want to follow them at this time but some of us will be too tired to follow wherever they go. The importance of having a comfortable backrest will be shown at this time, you can just park the electric tricycle in a safe place and enjoy yourself by sitting on the e-tirke and resting on the backrest. What a nice way to relax, isn’t it?
3. Large Rear Basket with Storage Bag
Is your pet too big in size so that it cannot fit in the front basket that easily? Are there too many things that you wanna bring with you for the outing to fully enjoy your leisure time with your pet? Then a large rear basket with a storage bag will be the key element when you are choosing an electric tricycle for adults.
Having a large rear basket can let your pet, even a large-size pet stay in the basket easily and comfortably without needing to worry about the safety problem instead of putting it in the front basket. If your pet has its own house (pet cage), there will also have enough space for that too. Pet food, bowl for water drinking, trash bag, pet’s toy, whatever you need can all fit in the rear basket for sure.
4. Bright and Eye-Catching Color
When walking your pet, you might need to slow down the speed on purpose to accommodate your pet’s speed. This situation might occur in the park, on the road, and even on the sidewalk. Therefore, choosing a relatively bright color like orange, red, yellow, or cyan green will make people and passing cars pay more attention and notice your 3 wheel electric bike to avoid unnecessary accident happens.
There will be many standards when choosing a suitable electric tricycle for different people, but as for pet lovers, these elements will be able to cover most of the needs of the majority. Do you agree?


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