Hop on The Addmotor Spring Break Deal!

By Ruby | 01 March 2022 | 0 Comments

Finally, the snowy and chilling winter is about to go, followed by the lovely spring season coming up. Its time to get some fresh air and feel the mild breeze hitting your face. Speaking of this, surely you will think of riding a bike. You don’t want to miss out on this year’s spring break for a riding tour. To make your trip all easy and comfortable, why don’t you bring an e-bike home and get ready for your exciting spring break?
On Tuesday, March 1st, Addmotor will be bringing you an amazing deal of 20% off for purchasing the e-bikes talked below. So, make sure you SPRING into action!


We have different kinds of bikes on sale in the spring break promotion. We have the all-terrain powerful M-560 at 20% off. It’s certainly an e-bike that you want to take it for your spring adventure. Six colors are available for you to choose to match your special spring season.
Considering you might have a trip that’s a bit far away from home, there’s the M-150 with the same discount of 20% off. It’s a folding series including P7 and R7 variants. You only need 10 seconds to fold the bike, pack it up in your car, and be ready to go. You may wonder what’s different between P7 and R7 versions. The P7 comes with spokes wheels. Spokes wheels can bend and flex to a certain degree letting you tackle rougher terrains. The R7 comes with aluminum alloy integrated wheels which are tougher and can handle higher speeds, higher amounts of power, and torque with relative ease.
If you are planning a more casual trip, the M-430 is the perfect e-bike for you. Chill and relax on your travels with an elegant step-thru cruiser. It has always been a popular model and is on sale for $100 off in the spring sale.
These 3 e-bikes are all equipped with a 750w rear motor, the M-150 comes with a 16Ah Panasonic battery, while both the M-430 and M-560 are 17.5Ah which guarantees a long-lasting riding time. We do not want your trips to be spoiled due to the lack of battery. Continuing, the preload-adjustable front fork gives you a more smooth and comfortable riding experience. Lastly, when traveling packing is a must. The maximum payload capacity is up to 280 lbs or 300 lbs, so no need to worry about that problem.
Addmotor surely has different types of e-bikes. You might be hesitating among 2 or 3 models, but we will help you find the best bike for you in our spring break e-bike. Hop on this deal with us and start preparing for the exciting spring trip with an Addmotor e-bike!


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