Hey! Addmotor Rider, Your Newest E-bike M-81 is Waiting

By Sunnie | 02 April 2022 | 3 Comments
Hey! Summer is around the corner, and the M-81, a new E-bike designed by the Addmotor team, is coming soon! We hope to enjoy this summertime with you and the M-81 electric bike.
Before that, I would like to introduce you to the M-81.

The M-81 still uses the EB2.0 electronic control system. Everyone familiar with Addmotor knows that EB2.0 is our newly upgraded electronic control system. The upgraded battery has a super large capacity of 20Ah and a long battery life. As a result, you don't need to worry about your electric bicycle's battery during riding. We've tested it out ourselves and it can last more than 125 miles of range. By the way, the safety lighting system includes left and right flashing lights. We know that is not common in electric bicycles, but Addmotor wants to be more thoughtful and considerate to our riders.
The new electric bike will be released in the colors: army green, black, and white. Each color is a limited-edition color. We hope to meet the color preferences of all riders as much as possible. We may develop more M81 in different colors in the future.
The M-81 is a customize e-bike that we call the cargo e-bike. We call it this because we designed a super long rear seat for it so that you can install a seat cushion, or hang your travel belongings in the back bag. The M-81 is the best electric bicycle for families who have children because the rear seat can install two child seats. When you go out, you may be worried that your children are at home alone. However, with this e-bike, you can choose to take your kids out on the street while keeping your small bags in the front (the front of this e-bike can fit a front basket as well). As it was saying that its load capacity is amazing to us.

Finally, what must be mentioned is that M-81 will be released in April. The original price is $2699 but on the first day, it will be $1599. You can purchase this cargo e-bike at a great price if you purchase it early!
Addmotor is looking forward to the M-81 release and spending a lovely summer with you.


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