Have You Followed the Electric Bike Trend?

By Jamie | 29 March 2022 | 0 Comments
Cycling has become a trending topic in recent years. It provides a green and healthy travel way for Urbanites, a flexible alternative to cars to save money and avoid traffic jams, and a new vision of city streets. Compared with traditional bikes, electric bikes also have seen a rise and are expected to increase in popularity. Why is the electric bike so popular now? Here are some reasons and we hope these will encourage you to dust off your electric bike and take to the roads again. 

1. The number one thing in most car owners' minds these days is the price of oil/gas.
The popularity of electric bikes as gasoline prices hit the roof is on a remarkable rise in many cities. In March, the price for a gallon of regular gas costs US$ 5.88 in California, while in Washington DC it costs US$ 4.72. These Urbanites
are paying the highest average price per gallon in the nation. But how much does it cost to ride around with electric bikes these days? Let’s take Addmotor’s M-430 Cruiser electric bike as an example. It features a 48V*16Ah battery charging time of 6-7 hours, which can hold up to 65+miles per charge. We don't even have to do the math to figure out which one is more cost-effective. 
An electric bike can serve most of your transportation needs for commuting, shopping, and getting around town. Urbanites who are well acquainted with the frustration of paying parking tickets and towing fines will also find that bicycles are an excellent solution. The money you save on gas once you begin replacing car trips with electric bike trips will pay for the electric bike itself.
2. For Cycling enthusiasts, the electric bike gives a better cycling experience and improves the cycling quality.
Cycling is an attractive sport and is a cost-effective, healthy and convenient way to get around. For cycling enthusiasts, choosing the right bike is very important. Electric bikes give riders a better cycling experience and improve the cycling quality in many ways. 
The rugged frame design and spring suspension fork ensure long-lasting stability and durability. Big fat tires and high-speed brushless rear hub motor enable users to conquer every terrain and could go places that traditional bikes could not. This technological innovation—in which riders’ pedaling can be boosted by a rechargeable battery—answers many of the excuses people have for not biking: hills, long distances, sweaty clothes, strong winds, hot weather, cold weather, and not being able to carry things due to weight. All of these features make electric bikes popular not only among young adults but also among elderly users.
3. Electric bike riding provides a safe and comfortable way for social groups and family activities. 
With the increase of biking paths on roads and the construction of professional bike trails, bike rides have become more accessible and safer. If you have a group of friends who are big fans of nature and happy to explore fascinating views, or you want to find a great way to enjoy a day out with families to stay active. Electric bike riding is sure to be a more safe and more comfortable option. No need for human foot pedals, an electric bike with a powerful battery and motor allows you to ride comfortably, and save time and effort, the only thing you need to do is relax and enjoy the scenery along the road and the time with family and friends.
To some extent, cycling is the joy of experiencing cities as they could be. As people advocate green and healthy travel, the popularity of electric bikes is likely to persist for longer. So, have you followed the electric bike trend? If not, you are welcome to visit Addmotor to find your electric bike!


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