Good News! Addmotor's Newest EB2.0 48V*20AH Battery Pack Got UL Certified

By Jamie | 28 May 2022 | 1 Comments

ULa global safety organization, has officially announced that Addmotor’s newest rechargeable 48*20AH battery pack passed UL certification for electric bike use listed under UL 2271. 
Have you ever felt that vague sense of reassurance when seeing a logo or seal of approval on a product? Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of information these seals represent?
Certifying products can get expensive. However, one thing that’s never worth skimping out on is safety, which is a big concern for Addmotor. This is why we prioritized getting our newly designed EB2.0 48V*20AH battery pack UL certified.
What is UL Certification and Why is it Important?
UL LLC, or formerly Underwriter Laboratories, is a third-party certification company that has been around for over a century. UL was founded in Chicago back in 1984. They certify products with the aim to make the world a safer place for both workers and consumers. UL is also an accredited standards developer in the U.S. and Canada, setting industry standards for manufacturers that innovate new products.
UL 2271 certification is offered by UL for battery products (cell, module, and pack) for use in a variety of light motive or transportation related applications. UL assesses the ability of the battery packs to meet the standard requirements (which include the ability to withstand simulated abuse conditions based upon the manufacturer’s specified charge and discharge parameters) through construction requirements, as well as electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing evaluated per the standard’s compliance criteria. (source:
UL Certification is the top-rated safety certification in the world because their testing process is more rigorous and comprehensive than other certifications in a number of important ways:
Electrical safety
Fire safety
Mechanical safety.
As an independent, third-party, non-profit organization, UL has no stake in the products they test. Their seal of approval, therefore, is unbiased. UL approval offers assurance that the safety and performance claims behind a product have been thoroughly verified by a third party.

What Makes Our Battery Pack Special?
1. Not just the cells, our entire battery pack meets UL standards
Sometimes you can see some other ebike pictures bearing a UL Mark, but they actually refer to the battery cells, or the motor, and not the battery pack. 
But you can be assured that Addmotor won’t lie to you. Our battery pack has been sent to the professional lab and tested many times. One test for example is a 5 tons stress test to check its durability. All efforts are made to meet UL standards for the entire battery pack. 
2. 48V*20AH, we have a larger battery capacity
Some battery packs identified with UL on the market but with a smaller capacity than Addmotor, such as 48V*10.4AH, 48V*13AH, and 48V*15AH. 
Featuring Samsung’s latest high-capacity 21700 battery cells combination, our 48V*20AH battery pack has a larger cell capacity (reaching 5000mha). The max discharge current has improved to reach 3C (Samsung 18650 2600mha is 2C), which means it can better control the temperature and provide protection for the overall safety of the battery. 
3. Fully independent research and development
We have designed a new integrated battery assembly bracket. The inner cable alignment now is more reasonable and space-saving. The support system matches the protection module perfectly, providing the strongest protection for all components and can withstand huge external pressure. 
Additionally, the reinforced and thickened battery case mounting rail seat made of high-strength materials includes up to 8 extended card and lock card slots. The guide rails are designed with dual parallel mounting holes to ensure balance and stability when installed on the bike frame. 

This rechargeable battery pack is compatible with our E-43/E-53/M-66 R7/M-81 electric bikes. The sustainable riding range on a single charge can reach up to 125+ miles (PAS1). For more product details, please feel free to visit our website.
Hopefully, after reading this blog, you feel a bit more familiar with that little UL logo and have a better idea of what it means and why it’s important. When manufacturers are UL certified it shows their continued commitment to safety and quality. Even if it might cost a bit more for Addmotor or take extra testing time, UL gives Addriders peace of mind.


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