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Electric bikes have become the most popular choice for daily commuting and outdoor adventures. One of the key features of an e-bike is the gear shifter that enables riders to adjust the speed and power assistance according to the terrain to tackle rides effectively. 
In the article below, we will explore different types of gear shifter, their working, and tips for effective gear shifting. Also, we will introduce you to the 2 Addmotor electric trike models with the best gear shifters and features.  
Read the full article to learn more about e-bike gear shifters. 

What is an E-Bike Gear Shifter?

The gear shifter in any electric bike or e-trike is the specific component that changes the gear to adjust speed and power during rides. It offers seamless adjustment of speed and power to cater to various terrains and riding preferences.
Commonly the gear shifters are placed on the front handlebar for effortless shifting without disturbing the rider's grip from the handlebar. 


How Does Gear Shifter Work in Electric Bikes:

When a rider changes the gear a series of actions take place in the transmission system of the e-bike consisting of chain, gears, derailleur, or internal gear hub. While shifting the gear, the shifter controls the movement of the derailleur or internal hub that adjusts the chain’s tension and moves it to a different sprocket. This changes the gear ratio between the wheel and pedal to increase are decrease speed and power according to the selected gear.  

Types of Gear Shifters in Electric Bikes:

The common types of gear shifters used in electric bikes and e-trikes are described below.  

1. Derailleur Shifters:

This gear system is also known as the external gear shifter, in which gears are positioned externally at the center of the rear wheel. A cable is connected to the rear derailleur for controlling its movement. In the derailleur gear, less cable tension moves the chain to lower gear, while high cable tension shifts the chain to higher gear. This system offers a lightweight and affordable gear system with high efficiency. 

►  Pros

•  Suitable for various terrains 
•  Lightweight construction 
•  Cost-effective 
•  Easy maintenance
•  Efficient power performance 

►  Cons

•  Exposure to external damage such as dust, debris, and mud 
•  Require continuous lubrication 

2. Internal Hub Shifters:

Hub gear or internal hub shifters are those concealed within the rear wheel hub of your e-bike. They operate independently with a stationary sun gear and multiple rotating gears around it. The external sprocket selects the engaged gear during the gear-changing process. 
Hub gears require minimum maintenance and offer extended lifespan due to reduced exposure to external risk. They are commonly compatible with belt-drive electric bikes and e-trikes and are complex to maintain due to their internal fitting. 

►  Pros:

•  Protection against external elements 
•  Stationary shifting 
•  Compact resistance 
•  Option for belt installation  

►  Cons:

•  High price 
•  Complex maintenance and installation 
•  Heavyweight  

When and How To Shift the Gear of Your E-Bike:

Always consider the below factors before changing gears on your electric bike. 

#1.  Consider Terrain and Riding Conditions:

Analyze the terrain for uphill climbs, downhill descents, or flat stretches before changing the gear. Select the most suitable gear according to the terrain and required speed to enjoy smooth riding. 

#2.  Anticipate Changes in Speed and Resistance:

Change the gears of your electric bike when you need to increase or decrease speed. Suitable gear helps the rider maintain a consistent pedaling rhythm and efficiency while minimizing strain on the rider and the bike’s drivetrain. 

#3.  Listen To Your Bike’s Feedback:

Lastly, the best time to shift the gear to low or high gear is when your bike demands. Carefully listening to the sound of your e-bike enables you to understand when the gear shift is needed. If you hear a high-pitched whirring sound and pedaling becomes easier it means you are spinning faster than the current gear and need to shift to high gear. 
Alternatively, if you hear a low-pitched grinding noise and pedaling becomes hard, it means the resistance is greater than the power, and a lower gear is required.

How To Shift the Gear of Your Electric Bike:

Follow these steps to change the gear of your e-bike or e-trike. 
1. Ease off pressure when you want to change gear
2. Decide the gear you want to shift, whether it's high or low 
3. Change the shift to up or down accordingly 
Keep pedaling smoothly 
Notice the change in pedaling 
6. Practice again and again if you are a newbie


Maintenance Tips For E-Bike Gear System:

#1.  Regular Lubrication and Cleaning:

Keeping the gear system well-lubricated and clean is necessary for smooth and efficient operation. Regularly clean the chain and gear for any dirt and apply the recommended lubricant. This reduces friction and ensures smooth performance during gear changing. 

#2.  Check For Damage and Wear:

Inspection of gear, chain, and sprockets for any damage or wear is necessary to prevent any potential failure during the ride. This helps in identifying and replacing any damaged part before it gets worse. 

#3.  Proper Tension Adjustment of Chain:

Proper chain tension adjustment is crucial for smooth gear shifting and efficient power transfer. Regularly check and adjust the chain’s tension to ensure the reliable performance of your e-bike or e-trike during gear shift. 

#4.  Monitor Gear Shifting During Rides:

Always pay attention to the gear-shifting process during your rides. Examine the issues such as hard shifting or gear skipping and seek professional assistance for diagnosis and fixing the problem. 

#5.  Inspect Electrical Components:

Check the electrical connections for any signs of physical damage or corrosion that can affect the power delivery. Ensure all electric components are in serviceable condition to avoid any malfunction during the rides. 

#6.  Schedule Professional Servicing:

Professional maintenance is also necessary along with self-maintenance to keep your electric bike in the best working condition. Schedule a monthly are quarterly mechanic inspection of your bike to identify potential issues and maintenance before they get worse. 

Addmotor E-Trikes With Best Gear Systems:

►  Addmotor Grandtan Etrike:

The Grandtan electric trike is one of the top models of Addmotor with the most responsive and highly efficient gear systems. It is equipped with a SHIMANO TOURNEY TY300 X 7-speed rear derailleur to ensure smooth gear shifting. The trike boasts a SHIMANO TOURNEY right thumb gear shifter for effortless gear shifting without disturbing the rider’s grip on the handlebar. 
Moreover, it is installed with an SIS index system, 14-32T freewheel, and KMC rust-resistant chain for reliable gear shifting performance. The SIS index stands for Shimano Indexed Shifting to offers one gear shift per click of the gear shifter to ensure quick and effective gear changing. 
This powerful e-trike has some other amazing features including its high-power motor and long-lasting battery. The trike features a rear mount 750W motor that generates 90 NM torque for effortless operation. The motor can tackle a huge load of 450 lbs in total with this powerful motor. 
Furthermore, Grandtan II is installed with a powerful 20Ah UL-certified battery to ensure reliable power delivery for long distances. The battery offers power assistance for a distance between 40 to 85 miles per charge, according to the load and riding terrain. The battery is rated for 1000-1500 charging cycles and takes almost 10 hours for 0 to full charging. 
Some other main features of this trike are its robust frame, fat tires, chip-type controller, torque sensor, oil spring suspension, and mechanical disk brakes. Overall, it is the best option for all those looking for a reliable e-trike to tackle a wider range of rides. 

►  Addmotor Arisetan M-360 E-Trike:

The Arisetan M-360 is a well-known world’s first semi-recumbent e-trike equipped with a highly responsive gear system. It features a SHIMANO TOURNEY TY-300 rear derailleur with a KMC rust-resistant chain and SHIMANO ALTUS M310 chain puller. These components minimize the chain resistance and offer smooth gear shifting for a long life span.  
This electric trike boasts a long-lasting battery to ensure reliable performance under various riding conditions. It is installed with a powerful 20Ah Samsung battery to offer power assistance for long-time intervals and distance coverage. The battery is UL-certified and designed for a long life span of up to 1000 charging cycles. The estimated distance coverage of this e-trike is 85+ miles per charge. 
Furthermore, the trike is equipped with a powerful brushless rear hub motor to deliver the required power for smooth operation. The Bafang motor powers 48V X 750W with 90NM torque generation to tackle difficult terrains and rides effortlessly. The motor offers 380 Lbs loading capacity on all terrains with reliable pedal assistance. 
The trike is equipped with some other features including a torque sensor, suspension system, parking brake, derailleur tube, rear speed differential, and multi-purpose digital display. Overall, the Arisetan M-360 electric trike is the perfect combination of power and convenience to offer an unmatched riding experience. 



In conclusion, the gear shifter in electric bikes or e-trikes is an important component to ensure reliable and customized gear changing during rides. A gear shifter helps the rider to reduce stress from the bike's drivetrain and enjoy smooth transmission while increasing speed and power assistance. 
There are two types of gear shifters mainly used in e-bikes i.e. derailleur shifter and internal hub shifter. It is important to understand when and how to change the gears of your bike for smooth and effective performance. The Addmotor Arisetan II M-360 and Grandtan II e-trikes are the latest and highest-selling models with the best gear shifter and other features. 


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