Explore Outdoors with Grandtan Step-Through Electric Trike

By Ella | 06 September 2022 | 0 Comments
Do you love the outdoors? Are you an avid rider, but your legs are too short to get you to your favorite trails? If yes, you need to check out Grandtan step-through electric trike. This electric bike is designed to fit riders of all shapes and sizes, so everyone can get out and enjoy the great outdoors!
Grandtan step-through electric trike is the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the country with an electric assist adult tricycle. Whether it's riding on paved roads, gravel roads, sandy roads, muddy roads, or even snowy roads, Grandtan electric tricycle can handle it. It can go up, down, and even cross rivers. It's excellent for exploring the great outdoors and riding to the local park to see the kids. However, there are several electric trikes available on the market. But exploring outdoors with the Grandtan step-through  electric trike can be pleasing for you.

Grandtan M-340 Electric Fat Tire Trike In Starry Blue

Why should you explore outdoors with Grandtan step-through electric trike?

The world is full of wonder, and you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home. Start with a Grandtan step-through electric trike. This is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Read the following reasons to learn more about why you should explore outdoors with a Grandtan fat tire electric tricycle for adults.

1.   Be with your riding partner

Most of you might face the terrible experiences of leaving behind others while cycling with your friends or cousin in childhood. This could happen because of your slower pedaling speed. If you are fed up with this bad experience and want to increase your speed while cycling, Grandtan step-through electrical trike is best for you. Couples, the elderly, families, and young children will all benefit from using the power of a Grandtan step-through electric trike because it levels the playing field and prevents compromise.  Instead of one person driving a van or falling behind, Grandtan e-trike guarantees that everyone can maintain the same pace so you can enjoy the ride together.  

2.  Faster

No one wants to be late for their office and other occasions. Traditional bikes or cycles can be slower due to the pedaling speed of the rider. But Grandtan step-through e-bike can help you travel faster than ever as it comes with powerful 750W motors that can give more than 85+ miles per charge. As a result, an ebike will let you ride more quickly, no matter your fitness. That results from faster acceleration and quicker uphill travel.

     3.  Easy to ride on the hill
If you want to explore nature from the height of the hill, you might think of going uphill with your traditional bike. However, going uphill with a conventional bike or cycle can be challenging because you need extra power to pedal the bike, leading to muscle and leg pain. In addition, the uphill area will be rough that can puncture your bike tires.
 You can quickly go uphill with Addmotor Grandtan ebike because it comes with a powerful 750 W motor that will give electric power to the pedal and make pedaling easy. Additionally, Grandtan etrike also comes with premium fat tires that will vanish your tension of tire puncture on the rough surface.

4.   Exercise

You are mistaken if you think the Grandtan ebike will negatively affect your health because this electric trike will help you stay fit and healthy. Exercises for the lower body can be enjoyable when you cycle, especially using an electric trike.
You will ride with the help of different parts of your body in addition to giving yourself a leg day. Coordinating your arms, core, and legs is necessary for cycling! You can care for your physical and mental well-being by giving your body the required movement and switching up your surroundings by cycling with an electric tricycle.


If you love riding the bike but have trouble getting around, an electric bike could be a good option. They’re perfect for people who want to stay active while saving their joints and muscles. With all sorts of fun accessories to choose from, it’s easy to explore the great outdoors with a bit of help from the Grandtan step-through electric trike.


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