Everything You Need to Know When Buying Electric Tricycle

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Like other modern trends, battery powered tricycles are becoming popular nowadays since they are now motorized and embedded with technology. These e-tricycles are gaining particular popularity because of their environment-friendly functioning which allows you to commute without leaving any carbon footprint on your surroundings. The ergonomic design is perfect for senior adults who can reach the handles and paddles without any strain or pressure on their bodies.  
Some key considerations help you to choose the best battery powered trike. Whether you are a youngster or a senior adult looking for a fun and functional ride, these eco-friendly electric trikes can be perfect for you if you consider some important facts before you decide to buy electric trike for yourself or your loved ones. Here is everything you need to know when buying an electric tricycle.

Grandtan M-340 Electric Fat Tire Trike In White

What is an E-trike?

An electric tricycle or an Etrike is a battery-powered motorized tricycle that features one front and two rear wheels. In a way, an e-trike resembles an e-bike a lot. With a powerful motor that gears the battery, the electric tricycle catches speed that allows you to ride without too much paddling. The front and rear lights and digital screens also resemble the features of an e-bike.


How does an E-trike work?

The mechanical working process of an e-trike is simple. The electric tricycles work on two sensors; speed and torque. When you start to pedal the tricycle, the speed sensors send electric signals to the motor which then starts to respond. Simultaneously, the torque sensors respond by matching the speed as the tricycle moves. The torque sensor helps to regulate the maneuver and speed that is exerted on the pedals of the tricycle. 

The motor starts sending electrical assistance by creating a level of power assist. The main function of the electric motor is to control the torque and provide you with a power boost. The assist from the motor can be selected by the rider using pedals based on the experience and need of the rider. Due to the power of the motor, riding an electric tricycle can feel effortless as the three-wheel design ensures that not much effort is put into maintaining balance.

On the back end of the electric motor is a lithium-ion battery which gives it the power to work. The rechargeable battery in this eco-friendly ride has the power which defines the speed of the electric tricycle for adults. The battery power can be selected based on your preferences and you can even switch the battery to a solar power source to use renewable energy.


Who are Electric Trikes best for?

Electric trikes are designed and manufactured keeping in mind functionality and modernity. The looks and designs of these battery-powered trike are cool and fun while the actual function of these trikes is to provide balance and safety. An electric tricycle for adults is usually designed for seniors who, as with their age, start to lose balance and can be at risk of tripping or falling. The extra level of stability of a three wheel electric bicycle allows you to sit in a recumbent position enjoying nature and carrying out your daily tasks. 

Unlike two-wheel bicycles which require constant focus and balance while riding, electric tricycles don’t require the rider to shift their body weight and balance when turning corners. This allows elderly people to use it as an alternative to a mobility scooter at an affordable price. The comfortable seating and three-wheel design provide stability and extra power to get around easily.


Benefits of an electric tricycle

No matter your age and requirements, electric tricycles have benefits for every ride. For adults and the elderly, e-trikes provide stability and balance. The large frame and an extra wheel on the back allow you to stay put no matter the road conditions or your speed. The humble design keeps the center of gravity low which means that it is easier to stay securely balanced while riding. A fat tire electric trike offers sturdiness and stability while riding no matter the road conditions.

The ergonomic design of the handles and the paddles allows you to ride comfortably without having to stretch too much. This makes the tricycle best for people with joint pain who can do a light activity without exerting too much force on their joints and muscles. The comfortable seating allows you to rest your back and the motor support lets the battery powered trike pick speed meaning you don’t have to put much energy or hard work into riding.

Electric tricycles do not use any kind of fuel or gas which makes them highly affordable compared to a bike or a car. The use of a battery-powered motor also makes the three wheel electric bicycle environment friendly so you can ride without having any worry about leaving carbon footprints.

Whether you have to do daily grocery shopping or you are going to a park for physical activity in relaxing surroundings, an e-trike can take you in a matter of minutes without any hassle. You do not need any license for riding an e-tricycle and the low-maintenance design means you stay worry-free when riding this electric tricycle for adults.


Types of Electric tricycles

Three types of e-trikes are used nowadays

Electric trikes for adults: Used by senior adults to perform daily activities, a fat tire electric tricycle is used for balance and security. A three wheel electric tricycle has sturdy and ergonomic designs with a low center of gravity seating arrangement. An electric tricycle for adults is designed to offer stability to adults and seniors.


Electric Cargo tricycles: These types of tricycles are used to deliver items such as food around the city. Electric cargo tricycles come with storage space or a basket on the back.


Drifting trikes: Drifting trikes are used for racing and are very prone to tripping and falling. When you go to buy electric tricycle, do consider your requirements and the specific purpose of the battery-powered trike before you finally buy electric tricycle.


Maintaining an E-trike

Maintaining your electronic tricycle is an easy and simple task. The first thing to care for in a battery-powered tricycle is the battery itself. You need to ensure that the battery power always remains between 20 to 80 percent charged and doesn’t get too high or too low or else it can impact the functioning of the battery.

Secondly, make sure to clean your battery-powered trike after each use to rid of any dirt, and also maintain a weekly or monthly cleaning schedule for your tricycle. Do not use pressure washing on the tricycle as it can destroy the vehicle. 

Lubricating the chain of the tricycle is always a good idea as it keeps it from rusting and jamming.



When you decide to buy electric tricycle, you need to have complete knowledge of every aspect of the ride. You also need to consider your own needs and preferences for buying this electric tricycle so that it matches your requirements perfectly and serves its purpose. You might want recumbent seating or ergonomic design to get peaceful and secure rides. Take a look at our full line of electric trikes. We offer different designs and models in our e-trikes which have amazing features for all your cycling needs. 

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