Enter The Rapid Development Fat Tire E-bike In 2022

With the rapid development of fat tire electric bicycles, more people choose it as a travel tool. 
By Gavin | 14 July 2021 | 0 Comments
Wildtan M-5600 fat tire electric bike in camo

E-bike has now evolved from being a mere niche amusement into a more and more mainstream means of transportation. It is now even more popular in the United States, the attraction is getting bigger and bigger and it is the traveling choice of many people. According to the analysis, in the United States, the sales of the e-bike in 2021 will increase by 60% compared with 2020 and will continue to rise, which has exceeded the original sales forecast. The demand for e-bikes will consistently increase. And now the most popular e-bike model on the market is the fat tire e-bike. It is suitable for a variety of road surfaces. 

What are the types of an e-bike?

Divided into city e-bike, Cross-country e-bike, Freight e-bike, and Folding e-bike. The focus of city e-bike construction is on urban functions. The sturdy, gripping, and efficient tires are designed to be absolutely outstanding on the road, even in the rain. Of course, it is generally not recommended to ride in the rain, the motor battery will be damaged. Off-road e-bikes are specifically designed for the wild, which means they are the perfect e-bikes for hunting, fishing, camping, or almost any outdoor activity you can imagine. The design of the cargo e-bike makes everything simple-whether you are carrying children or cargo. This means easy to stop and start, easy to load and unload, and easy to operate. Folding e-bikes are specially designed for narrow places. Equipped with easy-to-adjust seatposts, foldable handlebars, and central hinges, you can conveniently store the e-bike in your RV or suitcase, ready to set off at any time.
M-66 Electric Bike with Long Range In White

What are the advantages of a fat tire e-bike?
Fat tire e-bikes can be used in almost all weather conditions and various off-road conditions. When most of the bicycles you ride are driving on a flat surface or flat ground, lots of a lot of plenty of numbers of bicycles will produce a fairly smooth ride. However, when doing some challenging terrain in the mountains or other places in nature, it becomes more difficult to maintain comfort and balance on the bike. This is why fat tire e-bike usually uses wider tires. Fat tire e-bike is more stable and provides better shock absorption and an overall more comfortable riding experience. Can provide you with the stability you need to increase your confidence.
Trust us, when you ride an all-terrain fat tire e-bike for the first time, you will understand why it is a completely different experience from a standard e-bike. When you are driving on mud, snow, or sandy trails, you will find that the fat tire e-bike is an indispensable partner for your unstoppable adventure.

What can you do with a fat tire e-bike?
Travel: For those who are willing to accept challenges, long-distance travel on e-bikes is very beneficial-this is not a challenge, but the fun of e-bikes!
Relaxation: Have you had a difficult week, don't you want to relax on the rest day? Why not pick up some food and a bottle of wine, then head to the park or river to enjoy food and drinks and spend a relaxing evening? Call your friends to spend a fun and relaxing evening together!
Commuting: Why choose e-bikes to commute to get off work? An e-bike becomes effortless even for the most painful bicycle commute. It helps in difficult sections, provides extra speed, requires less sweat and energy than ordinary bicycles, and allows you to work faster.
Hunting and fishing: Driving a car or truck usually only keeps you close to where you need to hunt or fish. But with all-terrain e-bikes, no matter where the hunting site or lake is hidden, you can get there easily and efficiently, giving you more time to do your favorite activities.
Therefore, to be able to travel continuously, give you a better experience when going out for fun, or enable you to cope with various terrains when hunting and fishing, you need a high-performance and high-endurance E-bike with fat tires.

How to choose a fat tire e-bike that suits you?
To choose a suitable fat tire e-bike, you must first clarify the purpose of riding an e-bike. Whether it is exercise or carrying people or outdoor activities, and then whether it needs to be portable and foldable. And finally, choose the one that suits you according to your height and weight a Fat tire e-bike. We offer various options.  Let’s introduce you to the best e-bikes we have -- Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike.
Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike is built to be taken up hills, down log roads, and through wooded areas where regular city e-bikes would not be equipped to handle. Equipped with a BBSHD Bafang mid-mounted motor with a rated power of 1000w, the mid-mounted drive motor can provide strong enough power on the steepest continuous slopes. The 6061 aluminum alloy frame is very strong and durable. It also comes with a 17.5AH Panasonic battery. The bike goes deep into the woods, so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery even during a 65-mile-long journey.
Wildtan M-5600 fat tire electric bike in camo

You can get it on ADDMOTOR's website for $3,599. Considering the quality bikes you got, I think this is a very reasonable price. I have seen e-bikes with much higher prices and much lower quality. Our E-bikes will not let you down.
However, if you want a high-point e-bike with slightly lower power and battery life, you can buy another model
M-66 R7 Cruiser E-bike. Only $1999. It is equipped with a 750 W motor instead of 1000 W, and the battery is reduced from 17.5Ah to 14 Wh. Between the two, I definitely prefer the Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike. with a 1000W motor and a larger battery. It is also a very unique e-bike.
M-66 Electric Bike with Long Range In White

Let the fat tire e-bike changes your life now and lets you have a better life experience. Hurry up and own yours.


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