Enhancing Riding Safety: Understanding the Proper Use of E-Bike Batteries

Learn how to make your electric bike’s battery high-performing and long-lasting for a long period.
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Riders do not want to compromise with their safety at any cost. Before going for a ride, the rider should check all the safety parameters they are aware of. Battery is the most considered factor before brakes when we do safety checks on electric bikes. Electric bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries that need renewable energy, which makes them cost-effective and environment-friendly.
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The batteries make electric bikes much better than motorbikes because motorbikes require costly fuel and high maintenance costs. These batteries in electric bikes do not release harmful gasses and keep the environment free from pollution. However, the recent incident about the fire in the electric bike battery in New York City made people more concerned about their safety. 
Batteries of electric bikes are safe, but they need proper and timely care to ensure the rider’s safety. The risk factor is always associated with the batteries, but timely care and proper monitoring keep them safe and high-performing. So, this article will help you understand more about the batteries in electric bikes and explain how riders can keep batteries safe and high-performing. So, let’s scroll.
What Batteries are Important in Electric Bikes?
The electric bike is nothing without a battery. It is a crucial and highly important part of the electric bike. Other motorbikes have engines that require fuel or gases to run, but electric bikes require batteries. The battery in the electric bike: 
#1 Supply Power
The battery is the only source that supplies power to the electric bike. The power supply ensures the proper functioning of the other features, such as lights, motor, and LCD. The ability to push the bike using power makes electric bikes different from traditional bikes.
#2 Make Riding Effortless
There is a motor in the electric bike or 3 wheel electric bike that requires power to run and provide assistance to the rider. The battery supplies power to the motor to operate the pedal assist or throttle to speed up the electric bike. The battery ensures the functioning of different features effectively and makes riding effortless. 
Types of Battery Brands Offered in the Electric Bike?
The battery is one of the important parts of the electric bike. There are various brands available in the market, and they offer different battery types in their electric bikes. So, let us understand about the different battery types. 
#1 Lithium-ion Battery
The lithium-ion batteries are known for their durability and high performance. Many reliable brands, such as Addmotor use a lithium-ion battery to deliver the best to the rider. Not only electric bikes but the lithium-ion battery is used in electric cars, mobile, laptops, and other gadgets because of its high energy per unit mass compared to other electrical storage systems. 
Moreover, lithium-ion batteries have a high power-to-weight ratio and low self-discharge compared to other battery types. The performance level of the lithium-ion battery is also high, even at the high battery temperature. So, a lithium-ion battery is a high-performance battery that makes every ride effective and lasting. 
#2 Lead Acid Battery
Lead acid batteries are inexpensive, safe, and reliable, but there are some limitations a rider needs to know. The lead acid battery has a low specific energy, and performance is down in cold temperatures. There are some models of electric bikes are offer lead acid batteries, but many of them upgraded or replaced their batteries with Lithium-ion batteries. Both battery options are good, but if a rider needs to choose a better one then Lithium-ion has the upper hand.
How Lithium-ion Batteries Work?
There are three stages of using the Lithium-ion battery: Charge, Ride, and Repeat. When the rider plugs in the charger, the lithium-ion particles get stored in the negative electrode. It is like filling the tank. The next stage is the ride, which means consuming the power of a lithium-ion battery. In the ride stage, the battery releases tiny lithium-ion particles, which create electrical energy to run the electric bike. The next stage is repeat. It makes a cycle to use the electric bike by charging the battery again and again. So, this is the long-lasting process of how lithium-ion batteries work. It also ensures higher safety of riders because of the battery management system. 
How to Improve Battery Life?
#1 Do Not Overcharge
Overcharging can have multiple negative effects on the performance of your electric bike battery. Leaving the charger plugged in not only impacts the performance of the battery but also reduces its life. The rider needs to unplug the charger to avoid overcharging and prevent the battery from overheating. 
#2 Use the Right Charger 
The rider should use the right charger depending on the charger type and compatibility. Otherwise, the wrong charger type can damage the battery and impact performance. The wrong charger also takes more time to charge the battery and affects the charging time. 
#3 Do Not Ignore Environmental Temperature
Whether extremely cold or hot, the environmental temperature can impact the performance and durability of the battery. The rider should be aware of the impact of the temperature of the battery. 
#4 Do Proper Maintenance
Battery requires proper care and timely maintenance for better performance. Maintenance helps the rider to know the current situation of the battery and keeps the battery safe. It increases the efficiency of the battery and improves the life. 
How to Keep an Electric Bike Battery Safe?
#1 Proper Monitoring
Proper monitoring of the electric bike battery helps the rider to know the actual condition. The rider can take all the required actions to keep the battery safe. Regular inspection of the battery helps in detecting damage or other impact. Proper monitoring of the performance check helps the rider to know the efficiency of the battery.
#2 Avoid Using Outdated Batteries
Using outdated batteries is very dangerous for the rider. For a safe ride, riders should not use outdated batteries. It impacts the performance as well as the riding experience. There is a high chance of fire or blast in the outdated batteries.
#3 Ensure Proper Charging 
Riders leave the battery plugged in the entire day or night, which affects the performance of the electric bike battery. Overcharging is one of the reasons for overheating in the electric bike and turning into fire. So, make sure to unplug the battery after adequate charging. Also, not charging batteries for a long time can impact performance and life. 
#4 Choose a Reliable Battery Brand
When it comes to the battery, riders should choose a reliable and trustworthy brand’s battery. The brand offers high-quality products to maintain its reputation and build a large customer base. So, it is important to buy batteries from a reliable brand. Addmotor electric bike batteries (EB 2.0 Kirin Battery Packs) are UL-recognized, ensuring a safer ride.
How to Deal with Emergency Situations?
#1 Evacuate People
If an electric bike catches fire, the first thing the rider should do is to evacuate people. It is the first rule of the emergency situation to ensure the safety of the people. So, gently inform people about the situation and suggest them maintain proper distance.
#2 Handle Fire Issues
In case of fire issues, the rider should maintain proper distance from the fire or the smoke. The rider should turn off the electric bike first. The rider can use the fire extinguisher to control the fire. Turning off the bike is also helpful in controlling overheating issues. 
#3 Report Concerned Authority
The rider should be aware of the details of the concerned authorities that handle emergencies. In case of major incidents, the rider should immediately inform the concerned authorities about the incident. Share all the necessary details about the precise location, so they can reach it as soon as possible and control the situation. 
Why is the Addmotor UL-Recognized Battery Pack so Safe?
UL certification is the symbol of safety. The brands can grant the UL certification only when they fulfill all the safety parameters. Addmotor is one of the reliable brands that offer UL-certified batteries in their electric bikes to make every ride safe. If an electric bike has a UL-certified battery, then riders do not need to worry about safety. The Addmotor brand spent years in the industry to deliver the best to riders and make every ride safe and secure. So, if you are looking for a reliable and safe electric bike, I recommend Addmotor because of its advanced features and higher safety. 
Bottom Line
A good electric bike requires a high-performing and safe battery. The battery is the first thing people check when they buy an electric bike. It plays a crucial role in powering up the electric bike and makes riding effortless for the riders. 
The recent cases related to fire in the battery make people worry about their safety. So, it is better to know everything about the battery and regularly check your battery to keep it safe and high-performing. Also, it is better to choose reliable brands like Addmotor that provide highly safe UL-certified batteries to make every ride safe and joyful. 

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