Addmotor TRIKETAN Etrike Comes with a Long-Lasting 20. Ah Battery System

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The e-bike sector is booming in the USA and Europe, and the trend will not slow down soon. Different types of e-bikes are available for all riders, and many are designed with niche markets in mind. The Addmotor TRIKETAN is one of the most popular electric tricycles on the market.
Addmotor is among the trusted brands in high-quality electric bikes. They recently released the TRIKETAN etrike. It’s an excellent way to get around your schedule! If you want to know about Addmotor Triketan tricycle electric bike,  you should spend a few minutes reading this blog.

Triketan M-350 Electric Tricycle In Black

Addmotor Triketan - Overview

Addmotor Triketan is an electric trike bike for adults that can make your life easier and environment-friendly because it runs on electric power instead of fossil fuel that generates harmful pollutants for the environment. For example, if you are going to your school or market for shopping, Addmotor Triketan can make your shopping or journey to school easy with a rear basket where you can put anything, like a school, or office bag, shopping stuff, and more. In addition, this electric trike has futuristic features, like 85 miles per charge, a powerful 750W motor, and more. If you want to know the detailed features of the Addmotor Triketan, the next section would be helpful for you.

Triketan M-350 Electric Tricycle In White


Regarding e-bikes, Addmotor is a force to be reckoned with. Addmotor is one of the leading e-bike manufacturers in the world. Addmotor’s TRIKETAN etrike is extremely popular among city commuters and boasts a significant advantage over other e-bikes. Below are the top features of Addmotor Triketan etrike:


1.   20Ah battery

The battery life is the most necessary thing everyone considers while purchasing three wheel electric bicycle. Everyone knows that electric vehicles can only operate with electric power. So it would be best to purchase an etrike with longer battery life.
Addmotor Triketan comes with the 20Ah lithium-ion Samsung battery cell that can last up to seven hours. In addition, this battery can give mileage of up to 80 miles per charge on a level 1 pedal assist.

2.  750W powerful motor

Etrike motor is also a necessary part of the vehicle because an electric motor produces torque and spins a shaft linked to a chain ring. Therefore, rather than adding another power source, the motor augments your pedaling power within the chain drive of the bicycle. Addmotor Triketan comes with a powerful motor of 750W that can ratchet up to 1000 peak watts of power and give quicker acceleration to the etrike.

3.  Large capacity

Suppose we told you to go on a shopping or a picnic trip on a traditional bicycle. We know that you will disagree because you must carry several things for a picnic and several bags from shopping. If you think you can not go for a picnic trip or shopping on the Addmotor Triketan, you are mistaken because this electric trike has a rear basket that gives you enough space to carry stuff. This basket makes Addmotor Triketan ideal for shopping or a picnic.

4.  EB 2.0 lighting system

Addmotor Triketan etrike comes with EB 2.0 light system. This system will make your night ride easier and allow you to travel to your favorite places without fearing darkness. In addition, you can see anything at night with the help of the EB 2.0 lightning system.
 Addmotor Triketan etrike headlights, which use the brand-new EB-2.0 lighting system, typically use MUC chips, producing up to 40 lumens of brightness. In addition, you can see the side view up to 180 degrees, and the visibility distance is 200 meters.

5.  Strong and durable frame

If you find a suitable frame etrike, Addmotor Triketan etrike can be a good option. Addmotor Triketan etrike has a strong and durable frame that can make your ride comfortable. In addition, this trike comes with a 6061 aluminum alloy frame. An aluminum frame is an excellent option for riders looking for a good racing or mountain bike frame due to its naturally low weight.
Apart from these features, Addmotor Triketan etrike has several features, like a 5-inch LCD display, 4-inch fat tires, and more.


The last few decades have been filled with new electric tricycles. They have evolved in many ways, becoming more powerful, faster, and more effective. Addmotor TRIKETAN etrike is one of those bikes, and it has some unique features that separate it from the pack.

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