Electric Trikes Make Riding Easier

Learn the different features of electric trikes to understand how they enhance your riding experience.
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Electric Trike Grandtan M-340 750W Electric Tricycle for Adults  Cyan Green
We all used to spend our entire day handling a business. We do not have time to spend with our families or friends. So, how can anyone think about exercising every day in their busy schedule? As we all know, nothing is constant. It is time to change. The electric trikes not only emerged as the perfect alternative to other transportation but also encouraged people to perform exercise every day without managing their daily schedule. 
The impressive features of the electric trikes capture the eyes of the people, and this is the reason for the increasing demand for the trikes. So, let us dive in to understand what features make the electric trikes exceptional and how they make riding easier. 
Pedal Assist & Throttle Control

Grip Pedal Assist & Throttle Control
The pedal assist system helps the riders by assisting in pedaling. There are different levels of pedal assist systems offered by several brands. The Grandtan M-340 model by Addmotor has seven levels of pedal assist system. The different levels of the pedal assist system allows the riders to customize it according to their ability to pedal and enjoy the ride. It helps the riders to put less effort into using the pedals, even on rough or inclined terrains. 
The throttle enables the rider to ride without using the pedals. It is a device that engages the motor to operate the bike without the pedal motion input. The throttle is an easy to operate device that enables the riders to move the trike without using the pedals even for an inch. The Addmotor electric trikes also have a twist control throttle that allowed the riders to easily shaft to the throttle whenever they feel tired. 
Health freaks or adult riders can enjoy riding easily by performing low-impact exercises based on their ability to pedal. The different customization levels improve the riding experience by delivering better comfort. Also, the throttle is effective for senior riders or riders who want a thrilling ride. It will keep them refreshed and energetic to enjoy the destination. 
Step Through Electric Trikes Make Riding Easier

GRANDTAN TURBO Step Through Electric Trikes Make Riding Easier 
The step-thru frame is more perfect than the step-over or low-step frame. The step-thru frame keeps the rider in the upright position and enables them to easily mount or dismount. The step-thru frame is suitable for riders of all ages and allows them to experience the ultimate joy of riding the electric trike. 
Addmotor offers a step-through frame in all models except HEROTRI M-365X to enhance the riding experience. Also, the brand provides footrests in all Grandtan electric trike series and SOLETRI M-366X to deliver better comfort to the riders. Sometimes riders lose the balance to mount or dismount in the step-over or low-step frames. So, step-thru frames are helpful for senior riders or physically challenged persons to feel comfortable in mounting and dismounting the electric trikes. 
Long Range & UL Recognized E-Trike Battery Make Riding Easier

GRANDTAN TURBO  Long Range & UL Recognized E-Trike Battery Make Riding Easier 
The lithium-ion batteries are always known for their performance. The lithium-ion batteries in the electric trikes allow the riders to cover long ranges without worrying about power and performance. It also has an EB 2.0 chip-based controller, which prevents the trike from overheating and short-circuiting. The batteries are designed to supply power to different parts of the electric trike to enhance the performance for a better riding experience. 
Addmotor keeps its eyes on detailing and ensures a better riding experience for the riders by providing them the UL-certified batteries in their electric bikes. The UL 2271 is the standard for the batteries used in light electric vehicles. Addmotor presents higher trust, safety, and reliability by offering UL-certified batteries in their EB 2.0 electric vehicles. So, we suggest using UL-certified batteries in your next electric trikes for higher safety. 
The battery pack offered by the Addmotor is high-capacity, effective, and UL- recognized, which allows the riders to ride confidently without thinking about the battery or power. Also, the 960Wh battery offers a long range to the riders to enjoy riding, even without using the pedals. 
750W E-Trikes and 1000W Mid-Drive E-Trike Make Riding Easier

GRANDTAN TURBO 750W E-Trikes and 1000W Mid-Drive E-Trike Make Riding Easier 
The performance of the motor is one of the crucial factors that everyone should check before buying an electric trike. The mid-drive e-trike motors are highly consistent and stable. The motor also provides a natural pedaling experience to the riders by providing assistance based on their needs. These motors are attached to the middle of your electric trike, which delivers better stability and traction during turns. The 1000W electric trike is more powerful than the 750W one. 
Addmotor offers 750W powerful Bafang motors in all of their electric trikes except Addmotor Grandtan M-340T. The model Grandtan M-340T has a powerful 1000W mid-drive motor that provides higher speed and a smooth riding experience. If you want to experience a thrilling ride with the ultimate pace, the Grandtan M-340T is the perfect option. 
Fat Tire Electric Trikes Make Riding Easier

GRANDTAN TURBO Fat Tire Electric Trikes Make Riding Easier 
Better tires mean better traction and balance. Effective tires have the potential to face any terrain type. The fat tire electric trikes provide better grip to the riders and increase maneuverability to ensure a smooth ride. Fat tires are more durable than regular or thin tires because of the layers of protection. The fat tires are friendly to different terrain types, whether snow or sand. Also, these tires make the electric trike versatile because they are suitable for different weather types and enable the riders to choose the trike to experience exceptional riding experience. 
The electric trikes of the Addmotor offer 4-inch fat tires in each model except Grandtan CITY M-340. The 4-inch Kenda fat tires come with a high-volume inner tube and an anti-slip cover tire. These fat tires are effective in tough terrain riding and deliver a thrilling riding experience. 
Stable 3-Wheel Structure Makes Riding Easier and Safer

GRANDTAN TURBO Stable 3-Wheel Structure Makes Riding Easier and Safer 
Whether you are a beginner or a senior rider, 3 wheels electric trikes are the perfect option to start riding an electric trike. The three wheels electric trikes offer better balance and stability that makes riding easy for the beginner or riders of any age. It is safe to ride the three-wheel electric trike on rocky or rough terrains. If you are facing difficulty in balancing the electric bike, you can choose electric trikes for better and enhanced riding experiences. 
Riders can also use throttle or pedal assist in the electric trikes to complete the rides without putting the extra effort. Also, the wide fat tires and advanced brakes provide additional support to the riders. Collectively, all these features make the electric trike an easier and safer option to travel. 
The rear Basket Makes Carrying Cargo and Riding Easier 

GRANDTAN TURBO The rear Basket Makes Carrying Cargo and Riding Easier  
A basket is a plus in the electric trike. The riders can take all the necessary stuff with the help of the big basket. Addmotor electric trike also offers a carrying capacity of up to 450 lbs without impacting the speed of the electric trike. Many brands offer a rear basket along with their electric trikes. Whether you are going shopping or picnic, the basket helps you carry all the necessary stuff without compromising comfort. 
On the other hand, the electric trike offered by Addmotor has a rear basket in all of their models. The brand also offers a waterproof storage bag for the rear basket that prevents the riders from facing difficulties or inconveniences in different weather conditions. 
Electric Trike Differential Makes Riding Easier 

Electric Trike Differential Makes Riding Easier  
We also provide differential in the model Grandtan M-340T and Triketan M-330F. The differential is a gear system that provides the power to the wheels to rotate at different speeds on the same axle. The differential allows the rear wheels of the electric trikes to rotate at different speeds and in different directions.
The differential prevents the riders from skidding and enhances the smoothness of turning up to 50%. The ability to control traction and control stability allows the riders to enhance the riding experience of the riders. The differential is effective during the turns and increases the overall safety of the rider. 


Best 1000W Electric Trike - Grandtan Turbo Mid-drive E-Trike
1000W Electric Trike - Grandtan Turbo Mid-drive E-Trike  Neptune Blue 
There is no comparison of the Grandtan Turbo mid-drive electric trike among all 1000W electric trikes. It is an advanced version of Addmotor’s all-time star Grandtan e-bikes. From innovative features to the new design, this electric trike is perfect for those who want to experience a thrilling ride. The stylish colors of this electric trike are no less than the dream vehicle of adult riders. 
When we say the best, people often assume there is something different, something new. And yes, the brand offer several unique features to its customers to increase their riding experiences. The Grandtan Turbo electric trike has a differential that provides smoothness during the turns and prevents the riders from skidding. The electric trike also provides a parking brake feature that enables the riders to instantly stop the bike on any surface, whether inclined or slippery. The riders can stop their electric bike anywhere by pressing the button and parking their electric trike properly. 
The 1000W motor is a synonym for the power and performance of electric trikes. The Grandtan Turbo has a Bafang Mid-drive motor, a reliable and well-known motor manufacturing brand. Proper balance in the electric trike enhances riding performance by improving stability. The mid-drive motors are placed in the middle of the electric trike and are efficient to make riding smoother and more stable. 
The electric trike provides a range of 85+ miles on a single charge. Isn’t it amazing? There is a lithium-ion battery equipped in the electric trike, and we all are aware of its reliability and safety. When it comes to the life cycle, lithium-ion batteries are rated for 1000-1500 charge cycles. The long range of an electric bike is a crucial factor that attracts customers to get the electric bike and explore the places by using the assistance. 
The head tube is perfectly molded and integrated using the CNC laser-cutting machine to make the frame of the electric trike super strong. This CNC laser-cutting technology is better than the current welding methods and makes the frame strong, precise, and solid. All these factors make the Grandtan Turbo the best 1000W electric trike.
Pros and Cons of Grandtan TURBO 1000W Mid-Drive E-Trike
#1 Pros

- Powerful motor

- Potential to face any surface

- Ride without physical efforts

- Provide high speed with outstanding performance

- Riding uphill make easy

#2 Cons

- Expensive than lower motor wattage bike

- High-speed impact range

- Restricted in some regions

Choose the Best Electric Trike to Release Your Ride
Everyone wants a riding companion that makes riding easy for the riders. The easy and safe riding encourages the riders to use more electric trikes in their daily routine. The electric trikes increase the rider’s fitness level by performing low-impact exercise. Electric trikes are the perfect choice as a safe and stylish travel companion with all their ultimate benefits and exceptional features.
The article highlights the key features of the electric trike, which delivers better comfort to the riders without breaking a sweat. It increases the joy of riding and provides a sense of completion to the riders after completing the rides using the electric trike. Riders also feel more energetic and refreshed after traveling miles and want to travel more without worrying about power and performance. So, experience the joy of riding the electric trike today and cover miles by exploring new places with an eco-friendly travel companion. 

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