Electric Trike, Tricycle with Pedal Support for Adults

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Most people want to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. To be fit and healthy you need to be physically active. Riding an electric trike (electric tricycle) can be one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health-related issues.
Cycling is a healthy exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages from young children to adults and seniors. Buying electric tricycles for adults is also affordable, fun, and good for the environment. An electric trike ride to work to a market is one of the easiest ways to combine regular exercise with an everyday schedule. An e-trikes offers you many functions such as safety, security, cargo carrying, and stability benefits that a normal bicycle does not.
Motorized trikes for adults are a fun way to get fit and get all the benefits and excitement of exercising outdoors. Electric trike bikes are not classified as motor vehicles, so in most cases do not require insurance or a license to operate. Electric trike bikes are treated like normal bicycles and the same rules and regulations are applied to them.
An electric trike bike is a great choice for seniors. This kind of 3 wheel electric bike for seniors is the perfect option to travel.
Adults and seniors can ride electric tricycles remarkably smoothly to get exactly wherein they need to be so that even though the basket is filled with buying baggage or different possessions, the adventure will feel convenient.

GRANDTAN M-340 E-Trike 2023:

The upgraded version of GRANDTAN M340 E-trike puts a new spin on the electric trike bike. Electric bicycle maker Addmotor has updated its most popular M-340 electric bike with new features, such as high battery power, a lighting system, and a more integrated digital system. The ergonomic design is also more controlled and developed with finesse. 
Grandtan M-340 Electric Fat Tire Trike In Neptune Blue 
GRANDTAN M-340 is suitable for riders having a height of 5’2 to 6’4. Its maximum load capacity is 450 lbs.

• The front Mounted Motor: 
The motor size on electric-powered trikes is the principal determinant of their pinnacle pace. Some e-tricycles have a 200 to 250W brushless motor. However, GRANDTAN M340 has a 750W front-hooked-up motor. 
A 750W forefront motor offers the electrical trike bike more stability and facilitates preserving balance during hard acceleration. The strong battery-powered motor allows the electric tricycle to reach a maximum range of 85+ miles per charge. These features are unique and a bit up-to-the-date than older brushed bikes. 
• Excessive Capacity Samsung Battery:
That is perhaps the most important and exceptional feature to consider in the best electric tricycle. In this upgraded version of the best electric tricycles M340 fat tire electric trikes, 4 Inch Kenda fat tires are paired up with E.B 2.0 battery and 48V x 750W electrical motor that offers a weight load capacity of up to 350 + 100lbs.
M-340 has a 20.0AH (960WH) high-capacity Samsung battery which allows you to reach the range of 85+ miles per charge with PAS 1 and offers you a reliable, safer riding experience. And the battery is recognized by UL, which is safer from spontaneous combustion.
• LCD Display:
LCD screen shows accessible records which include velocity, battery utilization, distance covered, and ultimate battery lifestyles to its consumer. That is pretty useful for monitoring how a good deal mileage you've got covered and your remaining battery percentage. 
This will rely entirely on personal choice. M340 has a five-inch LCD screen with 7PAS pace which makes your journey easier and more secure to ride. 
• Headlight and Taillight:
M-340 additionally has an EB2.0 lighting fixtures machine and a powerful left and proper turning signal. The lighting fixtures with smooth flashing and double flashing allow you to ride even in the evening times easily. These flashlights also use battery power and are powered by a choppy button on the digital dial. 
• Tektro Mechanical Discs brake with Motor Cutoff Sensor:
M-340 electric trike bike has dual-sided mechanical disc brakes and a front mechanical disc brake which will increase the overall performance of the brake. The brake has a distinct UL-certified 15-center incorporated cable and water-resistant connector which ensure that during the case of wet climate or washing, the control and strength cables will not quick circuit.
• Four-inch Fat Tires:
The upgraded M-340 model is a complete-featured fat tire electric trike, together with a wide, butterfly-like, wood footrest to absolutely enhance your riding experience. The four-inch fat tires with a layer of inner tube protectors deliver electricity, boost riding, and make it anti-slipper.
M-340 has exceptional stability at low speeds, you will revel in your experience on M-340 fat tire step-thru electric trikes because it makes getting on and out enormously smooth. The single-tube design also has gussets near the pinnacle tube and backside bracket to boom the frame’s pressure and electricity.

GRANDTAN CITY 3 Wheel electric bike

Electric-powered tricycles are popular amongst individuals who need to get outdoors and cycle for health or activity purposes. If you are planning to buy an electric tricycle with a long battery and great mileage, GRANDTAN City 3-wheel electric bike is the best product for you.
Grandtan M-340 Electric Fat Tire Trike In Neptune Blue 
GRANDTAN City 3-wheel electric bike is suitable for both city and urban outdoors because of its mini 3-inch wide fat tires. The electric tricycle easily reaches a speed of 20mph and a range of 90 miles per full charge making it more classy and chic.
• Brushless Hub Motor:
GRANDTAN City 3 wheels electric bike has a 750W brushless hub motor which is placed on the trike’s front wheel giving it more stability and maintaining balance.
• New 3.0 Mini flame-like Fat Tires:
GRANDTAN City features a step-through frame, and mini 3-inch wide fat tires, and can easily approach the speed of 20 mph. These mini flame fat tires are very suitable for both urban and city roads.
• Long Lasting Samsung Cell Battery:
GRANDTAN CITY has an estimated riding range of 90 miles with PAS 1 mode. It has EB 2.0 certified UL 48V (20Ah) battery which gives a safer riding experience.
• Waterproof LCD Display:
The waterproof 5-inch LCD screen on the middle of the handlebar makes it easier for riders to keep track of their covered distance, speed, and battery life.
• Integrated headlight and taillight:
Integrated headlight and taillight are perfect for day and night riding because riders can easily adjust their brightness with buttons. These lights are powered by the main battery, are easily adjustable, and give the GRANDTAN City a very chic and amazing look.


The e-bike and the e-trike market is booming. Modern human beings are turning to these eco-friendly transportation as an alternative to the auto for their day-by-day trips, weekend adventures, or even to get around their towns. The Addmotor trikes and bikes are enjoyed by both young and seniors. 
Our mentioned products from the GRANDTAN collections are the top of the line in this category, and you can get them for a great price. GRANDTAN M-340 and GRANDTAN City three wheel electric tricycles are comfy trikes that come stocked with amazing features including everything you need for a fun day at the seashore, an experience to the grocery keep, or just a pleasing, leisurely journey.


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