Electric Trike Comparison: Addmotor M-340 Electric Trike vs. Pedego Trikes

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Electric trikes are the ideal form of dependable alternative transportation for seniors, in contrast to electric skateboards, scooters, and even e-bikes, which have a noticeably younger target population. Generally speaking, the safety and stability that an electric tricycle has to offer are what make it such a fantastic fit for older riders.
If one prefers a safer, more leisurely experience, having three wheels makes this possible.

Electric trikes are ideal for adults or seniors because they can ride much more stale or just come to a stop. In this article, we will discuss the various features of the Addmotor M-340 Electric Trike and Pedego Trikes.
Introduction of Grandtan M-340 Etrike 2023

fat tire etrike m-340 
For individuals looking for either a beast of burden for pulling large loads or a medium ground for those who aren't quite ready to swing a leg over an electric two-wheeler, the Addmotor M-340 e-trike has long been a popular option. Nevertheless, Addmotor is changing the game with the most recent revision of its well-liked electric tricycle, the M-340, which now features a new powerplant and a bigger, better battery (a capacity of 960Wh).
Grandtan Plus etrike and Grandtan City etrike are the two new versions of the Addmotor M-340 electric trike.

Grandtan Plus Etrike 
The Addmotor M340 Grandtan plus becomes the ideal travel companion. The improved Grandtan M-340 plus edition is a full-featured fat tire e-tike, with 26"(F)/24"(R) wheels, 4-inch fat tires with excellent shock absorption, an adjustable handlebar, a broad, butterfly-shaped, environmentally friendly hardwood footrest to fully support your feet, and a saddle with a backrest for comfort. It provides at least a 30% increase in riding comfort over the previous model for taller people. Fat bikes are surprisingly simple to ride since the huge tires offer better stability and control. Rubber's flexibility aids in shock absorption and heightens comfort. The most significant electric trike model for 2023, the M-340 plus, combines all of Addmotor's advantages for electric tricycles, giving you the most impressive ride.

Grandtan City 3 Wheel Etrike
The Grandtan City Etrike was created with the city and urban cycling in mind. Grandtan City can travel more quickly and smoothly on paved paths and highways, city streets, and other urban environments because of its step-through frame and small, 3-inch wide tires. It has a range of more than 90 miles and an easily accessible top speed of 20 mph. You can monitor the battery life, riding miles, speed, lighting usage, PAS level, motor output power, etc. on the waterproof LCD display in the center of the handlebar.
The Grandtan e-trike is an electric tricycle that is stable and pleasant, designed to encourage more people to ride. Use it for daily errands or as a capable freight trike.
It's not just young, athletic folks with strong legs and superb balance that can pedal outside. Anyone can take a ride around the neighborhood and get some exercise with an electric tricycle.
The upright riding position provided by this tricycle is cozy, and the low-step frame makes it simple to get on and off. It is therefore highly accessible.
Comparison between Addmotor M-340 Electric Trike vs. Pedego Trikes
Addmotor M-340 Electric Trike

- 350 lbs is the maximum weight that the M-340 can transport with the rider and goods aboard.
- With the M-340, Addmotor features a rear basket. Its carrying capacity is about "48 L".
- M-340 etrike has a 48V*20Ah UL-recognized battery pack, ensuring a riding range from 40 to 80 miles.
- A front basket that is included may hold "9 liters" of stuff.
- The half-twist throttle of the M-340 is operable from a complete stop.
- 20 mph is the M-340's Class-2 peak speed. You may adjust this to reach 26 mph.
- The weight distribution of the M-340 is nearly ideal, according to tests.
- Riders of the M-340 can rest their feet on the trike with throttle mode thanks to a wooden footrest platform.
- The M-340's brakes and motor inhibitors combine to shorten the stopping distance.
- Less flexible riders can mount the M-340 with the help of a low step-through frame.
- The M-340's highly adjustable stem may be used by riders ranging in height from 5'2" to 6'4".
- With the M-340, front and rear lighting is integrated.
- Mammoth 4" wide tires offer grip and stress absorption on a variety of surfaces.
- Imperfections in the road are smoothed out by an 80 mm suspension fork.
- A 7-speed cassette and 7 levels of pedal-assist mode help provide a wide variety of gears.
- A professional is impressed by the M-340's frame's strength-increasing gussetry.
- The large seat and backrest of the M-340 are likely to appeal to seniors.
Pedego Trike

- Pedego Electric Trike is powered by a front hub motor with a geared 250W and 30 Nm of torque.
- With just 10 cents of electricity, you may travel up to 33 miles with the 396Wh (36V*11Ah) battery.
- The finest braking performance is guaranteed with disc brakes in the front and back.
- You can shift when stationary thanks to an inbuilt 3-speed gear hub.
- Includes a sizable storage container that has room for all of your needs.
- A versatile three-wheeled vehicle called the Pedego Trike can give injured or elderly riders their freedom back. Everyone can utilize it as a means of transportation for cargo or simply for amusement.
- Deluxe Pedal Sense Technology padded backrest on the saddle for enhanced support.
- For simple pedaling and seamless shifting, even at a complete stop, use an internally geared hub.
- The pedals are in front of you in the upright riding position.
- The fast-release stem on an adjustable handlebar is simply modified for the ideal fit.
- Front and rear integrated lights for safety.
The Pedego Electric Bike's frame is rather substantial and sturdy, but the manufacturer won't say how much weight it can handle in total. We only know that they claim "most" of their bikes can support 250 lbs. The Pedego electric tricycle is only available in a sleek shade of mineral blue. The M-340, on the other hand, is available in various color options like Neptune blue, pearl white, army green, rose gold, cyan green, and starry blue. It is a cozy tricycle that is equipped pretty much right out of the box with everything you could need for a fun day at the beach, a trip to the grocery store, or simply a lovely, leisurely ride. Like all trikes, this one is exceptionally stable at lower speeds and has an incredibly friendly step-through frame.
For individuals who wish to be able to ride without being concerned about sturdy roads and their health, the Addmotor m340 electric tricycle is the ideal option.


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