Electric Tricycles: 3 Key Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase

By Addmotor | 30 March 2023 | 0 Comments

Electric tricycles are all the rage these days. These battery powered-vehicles are filled with fun and practicality that make people’s life more convenient. With extremely unique capabilities combining the features of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, electric tricycles offer even more features that add to their exclusiveness. 
Nowadays, the concerns of environmental pollution, expensive gas, and a dire need for a vehicle to commute are becoming a massive problem for people everywhere. Adults having issues with balance and stability face even more problems when commute becomes a need. The electric trikes for adults are manufactured keeping in view all these concerns, to offer a stable, secure, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable ride to the rider. But before buying an adult electric tricycle, there are some basic features that one must be aware of to make a fruitful purchase. 
Here are three things that you must know before buying an e-trike:

#1 Electric Trike Range and Battery Life: 

One of the most important things to consider when buying an e-trike is the range and battery life. Electric tricycles typically have a range of 20-40 miles on a single charge, but this can vary depending on the model and the way it is used. Some E-trikes have even more range such as this GRANDTAN 3-wheel electric bike by Addmotor offers up to 85 miles of riding range on a single charge (under PAS1 mode).
It's important to consider how far you will be riding and whether the range of the electric tricycle will meet your needs. Another significant thing that impacts the range and battery life of the electric trikes for adults is the terrain you are riding on. If you are riding on smooth or relatively clear roads, the battery will last longer allowing you to cover more distance. Alternatively, if you are riding on rough terrains, the e-trike will cover shorter distances requiring a recharge or change of batteries. Additionally, you should also consider the battery life and whether it can be easily replaced or recharged. 

#2 Weight Capacity:

Another important factor to consider when buying an electric tricycle is the weight capacity. Electric tricycles are designed to carry a certain amount of weight, and it's important to ensure that the tricycle you choose can accommodate the weight of the rider and any additional cargo or passengers. This is particularly important for individuals carrying groceries or other items on their tricycles.
The GRANDTAN electric tricycle for seniors has a weight load capacity of 350 + 100 lbs. which means that a rider can weigh up to 350 lbs. and the e-trike will still allow you to put 100 lbs. weight in the storage basket. It is important to notice that heavier weights can impact the range and battery life of electric trikes.


#3 Price and Maintenance:

Electric trikes for adults can be quite expensive, so it's important to consider the cost before making a purchase. These 3-wheel electric vehicles are available at different rates in the market and you can choose from a wide variety of trikes having different features according to your needs. There are e-trikes for the daily commute and then there are other versions, fat tire electric trikes, accommodating the needs for cargo transportation, featuring thicker tires and large storage baskets. There are also electric trikes accommodating people who like to participate in trike racing or people who like to trike through tough terrains such as woods, mountains, beaches, and ice. All these bikes have different features specially designed for the specific needs of the riders offering them a wide variety to choose from.
Additionally, electric tricycles require regular maintenance, such as charging the battery and checking the tire pressure, so it's important to consider the cost of maintenance of an e-trike before you buy electric trike. It's also important to research the warranty and customer service options available for the tricycle you are considering.


In conclusion, when considering buying an electric trike, it's important to consider the range and battery life, weight capacity, and price and maintenance. Electric tricycles offer a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation but it's important to make sure it meets your needs and that you can maintain it properly before making a purchase.

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