Electric Tricycles: A Must-Read Guide on How to Ride One

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The popularity of electric bikes has grown in recent years due to their versatility and convenience for off-road use as well as for daily commuting. In contrast, for those who want to carry more and ride steadier, a 3 wheel electric tricycle is a better option. Activities such as commuting and shopping are becoming a more popular alternative to cars, reducing pollution and protecting the environment.  

People who are concerned about their health and safety will find riding an electric tricycle a great way to get outside and enjoy the experience of riding a bicycle while remaining safe. In light of this, there are a few things prospective buyers should know about riding one.

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People are increasingly choosing tricycles for daily transportation. Three-wheel bicycles are often thought of as being designed for young children or older adults, but they are actually great for everybody. The battery operated tricycle provides more accessibility as compared to a regular bike. This is why they are popular with seniors and those who have trouble handling or balancing.   

People around the world are changing their lives because of electric trikes. The best electric adult tricycle you can find at Addmotor fits your lifestyle, so if you don't own one yet, you should get one.

It is never a good idea to get hurt while riding, so for some, a tricycle serves to keep their legs healthy while still pedaling. Generally, tricycles are considered very safe and the chances of any incident are very rare. However, it is impossible to compare the riding style of an electric bike with the one of a tricycle because of the differences in wheelbase and center of gravity. Our guide will explain how you can adapt to the differences and how to handle them!

Getting to know E-trikes

An electric trike is an electric bike equipped with an electric motor and three wheels for extra safety and stability. Just like traditional tricycles, there's one wheel in front and two at the back parallel to each other. With the addition of an extra wheel, trikes are easier to balance as compared to two-wheel bikes. The motor and pedal assist make it easier for people to go far without getting tired.

3 wheel electric bike is also great for beginners, people who are out of shape, or people who just want to have fun and enjoy cycling without thinking about their performance or balance. Adding extra sturdiness are their two rear wheels, and their motors assist people with limited mobility. With the help of the motor, they can go further and longer than an electric trike without the motor.

How to get on an electric tricycle

Before starting any ride, the first step is to mount your trike. The electric trikes are usually much easier to get on than normal two-wheel one because it's stable and doesn't require you to balance them. You don't have to worry about anything with the step-through design, it's just like sitting on a chair or sofa. All you need to do is to take care of your ground level and motor. You should ride your trike on even the ground or smooth surface, so there are no chances of your trike rolling in any direction. Furthermore, it's advisable to turn the motor off before riding and only start it when you're sitting stable on the seat.

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Starting your electric trike

The process of starting your electric trike isn't too complicated. Riders who are familiar with electric bikes can easily use the electric trike. In any case, here's how beginners can get started riding electric bikes.  
To get started on three-wheel electric bikes, you must first turn on the motor. When you are ready to engage the clutch, first engage the brakes and then shift into first gear. The brakes should first be released when you're ready to accelerate, followed by releasing the clutch as soon as you're ready to accelerate.

Taking turns on electric trikes

One of the major differences you would feel between riding a two-wheel bike and a three-wheel one is the turning. Turning corners is much easier on electric trikes. But there is something you should always keep in mind: the electric trike's base is wider because of the two wheels at the back. Therefore, you are going to need more space to take a turn.
Before taking your trike on roads, practice in open spaces to get an idea of how much space you'd need to take a turn. You also need to understand that leaning too much in turns can cause electric trikes to lose balance. So, always try to keep your weight centered over the middle of the trike and avoid sharp turns and edges.


Even though electric trikes have a lot of advantages like their higher load capacity, stability, and comfort, they have certain limitations, especially when it comes to their off-road capabilities. In spite of this, it is possible to drive electric trikes on paved roads or ordinary rough terrain. In contrast, if you want to conquer different tracks or are an off-road enthusiast, hunting electric bikes or all-terrain electric bikes should be your top choices. In extreme conditions, especially off-road or deep snow, electric trikes should not be ridden.

Safety Tips

Riding an electric bike always comes with risks, so always wear a helmet when you do so. Putting on the elbow and knee pads, if necessary, can offer more protection. Additionally, make sure you know the local regulations regarding electric trikes. You can use the sidewalk at different times and places depending on the rules established by the government.

Be aware that an electric tricycle isn't as nimble as a regular bicycle when you encounter obstacles. Whenever you're maneuvering, you should slow down and give yourself a wide berth. When riding, keep in mind that you have a larger footprint. It is important to keep in mind that you will take up more space when riding your Electric Tricycle due to its rear wheels being wider than the shoulders, so be careful around pedestrians and cars when you ride.

Final Words

Overall, riding an electric trike will enhance your experiences and adventures. In order to become accustomed to the concept of riding an electric trike as a daily means of transportation, it will take some time. You can practice on the road after reading these tips and solutions, but the best way to become familiar with an electric trike is to try it first. So, visit Addmotor's trike collection to get your hands on the finest of trikes.

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