Electric Bike vs. Electric Trike: Making the Choice Between Addmotor SOLETAN and CITYTRI

Understand the difference between an electric bike and an electric trike to select the perfect transportation option to travel.
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Citytri E-310 Electric Trike VS  SOLETAN M-66X Full Suspension Electric Moped Bike
Traveling is an amazing part of our life. On average, people daily spend 1 to 1.1 hours on traveling from one place to another. Some enjoy that part of their life, and some do not. Everyone has some reasons for liking or not liking the traveling part. But the revolutionary electric bikes and trikes make traveling more exciting and more satisfactory.  
Electric bikes or trikes are better and more advanced than traditional motorbikes. The multiple benefits of using electric bikes attract people across the globe. From pocket-friendly to multiple health benefits, the electric bike makes your life better. However, the riders need to choose the right travel companion based on their needs and requirements. Whether electric bike or electric trike, riders need to decide which option suits their tastes and preferences. 
So, let us dive deeper to explore more about Addmotor SOLETAN electric bike and Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 electric trike.

Table of Contents:
Exploring Addmotor SOLETAN & CITYTRI: Comfortable & Versatile
Unique Features of SOLETAN Cruiser Electric Bike
Unique Features of CITYTRI E-310 Folding Electric Trikes
Common Features of Addmotor SOLETAN & CITYTRI

Know Electric Bikes and Electric Trikes
Key Differences Between Electric Trikes and E-Bikes
Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes and E-Trikes

Exploring Addmotor SOLETAN & CITYTRI: Comfortable & Versatile
Unique Features of SOLETAN Cruiser Electric Bike

 SOLETAN M-66X Full Suspension Electric Moped Bike 
#1 Range of SOLETAN M-66X
The range is a significant factor a rider should consider while choosing the right electric bike as their travel companion. Addmotor SOLETAN offers a range of 40 to 105 miles per charge based on the PAS level. The riders also can enjoy exploring different places every day by using the throttle. 
#2 Bike Frame of SOLETAN M-66X
Bike frame plays an important role when riders consider better comfort. SOLETAN electric bike offers a step-through frame that helps the rider easily get on and off the electric bike. Also, the wooden footrest of the electric bike makes riding more comfortable. Riders can use the wooden footrest while using the throttle and relax their feet. In addition to catering to the riding experience of different riders, Addmotor offers the Step-Through frame model, the HEROTAN M-65X Cruiser, which has a more durable frame construction for steeper terrain.
#3 Full Suspension
Suspension is another indicator of comfort. SOLETAN offers full suspension to riders that absorbs bumps and shocks while riding the electric bike on rough surfaces. The electric bike offers front and rear suspension that enables the rider to feel more relaxed after completing the long rides.   
#4 Banana Seat for Two Riders
The Banana seat in the SOLETAN electric bike provides space for two people. The rider can enjoy riding with their partner or loved ones. The banana seat is wide and comfortable for the riders. It is long enough to provide space for two people with comfort. 
#5 4-Inch Fat Tires
The two-wheeler electric bike has wide fat tires that provide better grip and higher control to the rider. The 4-inch wide tires make riding effective in different surface types and enable riders to face all kinds of challenges.
#6 Unique Accessories
Accessories that come with our products always fill us with the joy of customizability. Addmotor offers accessories such as Front Basket, Phone Holder, Rear Footpegs, Rear Rack, and Backrest Tail Box Trunk for purchase for the SOLETAN M-66X and HEROTAN M-65X e-bikes. These small add-ons deliver additional support while riding the electric bike.
Unique Features of CITYTRI E-310 Folding Electric Trikes

Citytri E-310 Electric Trike Folding Electric Tricycle for Seniors  
#1 Range of CITYTRI E-310
The CITYTRI electric trike offers a range of 40 to 90 miles per change. The trike has a high payload capacity, which may impact the range of the electric trike. The long-range on a single charge enables the rider to enjoy riding a long day without feeling tired. 
#2 Bike Frame of CITYTRI E-310
The three-wheel electric trike offers higher stability and balance. Also, it offers a step-through frame to provide better comfort to riders because it enables easy getting on and off the electric trike. The heavy weight of the trike makes it stable during the ride, and easy foldability ensures higher convenience to the rider.   
#3 Suspension
CITYTRI electric trike offers a front suspension with 80mm of travel that makes riding comfortable by preventing the rider from shocks and bumps. It ensures delivering a good riding experience even after riding on rough terrains. 
#4 Rear Differential & Parking Brake System
The rear differential and parking brake in the electric trike are the features that provide extra value to the rider. The rear differential provides better stability during turns because the rear wheels are independent of each other and able to run in different directions at different speeds. Also, parking brakes prevent unwanted sudden movements by blocking the tires of the electric trike while parked. 
#5 Available in 3 Different Models
CITYTRI E-310 electric trike is available in three different models. These are CITYTRI E-310 Standard electric trike, CITYTRI E-310 Mini electric trike, and CITYTRI E-310 Plus electric trike. Each model corresponds to a different wheel size. Specifically, the CITYTRI E-310 Plus is equipped with height-adjustable handlebars, which allows the rider to adjust the position of the handlebar & seatpost according to height and hand length. 
#6 2.6-Inch Thin Tires
CITYTRI is specially created for the on-road riding. It has 2.6-inch thin tires that are effective in city areas for daily commutes. The trike tires are also reflective ensuring higher visibility in the low light and making riding safe. 
#7 Unique Accessories
Riders can purchase mirrors, front basket, and rear basket, and CITYTRI frame 1-year extended warranty at The mirrors provide rearward visibility to ensure the rider's safety while the 1-year extended warranty ensures the safety of the trike's frame.  
Common Features of Addmotor SOLETAN & CITYTRI
#1 UL-Recognized Battery Pack: Both the SOLETAN electric bike and CITYTRI electric trike offer a high capacity and safe 48V*20Ah battery which supplies power to the trike to last long.
#2 750W Rear-Mounted Motor: Another common feature is a 750W powerful motor that provides assistance to make riding effortless for the rider. 
#3 Full Wheel Disc Brake Rotors: Full wheel disc brake rotors in the SOLETAN and CITYTRI provide instant stopping power and make riding safe and controllable.
#4 Addmotor EB 2.0 Display: The advanced EB 2.0 display in the Addmotor electric bike and trike shows all the important information to the rider, such as speed, battery status, power level, etc.
#5 EB 2.0 Lighting System: The EB 2.0 lighting system increases the rider's visibility in the low lights, and the multifunctional taillight provides proper indications to make riding safer and more convenient.
#6 G5 CNC Laser Cutting Head Tube: The CNC laser cutting head tube in the SOLETAN and CITYTRI indicates precise construction and high durability, which makes the tube sturdy and long-lasting.
Know Electric Bikes and Electric Trikes
Features of the Electric Bikes
Electric bikes are effective for riders who want to explore multiple areas without spending a lot of money. The electric bike has an effective battery that enables the rider to run in a long distance. Its sleek and attractive design with a wide fat tire makes it attractive and efficient to run on different surfaces. 
Electric bikes are a perfect alternative to motorbikes because they require high maintenance and cost, but electric bikes are friendly to nature and require low cost, such as consuming low-cost renewable energy. Also, electric bikes like Addmotor SOLETAN offer a long wide 2-seater capacity saddle that allows the rider to enjoy the ride with their loved ones. With the full suspension availability, SOLETAN delivers better comfort and makes every ride perfect for the rider. 
Features of the Electric Trikes
The riders choose electric trikes when they need a travel companion with higher stability and balance. With the three wheels, the electric trike ensures better balance and stability. Electric trike offers higher storage capacity to make riding convenient for the riders. Also, the advanced features of the CITYTRI electric trike have enough potential to make every ride perfect and exciting.  
CITYTRI has a practice folding design that enables the rider to bring the trike anywhere and enjoy riding. Also, the differential makes the riding stable and safe for the riders. So, the electric trike offers pedal assistance and throttle to make the riding effortless and convenient for the riders. Overall, the electric trike ensures better safety and comfort for the rider. 
Key Differences Between Electric Trikes and E-Bikes
Electric trikes and electric bikes are both the same form of transportation. They have multiple similar features, but they also have different features, such as frame design, payload capacity, cost, etc. So, let us move forward to break down these features. 
Frame Design
The three-wheel electric bike provides better balance and stability. It is suitable for people who face difficulties in balancing the electric bike. Also, the senior riders can effectively ride the electric trike and visit several places without facing any difficulties. On the other hand, electric bikes have two wheels, like traditional bikes. There is a battery attached to the frame or rear wheel of the electric bike.
The three-wheel design provides space for the rear side, which enables the rider to carry various things. On the other hand, electric bikes come in different versions, such as city bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes.
Weight and Payload Capacity
Electric trikes are heavier than electric bikes because of the extra wheel and frame structure. The electric trike offers a rear basket that provides a higher payload capacity and enables the rider to carry all the required stuff to enjoy the ride. On the other hand, electric bikes have a lower payload capacity. The high load makes the trike heavy and more stable. The payload can slightly impact the speed of the electric trike. Electric bikes provide an agile and sporty riding experience because of the higher speed than the electric trike.     
Cost Considerations
The price of electric trikes is higher than the electric bikes because electric trikes have larger frames, additional wheels, and additional cargo capacity. Cost is also a variable factor that is based on the brand, features, and specifications. The maintenance cost of the electric trike is higher than the electric bike because the electric trike has an extra wheel and additional components. 
Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes and E-Trikes
  Electric Bikes Electric Trikes
Ease of use and Maneuverability Pros: Accelerated ride and traditional bicycle-like experience make it easy to use. 
Cons: Need to learn about technicality and features.
Pros: It is easy to balance and control the electric trike. 
Cons: It requires skills to maintain balance during turns and requires more space.  
Range and Battery Pros: Extended range, safe and powerful battery. 
Cons: Charging time is significantly high.
Pros: Offers extended range with 7 levels of pedal assist system.
Cons: Payload capacity can impact the speed and range of the trike.
Versatility of use Pros: Terrain-friendly, efficient in different weather conditions.
Cons: Challenging on rough surfaces, requires a specific model. 
Pros: Three wheels allow riders to face challenging surfaces.
Cons: Less effective in narrow paths and requires more space
Safety and Comfort Pros: UL-certified battery, advanced braking system, and comfortable saddle make it perfect for the rider.
Cons: Riders need to use pedals when the battery is not charged.   
Pros: Better balance and stability ensure better comfort.
Cons: Speed and suspension are not as effective as other bike types.
Now, the choice is yours. The article presents everything about electric bikes and electric trikes. You need to understand which options suit best to your needs and requirements. If you want to experience the electric bike or trike before buying, you can book a test drive to know which one you need to make your travel experience memorable and joyful.

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