Electric Bike Buying Guide 2023

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If you're looking to get to work or do your shopping without using your car and paying at the pump, electric bikes are the best solution. These fat tire electric bikes contain a small motor providing boost when you need it, making it simpler to travel farther and up hills. The best electric bikes are also enjoyable to ride. Even if it's just for commuting, they'll make you feel like a kid again.
An ever-widening range of people finds riding an ebike easier and more enticing. They serve as economical modes of transportation and a healthy form of recreation. It is understandable why they have grown to be so well-liked in recent years.
Due to the popularity of electric bikes, several models are available; however, this also means dealing with many subpar versions. In this article, we'll lay out everything and teach you all you need to know before purchasing an e-bike and taking a ride.

Components on the E-bike that You Should Know

You can learn more about the product when you learn more about its components. Likewise, let's learn about some components of these fat tire electric bikes before buying that ebike.


Understanding ebike batteries and the power they require is essential. The battery's watt-hour capacity is the secret to battery power. You can stumble upon other terms like Volts (or V), Ampere Hours (or Ah), and Watt Hours (or Wh). When purchasing an e-bike, consider watt-hours rather than just ampere-hours. The overall storage capacity of an e-bike battery is measured in watt-hours.
We can see that low-cost electric bikes on the market could have 36V batteries when compared to volts. Why does that matter? When the voltage is low, the battery energy and cruise range are both low, making it challenging to satisfy commuting demands; when the ampere-hour is large, the battery runtime and ride length are both longer.


The unit of the ebikes motor is in Watts. The stronger the power and the faster the speed, the higher the Watts. HUB motors and mid-drive motors are the two primary types of motors. Hub motors are usually mounted on the back wheels and directly drive the wheels. Meanwhile, mid-drive motors use the gearing, located in the crank in the space between the pedals.
The mid-drive alters torque using a gear system, allowing you to accelerate up slopes and negotiate uneven terrain. You can check to see if the back tire is flat since hub motors are used by the majority of e-bikes, so. If you hit an unidentified hard object while riding on a level surface, it is simple to damage the motor.


The motor's output from the crank end is the torque. The load capacity of the fat tire electric bikes increases with increasing motor output and fitting to rough roads or riding circumstances, such as rolling terrain, mountain off-road, and so forth.
Several electric bikes on the market have an average torque of about 60 Nm, but the Addmotor series has a torque range of 50–80 Nm, giving you a superior riding experience. The power varies as a result of the various models. Select the appropriate model based on your requirements like the Addmotor Herotan M-65X Cruiser with 80N-M Torque and 48V*750W battery.

Fork Suspension

The component that connects the frame to the tire is the fork suspension. Many electric bikes' front fork settings are comparable to motorcycles' telescopic front forks, which can effectively absorb shocks on bumpy roads and suit the rider's everyday smooth riding needs. For ultimate rider comfort, some e-bikes additionally include rear spring suspension.


Fat tires are those that are 4 inches or greater. With good traction and grip on a variety of surfaces, fat tire e-bikes can be used, and certain fat tires are puncture-resistant like Addmotor Herotan M-65X Cruiser which has Kenda GIGAS Puncture-Resistant 20" x 4.0" Inches Durable Tires.


The two types of gearing currently available are mechanical shifting and electrical shifting. When cycling, electronic shifting replaces traditional levers and machine connections with electronic switches.
With a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system and 7 levels of pedal assistance, electric bikes like Addmotor offer a more comprehensive speed combination. It allows you to find the pedaling rhythm that best suits your speed depending on the situation, giving you a faster, more comfortable, and more effective ride.


There are two distinct brake kinds, a mechanical disc brake, and a hydraulic disc brake. The hydraulic disc brake is very sensitive and powerful. The medium is oil applying pressure to the brake lever traveling through the oil pipe to the caliper and pushing the piston to move the brake disc. Hydraulic disc brakes effectively dissipate heat, whereas mechanical disc brakes heat up more quickly, are more likely to lose balance, and are riskier.


The physical link between the rider and the e-bike is the throttle. Thumb, half-twist, and full-twist throttles are the three primary throttles. Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks to each type of e-bike throttle, and each will affect how you ride.
Long periods of thumb throttle or full twist throttle might quickly result in sore wrists. Half-twist throttle is safer than full-twist throttle since it stops this from happening. Foldtan M-140 consists of the half-twist throttle making it the most suited ride.

Size of E-bike

Please pay attention to the dimensions listed in the page description. We must make decisions that are appropriate to our circumstances. A small individual may find it challenging to mount or dismount the bike and may find it uncomfortable to ride if they select a model with high height requirements. Spinal problems can result from extended rides in the incorrect position.
Make sure to request your height information from the service team when purchasing ebikes for sale. Please carefully review the size chart in the detailed design and contrast it with your actual scenario since the seat's height can be adjusted but not the frame size. Once you have a framework, you may use it to your advantage.

E-Bike Accessories

Cycling enthusiasts enjoy adding fenders, pannier, backrest, and rack to their ebikes as decorative elements. Addmotor can assist you in selecting the best accessories to help save you time and money. 

 E-bike Brands

Brands with factories are scarce, and brands without factories can't guarantee after-sales since they lack the skilled production staff needed to give you high-quality goods and first-rate after-sales support.
For more than 12 years, Addmotor's in-house, qualified staff has been creating premium electric bikes. The goal of Addmotor is to provide electric bikes that are both high-quality and reasonably priced so that everybody can ride and utilize them.

Final Words

After reading this article, you must have reasonable ideas about things you should look forward to before buying an electric bike. Many things that you should consider before buying it have been listed above. If there is anything more, you will find it out once you become a professional rider yourself!

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