Don't Make These Mistakes With Your Electric Bikes

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The use of electric bikes is becoming so much more common that it's not surprising anymore. From young to middle age to old age, these e-bikes fit the taste of almost every age of people. Not only for traveling to nearby places but also for the support of old people, these electric bikes are coming in really handy.
Once you buy an electric bike, you'll discover that it changes your life drastically in an optimistic way. You become much more outgoing and socializing with people helps you boost that confidence. Just the right thing that anyone needs in their life.
The thing about these electric bikes is that people want to buy them once and be satisfied with them until it's end time. You don't want to be buying a new e-bike just because the one you have is uncomfortable for you or is not of your likeability whether it be the color, power, or size of the e-bike.
How to maintain the ebike for a long time? So to help you overcome that problem we've compiled a list of typical mistakes to steer clear of after buying an E-bike.


Plan Your Ride Beforehand

If you don't have much experience with bikes, then it's better to have a destination planned out before going out on a ride. It's always crucial to make sure that the roads are safe with no barriers like construction, bad weather, heavy traffic, and so on. You can check and plan everything for the ride a few days in advance if you have the time. After everything, if you are not confident, then you can ask a fellow rider or anyone you feel comfortable with for your destination ride.

Don’t Wash Your Electric Bike Upside Down

Your electric bike can be easily washed by turning it over because it stays upright and you can reach all the parts to be washed while doing so. However, it is not recommended to wash your electric bicycle upside down.
The motor and battery of the majority of electric bikes have drain holes so that water can escape while you ride. If you wash your electric bike with them pointing up, these holes will also let water in.
This may cause you to fill up your bike with water, which will be detrimental to its long-term health.

Look After The Position Of The Pedals

If the pedals are not assembled precisely after you purchase your electric bike, you are likely to damage your new bike. Before riding the bike, be sure to take your time and put the pedals on correctly to avoid making such a mistake.

Fitting A New Chain To A Worn-Out Drivetrain

The chain is one of the easiest components of an electric bike to replace. However, it is not recommended to install a new chain on a worn-out drivetrain.
Your new chain will not correctly fit with the gears or sometimes maybe even the bike, resulting in improper gear changing and eventually jumping off the cassette. You may be in trouble if that happens in the middle of nowhere before your destination.
As a result, you must look after the chain wear and replace your chain more frequently. If you repair a chain that is severely worn, you should also replace the cassette and chainring.

Look After Your Brakes

One of the most important things to notice and realize before your ride is your brakes. Electric bike disc brakes are incredibly strong. They should be able to handle the additional weight and speed they have above standard motorcycles.
Your brake discs or pads will, however, function worse if they become dirty. They are quickly contaminated by your greasy hands, WD-40, chain lubricant, or bike polish sprayed carelessly.
Stay away from touching the discs and pads to keep your brakes safe. Additionally, be careful not to get any contaminants on your bike while cleaning and maintaining it. You should cover the brakes with a cloth to shield them from damage.

Don’t Leave Your Battery Flat At The End Of A Ride

You might want to relax and store your bike somewhere else after a long ride and forget about it. But keep in mind to not leave your battery with no electricity in it.
The first issue you'll run into is that your battery won't be charged enough for your next ride and likewise leaving the battery flat will harm it.
Charge the battery to 100% if you plan to use your bike for the following few days. Remember to charge the battery to about 60 to 70% if you plan to store the bike for a while. Doing so will balance the battery's cells, extending the battery's lifespan.

Don't Forget To Bolt Check The E-Bike All Over

It may not sound that much important but it is necessary to bolt-check your e-bike for all the assembled parts. One loose bolt is all it takes for the bike to be damaged, therefore you ought to be careful. The steering is in your stem, in particular. The majority of the time, the electric bike is nearly complete when it is shipped to you. You simply assemble the few elements straightforwardly as mentioned in the guidebook.

Don't Immerse The Bike In Water

Despite being waterproof, avoid submerging the controller, LCD screen, and motor. For instance, avoid riding it across rivers, avoid cleaning it with water directly, and avoid spending a lot of time outside when it's pouring. You ought to take care of the LCD and controller more because they are the other two most crucial electrical components, after the motor.

Don’t Work On Your Bike Upside Down

When you work on your bike upside down, everything becomes much easier. But because it can harm your e-bike, this is one of the major mistakes to avoid.
Your seat, brake levers, shifters, and handlebars will all sustain scratches, giving your bike a worn-out appearance. Additionally, you run the risk of harming the LCD and controller, which you don't want to replace.
Get a work stand so you can work on your bike properly. Work stands are reasonably priced and provide quick access to all of your electric bike's components. They clamp your frame without damaging it and hold it at a comfortable height for the task at hand.

Never Start Your Ride In Turbo Mode

You should always choose the lowest level of pedal assistance before you start pedaling. You will be able to conserve battery life so that you can ride for longer periods without needing to recharge. Additionally, it will seem as though your motor is inactive when you lower your assistance level later to increase your range.
Ride the first few meters with the assistance off before switching to eco mode to get the most out of it. You will be surprised at how much assistance you get even from eco mode.

Don't Work With Power Switched On

While working with your bike, it's very forgetful that your electric bike is turned on and it happens a lot of the time even with people who remember things very well. Before attempting to put your chain back on if it comes off while you're riding, turn the bike off. You don't want your fingers to be in the way of a strong electric motor turning the drivetrain.

Take Precaution While Charging The Bike

When the electric bike comes to a stop or is exposed to sunshine, don't charge the battery right away. The correct technique is to let the battery cool down for more than 30 minutes before charging the E-bike. After the ride, the battery is already heated, so charging it now immediately can accelerate water loss, shorten the battery's lifespan, and raise the possibility of battery damage.
It is advised to charge your bike when the weather is cool and shaded or mostly in the evening time

Don’t Forget To Buy A Bike Lock

Theft can be an issue that you have to keep in mind most of the time these days especially if you got yourself a branded e-bike. But even the most affordable electric bike will give a bike thief a quick route home. So, if you leave your electric bike anywhere new or in places you are not familiar with, make sure you lock it up with a reliable bike lock.
Purchase a sturdy bike lock, and use it to tether the bike to something immovable. Some electric bikes also feature built-in locks on their frames and motors.
If you made it here, a quick bonus tip for you. Don't forget to pick an fat tire electric bike because they are worth your money and you won't regret it!

Final Words

By this point, you surely know a lot about how to take care of your electric bike and keep it in shape. You'll stay and ride safely by following these guidelines, and your electric bike will run efficiently. They will also help you save money over time because your bike will be less prone to damage.
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