Christmas Sales electric-bike deals: save hundreds on a cruiser model

By Addmotor | 16 December 2022 | 0 Comments
Bicycle sales increased by 65% between 2019 and 2020 in the United States during the COVID-19 epidemic, according to a New York Times investigation. One explanation for these e-bikes' growing appeal might be their ability to go about while being socially isolated from other people. Furthermore, as more people work from home, fewer automobiles on the road will make some bikers feel safer. Furthermore, the added activity has clear health advantages.

Allow the pedal to bear the burden

However, not everyone enjoys running out of breath, as sales of electric bikes have increased 145% during the same period, leaving ordinary bike sales growth well behind.
Unlike bigger, more powerful two-wheelers like motorcycles or scooters, electric bikes appear like conventional bicycles but have a battery and engine built in. Although heavier than a typical bicycle, electric bikes are simpler to maneuver since the engine propels the rider forward.
Cycle-share programs have also increased their usage of electric bikes. COVID was able to promote micro-mobility as a critical transportation service, covering gaps in transit service and assisting essential employees in getting to work.


Bikes will outsell automobiles in Europe

Electric-bike sales are also increasing in Europe. According to European cycling associations cited by Forbes, yearly bicycle sales will be 47% higher by 2030 than they were in 2019.
According to projections, the number of electric bikes sold in Europe each year might increase from 3.7 million in 2019 to 17 million by 2030. According to the Forbes report, if those projections are correct, the European Union will register twice as many bikes as vehicles each year.
Electric bikes can also be much more costly than ordinary bicycles. While specialty nonelectric bikes might cost thousands of dollars, most casual bikers will pay no more than a few hundred dollars for a conventional bicycle. Most electric bikes, on the other hand, start at a thousand dollars, with some companies costing between $2,000 and $5,000 even for entry-level versions. Electric-bike accessories and maintenance may also rapidly add expense.
People use electric bikes more because they take the rough edges out of bicycling. They go more places, ride further, have more fun, and, most of the time, feel safer.


Addmotor Sales

Founded in 2011 and situated in the heart of Los Angeles, Addmotor has amassed a passionate, adventurous, and devoted community of riders that are pleased to represent and be a part of the Addmotor family.

The sun and vitality of Southern California have affected and inspired the designs of their electric bikes as well as the vast array of accessories for them. With its long bench seat and vintage bike chassis, the M-66 R7 Cruiser electric-bike appeals to old-school motorcyclists. The M-560 p7 All-Terrain Electric-bike takes you comfortably and safely on difficult mountain routes and muddy forest roads. The M-140 R7 Folding Electric-bike makes storage simple and commuting enjoyable. Along with a plethora of in-house accessories ranging from batteries to cell phone holders to storage bags, Addmotor provides the consumer with everything they need to create the precise bike they desire.
Currently, the Addmotor is having Christmas deals on its bikes with over a hundred dollars off. These electric bikes are on sale on Addmotor specifically for Christmas to increase the market value for the cruiser ebikes. The retro style designed based on 1970s style having a step-thru frame, with a white-line decorated on tires is the most impressive electric bike on market.

One of those bikes in them is the M-66r7 Cruiser ebike. This is a step-through bike for easy and comfortable cruising. The rear-mounted motor of 750W can go 105+ miles per charge. It is on sale for 1999 dollars on the Addmotor site, exclusive price for Christmas. Another cruiser for sale is HEROTAN M-65x cruiser electric bike having dual suspension and comfort with the same aspects as the M-66 only smoother and is on sale for 2299 dollars in their store.

SOLETAN M-66X Moped-Style Electric Bike In Orange
The best one for the cruiser ebike for sale is the SOLETAN M-66x cruiser ebike. This delivers all its power and comfort in all the suspension. With the same battery and motor specifications as the ones above but the fact that you can get 100 dollars off from these prices from the xpro code is such a delightful thing to be given at Christmas.

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