Choosing the best electric tricycle which offers the best value for money

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Global warming and drastic environmental changes have made people make some big decisions in their lifestyles, which includes switching from vehicles that require fuel to those that work on electricity. So, in recent years motorized tricycles and bicycles have become popular in the market. The three-wheel electric bike has been a favorite among adults who struggle with balancing the two-wheeler. Especially the fat electric tricycle, which provides extra stability and comfort, has been the most popular among the 3 wheel electric bikes. But with multiple brands and various fat tire trikes in the market, choosing the best electric fat trike might be a tough decision for many of you. To help you all in this, we have combined some information that might help you choose the best three-wheel electric bike, which offers the best value for money.
Grandtan M-340 Electric Fat Tire Trike In White

How does a three-wheel electric bike work?

Before we hop onto the specifications that you should look at while choosing the best electric fat trike, let’s look at what makes a three-wheel electric bike different from a manual tricycle. The motorized tricycles have an electric motor mounted at the front or rear wheels operated by a battery that provides pedal assistance to the riders. The main advantage of the electric motor in a 3-wheel electric bike is the assistance in pedaling on terrains and hills that is tough through manual tricycles. It also makes cycling enjoyable for physically unfit adults who struggle with paddling to cover long distances. Adults can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride without risks of injury and can also improve their overall health and fitness. But you can only enjoy all the benefits by choosing the best electric trike.

What to look for when purchasing a three-wheel electric bike?

Buying a vehicle is an investment of a large amount of money, so it requires a lot of thinking and reading before making the right decision. Here we have collected some important points that might help you purchase the best motorized tricycle that offers the best value for money.

• Battery capacity
Battery capacity is the most important component to consider when buying your three-wheel electric bike because that’s what the motor is dependent upon. Large battery capacity will help you cover long distances on a single charge. The electricity usage and mileage should be calculated beforehand to know if the electric trike is worth the money or the if electricity used would be heavy on pockets. Addmotor electric trikes have a large battery capacity of 17.5 AH but their updated version of the latest fat tire electric tricycle has been replaced by a 20 AH battery capacity that lets you cover a maximum range of 85 miles in a single charge. The Samsung lithium batteries used in Addmotor electric trikes are UL certified and provide a safer and more comfortable riding experience.

• Motor power
A motor in a 3-wheel electric trike determines its acceleration, speed, and strength. Higher motor power is required to ride through the hills and slopes. As the three-wheel electric bike is heavier than usual motorbikes, it requires more power to take you up the hilly areas and terrains. Usually, motorized tricycles have power ranging from 250 to 1000 watts. So you should look for a 3-wheel electric bike that has a high motor power so that you can ride it anywhere, be hills or terrains. Addmotor Electrik trikes have 750W front-mounted motor which is more stable and balanced while accelerating. The recent and popular GRANTAN M-340 is perfect for both daily errands and adventurous days. The upgraded version of Addmotor electric fat tire trikes contains motors with inner rings that produce better heat dissipation performance and low sound and ensures longer life of the motor by protecting the magnet from decaying. As long as the motor works perfectly, the vehicle works smoothly. So isn’t it an investment for a lifetime? Addmotor also offers a motan M-550 all-terrain electric mountain bike with 1250 watts motor exclusively for adventurous bikers to provide them the experience of a lifetime for all their adventures.
• Fat tires
A variety of motorized tricycles are available in the market, among which the most popular is the fat tire electric tricycle. The reason behind its popularity is the wide tires that make the ride smooth and comfortable. The electric fat tire trike is especially for adults who struggle with balancing their bikes, the three wheels with fat tires provide maximum stability, making it easier for the riders to maintain balance. Another reason behind its popularity is that you can ride it on rough or smooth terrains, snowy or muddy areas, and on any surface where it gets challenging to ride a bike. Addmotor fat tire electric tricycles come with 4-inch-wide tires with large shock-absorbing capacity providing a comfortable and smooth ride to adults and people of all ages. The Addmotor fat tire electric tricycles ensure the durability of the fat tires having more air capacity that prevents them from frequent punctures and wear and tear. So it’s also a one-time investment for the tires as no additional cost would be required for high maintenance or extra tires.
• Lighting system
Another important feature a 3-wheel electric bike should have is an advanced lighting system. The lighting system makes sure you have the best riding experience at night. The darkness at night shouldn’t stop you from moving around and running errands. The headlights and tail lights, along with the additional lights like brake lights and the turning signals, should be functional and only consume a small percentage of the battery.  Addmotor trike series launched recent models with LED lighting system that saves up to 15% of the energy consumption than the standard lighting system in a three-wheel electric bike.  The integrated headlight and tail light together have a 360-degree side view, with headlights providing you with a 200 m visible distance and 40 lumens brightness. All the features together ensure that you ride safely and efficiently at night.   
A three-wheel electric bike is worth the investment if the right choice is made and from the right place. We hope the above-mentioned information helps you make the right choice that provides you with a lifetime experience.


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