Can you ride an Electric Trike in the snow?

By Addmotor | 28 December 2022 | 0 Comments

The season of pumpkin pies and Christmas carols brings along many celebrations and challenges. In winter, everything gets covered in snow while commute becomes difficult or almost impossible. A common concept among bike riders is to store away their bikes and tricycles in favor of staying inside or using cars and trucks. While storing away a regular bike is a wise option, it is not so much for an electric trike. Electric trikes are designed to provide safety and sturdiness on rough and loose terrains which makes these electric vehicles fit for winter roads. Not only that, but fat tire tricycles are also perfect for beaches, mountains, and other tough roads.

Here are a few reasons why electric fat tire trikes are a perfectly safe mode of transport during winter months: 

• Fat tire e-trikes work on most terrains

Electric tricycles with fat tires are designed to provide grip and stability on most types of terrains. The KENDA Electric trike bikes by ADDMOTOR are the perfect example of this. These bikes feature thick fat tires with three wheels that provide ultimate resistance and stability on a slippery and tough road. Take this TRIKETAN 330 KENDA electric trike with fat tires for instance. With 4-inch fat tires, 20 inches wheels and a TEKTRO 180 mm disc brake system, this e-bike can be your best road companion in the winter.
Trike M-330 Fat Tire Electric Trikes for Adults In Pearl White

Electric trikes have low seating for stability

The electric tricycles have low seating arrangements that place the rider closer to their center of gravity. It prevents the rider from having to lean forward while climbing hills and riding on rough paths in the snow, rain, or heavy wind. The low center of gravity and steady tires also prevent the bikes from tripping over when cutting sharp corners or going over rough obstacles. 

Electric trikes have space for storing groceries

Whether you are going grocery shopping or delivering items to someone else, electric trikes not only allow you to ride safely to your destination, but they also enable you to secure your luggage. For this purpose, most fat tire electric trikes have a basket in the front and storage back mounted on top of the back wheel.

The KENDA Electric trike and bikes by Addmotor offer many other features that are designed for security such as integrated head and tail lights, a powerful motor along with efficient batteries, and ergonomically designed handles and foot-mount. All of these features allow the rider to bike on snowy roads comfortably.

Which electric trike is best for riding in winter?

If you are one of the people wondering which electric trike is best for winter roads, then here is your answer: this GRANDTAN PLUS electric trike with 4-inch thick KENDA Tires. The electric tricycle incorporates 24-inch rear wheels that are 4” bigger than the front wheel. The anti-slip tires have a built-in high-volume inner tube with thick layers of tube protectors that provide road grip and boost comfort on unsteady roads.

Electric trikes by ADDMOTOR come with a backrest that provides comfort to your back muscles while riding. This enables you to ride safely and comfortably even when you are on loose terrains such as snow or beaches.

Tips on how to ride an electric trike in the winter

Winter does not mean that you cannot enjoy a ride on your electric bike. Instead, with a little extra care, you can use your electric commute daily. Here are some important practical tips on how to ride an electric trike that will help you ride your favorite vehicle long after summer:
1. Keep warm: This is obvious but a very important one. When going out in the winter, dressing in winter clothes and covering yourself according to the weather conditions is crucial to keeping yourself comfortable.

2. Use reflective lights: Outdoors in the winter can get dark and gloomy and it can become hard to see clearly amidst all the fog and wind. To stay safe, purchasing and wearing reflective gear is important. 

3. Store batteries inside the house: It is imperative to keep the batteries dry to prevent any battery-related accidents. Remove and store the e-trike batteries in a dry place and when needed, place them back inside the bike.


The final word

Winter roads are either too slippery or are always covered with snow. This means that riding a bike or tricycle on these roads is considered too risky which is why people pack away their eco-friendly commute gadgets in favor of cars and trucks. But the one undeniable fact is that electric trikes are way more convenient and easy to ride no matter the season or terrain. When compared to cars and trucks, e-trikes are at an advantage as they can be easily stored and taken out when you need to ride to the market. Electric trikes have so many other advantages which make them the best means of transport in winter.

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