Best 5 Mid-Drive Electric Bikes 2022

By Kacey | 07 March 2022 | 0 Comments

The most important part to consider before buying a new electric bike is the heart of the electric bike - the Motor.

Compared to traditional hub motors, mid-drive motors are known for their higher performance and torque. The mid-drive motor drives the crank instead of the wheel itself, allowing for better energy conversion and easier riding on steep and rough trails.

Which mid-drive electric bike to choose has become a question. I hope this article can provide you with some references and help.
Note: Rankings are in alphabetical order by brand.


Addmotor M-5600 Mid-Drive Electric Bike Motor: BBSHD Bafang Mid-Drive Motor
Range: Up to 60 miles (Estimate)
Tire: Kenda Juggernaut Pro 26" x 4.5" Puncture-resistant Fat Tires
Digital Display: 5 Inch LCD Smart Color Display
Price: $3099 $3599

Rated power at 1000w, the mid-drive motor provides strong power continuously when going up steep hills. With this motor, our ride will be lighter, quieter and faster. Since it provides a balanced low center of gravity the weight of the motor is balanced directly in the middle of the bike, on the bottom bracket of the bike. This allows the motor located on the bottom bracket of the bike to have a balanced low center of gravity, resulting in a better riding experience.

Bulls Iconic Evo TR1 Mid-drive Electric Bike

Motor: BOSCH Gen4 Performance Speed
Range: 100 miles (Estimate)
Tire: CST Supero All Ground, 27.5x2.40
Digital Display: BOSCH Purion


The rear suspension is SR Suntour Unair air shock, which provides a smooth riding experience for this electric bike. Its hydraulic disc brakes allow this electric bike to quickly return to a stop, improving the safety of the rider.

Micargi Storm 36V/10.4Ah 350W Electric Mountain Bike EB-STORM

Motor: 350-watt mid-drive motor

Range: 30 miles
Tire:27.5*2.1,50TPI, Black
Price:$1800 $2000

Equipped with basic mountain bike components such as double-walled rims, the XCT Suntour adjustable suspension fork, and the Shimano 8-speed Altus derailleur, it enables this electric bike to be very sturdy on mountain trails and rugged terrain.

Rambo Roamer 48V/14Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 750 XC

Motor: Bafang BBS02 750-watt mid-drive motor
Range: 35 Miles per charge
Tire: 4-inch Kenda Krusade fat tires with kevlar lining for protection against punctures.
Digital Display:Bafang C965
Price:$3499 $3999

The Rambo has amazing off-road capabilities. The all-terrain puncture-resistant fat tires allow you to ride in the toughest environmental conditions. This electric bike also uses a Bafang motor, which will be relatively low-powered. But it also makes this electric bike more high-performance.

Verve+ 2 Lowstep Electric Hybrid Bike

Motor: Bosch Active, 250 watt, 40 Nm, 20mph or 32km/h
Range: 40 miles
Tire: Bontrager H5 Hard-Case Ultimate, wire bead, 60 TPI, 700x45c
Digital Display: Fully-functional speedometer
Price: $2849

The Verve+ 2 Lowstep electric bike is better suited for daily cruising, commuting and exercise.
What is impressive is that Verve+2 is available in a variety of sizes for consumers to choose from. Different riders can choose the Verve+2 to suit their frame and derailleur size preferences or usage habits.
If you need a mid-drive electric bike that is good in all aspects, then the Addmotor M-5600 Mid-Drive electric bike would be the first choice. With a peak output of 2000W, this motor configuration can take you up almost any hill and over any terrain.
The Bulls is definitely a player that excels on longer drives and more rugged trips, but it's also more expensive compared to several other brands. The Rambo requires more power on rugged terrain like hills or forests, which is a factor to consider if your destination is far away.
From a lower-budget perspective, the Micargi and Verve+ are also suitable options. But the miles driven per charge may pose a little more of a concern for you on long trips.
Now, do you have a more specific picture of a mid-motor electric bike in mind?

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