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Storage space isn’t something that a lot of people think about when purchasing an electric bike. However, if you’re an experienced eBiker, you should also consider it. 
For storage, it’s important to note down the payload capacity and storage options. You want to ensure your favorite eBike can support your weight and any other items you wish to carry.  When carrying stuff on your eBike, the rear rack plays the most important role. You must check if your eBike has a proper rack to support your bags, equipment, and supplies. So let’s talk about everything there is to know about electric bike racks.

What are Electric Bike Rear Racks?

electric bike rack
A bike rack is useful as it helps you carry stuff on your electric bike. With a bike rack in place, you don’t have to haul everything in a backpack or messenger bag and injure yourself. You can simply strap your gear into the bike and carry it with you anywhere you go. Most e-bikes and touring bikes usually come with storage racks pre-installed. You can remove these as you need or add more racks or bags (panniers) to expand your storage options. Bike racks can be installed in the front or back. However, most electric bikes and traditional bicycles have a rear storage rack. 

A rear rack is preferred over a front one. People won’t put their stuff on the front and obscure their vision. Besides, a rear rack helps balance the weight. This helps the rider carry heavier equipment without losing control. But, for all the pet parents out there, we've got a special tip. If you've got a furry friend who loves to ride along, Our SPYTAN 2 Front Wheel Electric Bike might just be your best bet. It comes with a front rack, letting you keep an eye on your little buddy and ensuring they're enjoying the ride just as much as you are. 


Possible Differences Between an Electric Bike Rack and a Standard Bike Rack

A Bike rack for electric bikes is usually different from the ones used on regular bicycles. This is mostly because the electric bikes can have the battery in the way. Also, they might have different bike frames with varying thicknesses or layouts.
So you generally can’t install aftermarket rear racks on most electric bikes. You’ll have to stick with the built-in one or purchase a compatible rack from the manufacturer. 
Fortunately, most electric bikes and eTrikes have a stock rear rack welded into the frame. Some models also come with accessories such as panniers, baskets, and seats. 

Benefits of Having an Electric Bike Rack

So unless you’re competing, you definitely need an electric bike rack. A rear rack provides a lot of utility for an electric bike, one that you won't get from a cargo basket, pannier bag, or trailer. 
Here are some of the benefits you can gain by having a rear rack on your electric bike:

Extra Cargo Space

Generally, you can use the rear rack to carry your eBiking supplies and equipment. You can load a ton of stuff into your electric bike and still ride comfortably. You don’t have to carry anything on your person. If you’re a commuter, you can easily carry your briefcase, lunch, and gym clothes on your bike rack. Similarly, you can also strap your work bag, laptop, and anything else. Meanwhile, if you’re touring long distances, you can carry a ton of stuff in your bike racks. For instance, you can carry your tent, cooking supplies, and other equipment. So the extra storage space provided by a bike rack or pannier is unmatched. You don’t have to rely on someone else to carry stuff and you definitely don’t need a separate trailer.

Improves Safety and Visibility

Sturdy and well-designed rear racks can also help improve bike safety and visibility. This is because rear racks can help protect the rear wheel and rider from debris and other impacts. 
It also prevents the rider from falling too fast and getting seriously injured. This is because the rear racks, with the bags and panniers, can help cushion the electric bike. They act similarly to the crash bar in motorcycles. 
In terms of visibility, the rear racks also help make your electric bike stand out. This is thanks to reflectors and other components that help improve visibility.

Makes The Electric Bike More Versatile

A rear rack on an electric bike provides a strong anchor point for other gadgets and attachments. You can install different types of pannier bags, storage containers, and cargo nets on a rear rack. 
Similarly, you can also attach child seats and trailers to your electric bike rear rack. It provides a ton of functionality that’s very much worth considering. 

Keeps the Handlebars Clear

Thanks to a rear bike rack, you can free up the handlebars and the front of your eBike. So instead of cargo blocking your front view, you have more space to observe the road.
Also, when there’s no clutter at the front, you have more room to work with the eBike display. On top of that, you can set up your phone for directions alongside accessories such as lights and the horn.

Distributes Weight More Evenly In Your eBike

Carrying a lot of cargo on your back can lead to injury. So when riding and carrying a backpack, it can strain your back and make it difficult to ride and control the eBike. 
So with a rear rack, you can easily offload your cargo onto the bike itself and ride comfortably. It improves ergonomics and minimizes injury. It also helps even out the weight, making it less likely for the bike to fall over. 
Also, when you don’t have heavy cargo on your back, it improves aerodynamics. You can ride faster without putting in a lot of effort.

Electric Bike Rear Racks: Essential Safety Tips

A rear rack on an eBike helps riders carry extra cargo without hurting themselves. However, loading too much weight onto the rear rack can be a recipe for disaster. 
So if you’re thinking of carrying something on your eBike, make sure to consider these safety tips:

Watch Out for the Weight Limit

Always be careful when loading heavy cargo into your bike rack. You want to be mindful of the maximum weight capacity of your eBike and bike rack. 
Usually, the bike frame or rear rack will indicate how many pounds of equipment it can carry. You want to keep note of this value and try not to add too much weight. 
Otherwise, the Bike will struggle to push you forward. It could also make it difficult to control the bike and lead to premature wear and tear.

Make Sure the Cargo is Securely Attached

Before you head out, it’s equally important to make sure your cargo is safe and secure. If you have pannier bags, make sure they are zipped up and tightly strapped into your bike frame. 
Also, if you’re using any bungee cords, straps, or cargo nets, make sure these are secure. You don’t want them coming loose or falling off while you’re riding. 

Check the Weight Distribution and Center of Gravity

When loading and unloading cargo, make sure to maintain balance and stability. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble controlling the eBike, especially at higher speeds. 
You want to avoid placing heavy items on one side of the bike. This will affect the weight balance and increase the chances of your bike tipping over. 
Similarly, you want to avoid placing heavy items too far back or too forward. This will affect your center of gravity and make the bike tip over when you’re braking or riding uphill. 

Perform Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Before you head out, it’s also important to check the rear rack and other components for any signs of wear and tear. Make sure the bike rack isn’t damaged and that any bolts or fasteners haven’t come loose. 
Also, it’s a good idea to perform regular maintenance and keep your eBike in perfect condition. Check the brakes, tires, and suspension to make sure they won’t affect your ride.

Accessories for Rear Racks

An eBike with a rear rack is much more useful than an eBike without one. That being said, you can take things to the next level by setting up extra accessories for your Bike rack. 
There are dozens of options but the most useful are rear rack bags (panniers) for electric bikes.

Panniers for Electric Bikes

These storage compartments make it very easy for you to carry pounds of extra equipment. On top of that, they do a great job protecting your cargo against the elements and sudden impacts.
You can easily purchase and set up pannier bags for your electric bike. They are easy to install as you only have to strap them into the bike rack or frame. 


Seat Cushions

Apart from storage, another important attachment is seat cushions or pads. At Addmotor, we have seat pads designed specifically for the GAROOTAN M-81, Foldtan M-160, and Graoopro G-800 eBike models. 
With these seat cushion attachments, you can make space for a child or another passenger. You just fix these onto the bike frame with screws and let your friend hop in. 

Innovations in Rear Rack Design on Electric Trikes: Rear Cargo Basket

Almost all of our electric trikes come with a large pannier bag. It's entirely waterproof and comes with reflective strips to improve visibility. On top of that, it can hold over 100 lbs of cargo with no issues. 
In terms of dimensions, it’s 20.5” long, 16” wide and 9.5” tall. You can carry a week’s worth of groceries inside or even a small pet. The bag itself has a tight fabric and is fitted onto a metal basket for extra security. 

Why Do Road Bikes Usually Not Have Holes for a Rack or Racks?

There are many types of eBikes fitted with rear racks for extra storage and utility. But, unfortunately, this is not the case for road bike enthusiasts. 
So if you’re ever considering getting an electric road bike, you might find that they don’t come with a rear rack. They might not even come with mounting holes for you to install one. 
There are several reasons why road bikes in particular don’t support bike racks. Mostly, it’s because of their primary use case: competitive cycling. 
Road bikes are almost exclusively designed for fast cycling on smooth paved roads. They are usually reserved by professional cyclists and hobbyists. 
Road bikes don’t come with racks or the option to install one. Their frames are designed to maximize speed and aerodynamics. A bike rack would only decrease these qualities and lower its high-speed performance. 
So if you’re hoping to get an eBike with storage space, we recommend a city cruiser or cargo bike instead.


Electric bike racks are one of the most underrated components. They are crucial for bike packers and commuters as it helps them carry stuff on their bikes. 
Electic bike racks help carry more gear while minimizing injury and accidents. They help riders prevent back injuries as they can offload heavy gear onto the bike rack. 
However, riders should also learn to use the bike racks safely. Always stick to the designated weight limits and maintain proper weight distribution.     


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