Addmotor Grandtan vs. eTrikeCo’s ETR40 Electric Trike

A comparison between Addmotor Grandtan and eTrikeCo’s ETR40 helps you know which electric trike is better.
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Addmotor E-Trikes Shopping Guide 
The most versatile electric trike, Grandtan has 4-inch fat tires, step-through frame , wooden footrest board, adjustable backrest, and front suspension, etc. It is one of the best electric trikes for seniors.

+ Up to 85 mile long range (960Wh battery)
+ Stable ride
+ Ample cargo space, being versatile
+ Quick-start throttle mode & 7-level PAS mode
+ Highly efficient, powerful, durable motor
- A little heavy
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 Grandtan Plus electric trike bike for adults, Riding
Doing exercise is not enough for the people in today’s era. Yes, it is a brutal truth that people need to understand. The age of technological development is killing physical activities from the daily routine. Now, it is time that people should use every small thing that works as a gadget. A gadget that saves time and money to give better results without significant effort or hard work. The electric bike is the first thing on the list of these gadgets. Today, we will discuss Addmotor electric trikes and eTrikeCo’s ETR40. 
People can use an electric trike for multiple purposes and perform low-impact exercises for better health. Now, people started realizing the importance of electric trikes, which reflects the increasing demand for electric trikes in recent years. So, this article will discuss the efficiency of two electric trikes by comparing them and finding out which is more effective for the riders. 
Addmotor Grandtan Electric Trike
Addmotor Grandtan is one of the best models of the Addmotor brand. The brand offers different modes of the Grandtan series to deliver better based on the needs and requirements of the rider. These models are perfect for different kinds of riders to enhance their traveling experiences.
Comfort and performance are like the two wheels of the three-wheel electric bike. These factors engage and encourage the riders to ride more by using the electric trike. A high-performing and safe battery for the electric trike supplies the power to different parts of the electric trike and ensures smooth functioning.  
eTrikeCo’s ETR40 Electric Trike
The eTrikeCo’s ETR40 Electric Trike has a steel frame, which is stronger than the aluminum frame electric trike. The trike offers better stability on different surface types because of its heavy steel frame. The trikes efficiently absorb the bumps on uneven surfaces and enhance the riding experience. 
The trike runs smoothly on the inclined surfaces up to 30 degrees to make the riding effortless. Also, the front hydraulic fork absorbs shocks or bumps to make adventurous rides thrilling and more effective. A high-performing motor and 2-year warranty boost the confidence of the rider to cover extra miles without worrying about performance.  
Comparing E-Trike Overview
FEATURES Addmotor Grandtan eTrikeCo’s ETR40
Battery 48V*20Ah 48V*14.5Ah
Motor 750W 750W
Controller 48V 25A EB 2.0 Controller 48V 25Ah Smart Controller
Light Front and Rear EB 2.0 Lights Rear and Front Light
LCD 5-inch LED  King Meter 5-Level SW-LCD
Charger 48V*2.0A 5 Pins, US Standard DC Charger, 5 Pins With Auto Magnetic Suction 54.4V 2A
Pedal Assist 7-level Pedal Assist 5-level Pedal Assist
Sensor Motor Cutoff Sensor, Cadence Sensor NA
Throttle Half Twist Throttle Yes
Wooden Footrest Yes  No
Parking Brake No No
Differential No No
Top Speed 20 mph 20 mph
Range 40-85 miles 28-50 miles
Color Neptune Blue, Pearl White, Army Green, Rose Gold, Cyan Green, Starry Blue, Red Yellow Blue
Model Option Grandtan, Grandtan Plus, Grandtan City ETR100C
Step-Through Yes Yes
Weight 118 lbs 92 lbs
Payload Capacity 350+100 lbs 275 lbs
Gear 7 Gears 6 Gears
Suspension Fork Oil Spring Fork with 80 mm of Travel Mozo Hydraulic Front Fork
Brakes Mechanical Disc Brake with Motor Cutoff Sensor Mechanical Disc
Horn Yes (Electric Horn) Yes (Bell)
Tire 4.0 Kenda Fat Tires 20*4 inch Kenda fat tires
Frame 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame Steel
Seat Post Thickness 31.8 mm NA
Recommended Rider’s Height 5'2"-6 '4" NA
Warranty 2 year- Trike Frame
18 Month- Battery
2-year electric drivetrain non-transferable warranty
Price $2,999 $2,949
By considering multiple features, it is easy to pick the better one from the Addmotor Grandtan and eTrikeCo’s ETR40. Both the trikes have several similar and unique features, but when it comes to range, color availability, and sensors, the Addmotor Grandtan is beyond comparison.
Comparison between Addmotor Grandtan vs. eTrikeCo’s ETR40 Electric Trike
Electrical Features
#1 Motor
Addmotor Grandtan: Bafang 48V*750W Front Brushless Hub Motor, 80 Nm Torque
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: 750W Bafang G06 Front Hub Motor
Comment: Both electric trikes offer a high-performing Bafang 750W motor, which generates ample power. However, Addmotor offers brushless motors that run longer than motors having the brushes.
#2 Battery
Addmotor Grandtan: Samsung 48V*20Ah(960Wh) with 3200 Cells Battery, Charging Time 10 Hours, Rated For 1,000-1,500 Charge Cycles, UL certified.
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: 48V 14.5AH, Battery Life: 2–3 Years at Full Capacity
Comment: The Addmotor Grandtan offers a high-performing battery pack compared to eTrikeCo’s ETR40. Also, the UL certification ensures better safety of the rider.  
#3 Lighting System
Addmotor Grandtan: Front: EB 2.0 headlight Rear: 5-in-1 Taillight with braking signals
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: Rear and Front Light
Comment: Both trikes offer front and rear lights, but the Addmotor Grandtan offers a headlight and multifunctional taillight that makes every ride smooth and safe by providing different indications.
#4 LCD
Addmotor Grandtan: Addmotor EB 2.0 5-Inch LCD
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: King Meter 5-Level SW-LCD
Comment: Both trikes offer a waterproof LCD in their electric trike, which shows multiple information and makes riding convenient. Addmotor offers a 5-inch waterproof LCD, which shows details including current battery status, speed, turn indication, PAS level, etc. 
Physical Features
#1 Saddle
Addmotor Grandtan: Addmotor Exclusive Well Padded Saddle with Backrest
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: Velo with suspension seat post
Comment: Both e trikes offer comfortable seat posts. However, Addmotor Grantdtan has a backrest that helps the rider to relax their back and feel more relaxed while riding the electric trike. 
#2 Color
Addmotor Grandtan: 7 Attractive Color Options Available (Neptune Blue, Pearl White, Army Green, Rose Gold, Cyan Green, Starry Blue, Red Yellow)
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: Blue Color Only
Comment: Addmotor offers a variety of colors for the rider. It helps them choose their favorite color and enjoy riding a stylish electric trike. 
#3 Tires
Addmotor Grandtan: Kenda GIGAS 24" X 4.0" F/ 20" X 4.0" R Fat Tires
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: Kenda 20*4-Inch Fat Tire
Comment: Both three-wheel electric trikes offer wide fat tires that provide better grip and control to the rider. It prevents the riders from skidding on wet or rough surfaces.
Mechanical Features
#1 Brake
Addmotor Grandtan: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake with Motor Cutoff Sensor
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: Mechanical Disc
Comment: The brakes of Addmotor Grandtan provide a motor cutoff sensor, which temporarily blocks the motor assistance when the rider applies brakes and ensures better safety of the rider.
#2 Payload Capacity
Addmotor Grandtan: 350+100 lbs
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: 275 lbs
Comment: Addmotor Grandtan offers higher payload capacity, which enables the rider to carry all the required stuff and enjoy the ride. 
#3 Suspension
Addmotor Grandtan: Oil Spring Fork with 80 mm of Travel
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: Mozo Hydraulic Front Fork 
Comment: Both electric trikes have efficient suspension, which makes every ride smooth by absorbing socks on rough surfaces. 
#4 Frame
Addmotor Grandtan: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
eTrikeCo’s ETR40: Steel
Comment: Steel-frame electric trikes are stronger than aluminum-frame electric trikes. So, eTrikeCo’s ETR40 has a strong frame. 
What does this Comparison Conclude?
Both electric trikes offer several features to make every ride perfect for the rider, but the Addmotor Grandtan offers some advanced features that deliver better comfort. There is no significant difference in the price of the electric trikes. 
The comparison shows that Addmotor Grandtan is better than eTrikeCo’s ETR 40. They offer some similar and some different features to make every ride perfect. So, just get an electric trike bike to start your ride.  


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