Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike: Your Ultimate Guide to Three-Wheeled Adventure

By Addmotor | 21 December 2023 | 3 Comments
The continuous advancement in the field of transportation has made commuting a lot more convenient, and electric bikes have been under the spotlight in this regard for quite some time now. Among the wide range of electric bikes, the e-trike has been a popular mode of transportation due to its stability and comfort to riders of all ages, especially adults. As it has numerous benefits, e-trike has become a popular demand in the market. 
Addmotor is a known brand when it comes to producing high-quality two-wheel and three-wheel electric bikes. Addmotor offers a variety of e-trikes, each packed with exciting features and updated components. Each Addmotor e-trike is designed to provide optimum comfort and stability to the riders. The addmotor grandtan series is the best-selling Addmotor e-trike series and has some top-selling e-trike models, the Grandtan Turbo e-trike being one of them. So let's see what makes Addmotor Grandtan turbo fat tire electric trike a popular choice among e-trike riders. 

fat tire etrike

1. Powerful electric motor

Addmotor Grandtan turbo fat tire electric trike comes with a 1000-watt mid-drive electric motor. The powerful 1000-watt electric motor delivers up to 20 mph top speed and 160 nm torque, allowing you to effortlessly climb the hills and ride through the tough terrains. Instead of a rear hub or front hub electric motor, the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric trike has a mid-drive electric motor, which enhances the stability of the e-trike by more than 32%. So if you are an adult who struggles to maintain balance or a youngster wanting to enjoy adventurous rides, the powerful 1000-watt mid-drive electric motor of Addmotor Grandtan Turbo can enhance your riding experience in every way.

2. Long-lasting battery 

Another feature that makes the Addmotor Grandtan turbo fat tire electric trike the right choice for adventures is its long-lasting battery. The Addmotor Grandtan turbo e-trike is equipped with a 48V 20 Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery, which allows you to cover a long range of 85+ miles per charge. The battery of the Addmotor e-trike is UL-certified according to international safety standards, which allows a safe riding experience without any chances of overheating or bursting. With high power delivery, a long riding range, and being manufactured as per safety standards, the battery of the Addmotor Grandtan turbo prevents any inconvenience during adventures and provides a smooth riding experience. 

3. Parking brake system 

The parking brake is another feature of the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo fat tire electric trike that makes it stand out. During adventures or urban riding, you may encounter many inclined surfaces where you may want to park your e-trike for a quick run to a nearby grocery store or coffee shop. Previously, electric trikes lacked the parking brake feature that makes you park your e-trike anywhere on inclined surfaces without worrying about it rolling from the place. Addmotor Grandtan Turbo fat tire electric trike comes with this feature that lets you park it anywhere on slippery or inclined surfaces by just pressing the handbrakes and a button.

4. Differential 

Another problem previously faced by the e-trike riders was making smooth and sharp turns safely on the e-trike. This problem occurs in the electric trike as the rear wheels of the e-trike connected with an axle spin at the same speed, which works fine when riding in a straight path but might cause the e-trike to skid when making a turn. A differential in the Addmotor Grandtan turbo fat tire electric trike solves this problem, as it allows both the wheels at the rear end to spin independently at varying speeds and directions, allowing the riders to make a smooth and safe turn, preventing the chances of any accidents. The differential in the Grandtan turbo e-trike enhances the smoothness while turning the e-trike by 50%. 

5. Sturdy step-thru frame 

Many adults face difficulty getting on and off electric bikes due to the traditional step-over frame designs, as they require lifting the legs all over the electric bike to do so. But the convenient step-thru frame design with swan-like bionic of the Addmotor Grandtan turbo fat tire electric trike makes it easier for the riders to get on and off the e-trike without swinging the legs over it. The CNC laser cutting headtube, molded to the exact specifications of the trike’s frame, makes the frame of the Addmotor e-trike more aesthetically pleasing, durable, and strong.  
step-thru etrike

6. Ergonomic features 

Addmotor has made it possible that adventures can be done with comfort by designing e-trikes with ergonomic features. The Addmotor Grandtan Turbo fat tire electric trike comes with a large-sized comfortable saddle with an adjustable backrest to support the rider’s back throughout the ride and prevent any pain or discomfort. The wooden footrest board is also a part of the Addmotor e-trike that is added to provide comfort to the rider as they can rest their foot when stopping at traffic signals or waiting for a friend in the parking. The U-shaped handle of the Grandtan turbo fat tire electric trike allows a comfortable grip for better control and stability of the e-trike. 

7. Wide tires

Tires play a crucial role in providing a comfortable and smooth riding experience on an e-trike. Addmotor Grandtan Turbo fat tire electric trike comes with 4-inch wide Kenda tires. The wide tires provide more traction and stability on all kinds of terrains, such as hills, sandy beaches, muddy roads, or uneven surfaces. The fat tires of the Addmotor e-trike are also puncture-resistant and not prone to frequent wear and tear, which makes the Grandtan Turbo fat tire electric trike great for adventures.

8. Safety features

The Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric trike is also fully equipped with safety features that provide a safe and smooth riding experience at any time of the day. Whether you have to quickly do some errands or reach your house from a party at night, you can safely and conveniently travel anywhere on a Grandtan turbo e-trike as it is equipped with a high-quality lighting system including headlight and taillight that ensures exceptional visibility and safety. The Bafang LCD on the e-trike displays all the necessary information that is needed by the rider, such as speed, battery life, motor power, and miles traveled. 
The Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric trike is a complete package for anyone planning a three-wheeled adventure. It provides a comfortable, safe, and convenient riding experience with its advanced features and efficient components. If you are looking for the best electric trike for three-wheeled adventures, the Grandtan Turbo fat tire electric trike is the right choice.      


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