Addmotor Fat Tire Electric Trikes 2023: Best Options for Seniors

Reviewing the best Addmotor Fat Tire Electric Trikes for a comfortable and joyful ride for senior riders.
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Electric trikes are becoming people’s first choice as a travel companion. Not only adults or seniors but riders of all age groups actively prefer the electric trikes as their travel companions. The electric trike is much more than the attractive looks are vibrant colors. The advanced features make the electric trikes a perfect combination of comfort and performance. 
The senior rider needs a comfortable and stable travel companion that helps them travel from one place to another without getting tired. The higher age and weakened bones make them not as strong as senior riders. They need an electric trike, which provides assistance, and a powerful motor efficiently pushes the electric trike. 
Electric trikes are friendly to the pocket and environment. The rider can travel more and more without spending a significant amount and impacting nature. The multiple advanced features provide an enhanced riding experience and encourage the rider to travel more without breaking a sweat. So, in the era of technology, a rider needs to understand the importance of choosing the best electric trike to enhance their riding experiences. 
Senior riders need to understand certain factors before choosing the perfect electric trike as their travel companion. This article will help you understand the features and specifications of the best electric trike for seniors. It also includes the benefits of using the fat tire electric trike and factors to consider while buying an electric trike. So, sit tight! We are about to land in the world of the best electric trike bike for adults

Overview of Addmotor Triketan M-330 II E-Trike

m-330 adults electric trike 
The Addmotor Triketan M-330 II offers a powerful 750W rear-mounted motor. The rear-mounted motor pushes the trike with better stability than the front-mounted motor. The trike’s step-through frame ensures proper balance and control for the senior riders and makes getting on and off easy. The front suspension provides better comfort by absorbing shocks and bumps while riding on uneven terrains. Every feature of this trike is created to make every ride perfect.

Overview of Addmotor Arisetan M-360 II E-Trike

Customer modified M-360 electric tricycle 
An impressive 300 lbs+80 lbs payload capacity of Addmotor Arisetan M-360 II makes the trike a perfect cargo electric trike. Also, there is no impact on the speed because of the powerful 750W brushless rear-mounted motor. The semi-recumbent frame provides extra comfort to senior riders, and the upgraded features double the joy of riding an electric trike.

Overview of Addmotor Grandtan Electric Trike

grandtan electric trikes for seniors 
The Addmotor Grandtan offers a relaxed and comfortable ride with its wooden footrest and step-through frame. The senior rider can relax their feet using the wooden footrest and enjoy the payload capacity of 350+100lbs. The 750W front-mounted motor and front suspension ensure a speedy ride with better shock absorption capacity. The fat tire provides better control and stability to the rider on challenging surfaces.

Main Differences Among Triketan M-330 II, Arisetan M-360 II &  Grandtan Fat Tire Electric Trikes

The given table shows the features that differentiate all three electric trikes based on their features and specifications. This helps the rider to not be confused among the three different models and get the perfect travel companion, which suits best to their needs and requirements.


Grandtan M-340

Triketan M-330  II

Arisetan M-360 II


Step-through frame with wooden footrest board

Step-through frame; standard size

Semi-Recumbent frame

Payload Capacity



300 lbs+80 lbs


24" X 4.0" F/ 20" X 4.0" R Fat Tires

20" X 4.0" 30 TPI Fat Tires

20" X 4.0" Fat Tires

Rider Height Range

5'2"-6 '4"

5'2"-6 '4"

5'6"-6 '6"

Front Suspension

Oil Spring Fork with 80 mm of Travel

MOZO 50 mm of Travel

Addshox Steel Fork


Cadence Sensor, Motor Cutoff

Cadence Sensor, Torque Sensor, Motor Cutoff Sensor

Cadence Sensor, Torque Sensor, 


450 lbs

450 lbs

380 lbs


Bafang 48V*750W Front Brushless Hub Motor, 80 Nm Torque

Addmotor 48V*750W Rear-mounted Motor, 80 N·M Torque

Brushless Rear-Mounted Hub Motor





Parking Brakes









Similar Features of Triketan M-330 II, Arisetan M-360 II &  Grandtan Fat Tire Electric Trikes

The given table shows the similar features of three Addmotor electric trikes. This helps the riders check the common features among the best electric trikes for seniors. 

Main Features: Triketan M-330 MINI, M-330 & Arisetan M-360



Twist throttle

Ensure a smooth and controllable riding experience by making navigation easy. 

Pedal Assist

7 levels

Enjoy effortless pedaling by adjusting the pedal assist based on the rider’s ability to push the electric trike. 


7-speed gears

Adjust the gears on different surface types to enjoy improved performance.


Up to 85+ miles on a single charge.

Explore multiple places on a single charge and use the pedal assistance for effortless riding.

LCD Screen

EB 2.0 LCD Screen

Waterproof LCD makes riding convenient by showing all the necessary information.


EB 2.0 head- & tail-lights

Enhance visibility to make riding safe and convenient.


Adjustable backrest

Feel more relaxed using the adjustable backrest and enjoy every ride without feeling tired.


Mechanical disc brakes

Instant stopping power to enjoy a safe and thrilling ride on any surface.  


Up to 20mph

Pace up your ride to complete a longer distance in a short time. 



Warranty helps you get a perfect and super strong electric trike. 


Factors Worth Discussing

#1 Design
The upgraded trikes offer a step-through frame in the electric trikes to ensure better control and convenience for senior riders. All trikes offer an aluminum alloy frame, which is super strong and rust-free. These trikes are highly durable and perfect to face any conditions. The Addmotor Grandtan M-340 and TRIKETAN II M-330 2024 offer a step-through frame, and the Addmotor ARISETAN II M-360 2024 has a semi-recumbent frame, both frame types ensure delivering better and higher comfort to the rider. 
#2 Performance
Excellent range and a powerful motor are the main performance indicators of the electric trike. The trikes offer a 750W motor for better assistance on different surfaces and an effortless riding experience. Also, the suspensions help riders by absorbing the bumps and shocks to make riding convenient. The long-range and brushless motor makes the trikes very efficient on different surface types. 
The throttle and pedal assist deliver an effortless riding experience and encourage the riders to use pedals based on their ability to push the electric trike. The 7 levels of pedal assist help the rider to adjust the level of assistance and enjoy effortless riding. The mechanical disc brake provides instant stopping power to make every ride well-controlled and safe. 
#3 Features 
The upgraded trikes offer amazing features to make your every ride perfect. These trikes offer an amazing range and payload capacity to the riders. The trike offers a range of 85+ miles on a single charge, which helps riders to explore multiple places. The payload capacity varies among these electric trike models of Addmotor, but there is no significant difference among them. 
The rider can use the LCD and advanced lighting system to make riding safe and convenient. The multifunctional taillight offers proper indications, and the LCD shows the current status of the trike to provide a better riding experience. Also, Triketan M-330  II and Arisetan M-360 II offer parking brakes and differential to enhance the riding experience by providing higher safety and stability to the rider. 

The 5 Benefits of Fat Tire Electric Trikes

#1 Better Stability
The wide-fat tires are perfect for off-road riding because of their exceptional stability on uneven or bumpy surfaces. The wide tire makes the electric trike terrain-friendly and perfect for different road conditions. It makes riding stable for senior riders and enhances their overall riding experience. A highly stable ride keeps the rider refreshed and relaxed after every ride and encourages them to travel more. 
#2 Higher Comfort
The fat tire electric trike is designed to deliver better comfort to the rider, including the proper sitting position with a backrest and step-through frame. The focus of the Fat Tire electric trike is to make the trike comfortable by absorbing shocks and bumps on different surfaces. Overall, the combination of wide tires and a super strong frame makes the electric trike a comfortable option to choose the fat tire electric trike as their next travel companion. 
#3 Excellent Cargo Capacity
The fat tire electric trikes are excellent for managing the higher payload capacity than the traditional electric bikes. The fat tire makes the electric trike suitable for carrying higher cargo without impacting the speed. The impressive cargo capacity makes the electric trikes perfect for shopping, running errands, and carrying other things. The rider can enjoy the outdoor activity or adventurous ride by carrying all the required stuff. 
#4 Better Control
The fat tires are efficient on different surfaces, like sand, snow, rock, etc., to make every ride perfect and deliver enhanced riding experiences. The electric trike offers excellent traction on different difficulties and challenging surfaces. The tire provides a grip to ensure better control in different conditions, like wet roads and slippery surfaces. Proper control boosts the confidence of the riders to enjoy exploring multiple surface types. 
#5 Terrain-friendly
The fat tires are efficient in handling any terrain type. Some trike offers puncture-proof tires, and some offer different layers of protection. The tires are an important part of every journey and help riders to face any challenging surface. The ability to challenge any road type encourages the riders to travel more and boost their confidence. Also, a motor pushes the trike efficiently on any surface to make pedaling effortless for the riders. 

How To Choose the Best Electric Trike?

#1 Understand Your Needs
Before choosing an electric trike, riders should understand their purpose of riding. Knowing the purpose of riding the trike helps the rider to get the perfect electric trike. A senior rider needs better comfort and easy handling to enjoy riding effortlessly. Similarly, an adult rider wants to enjoy thrilling rides. So, they want a powerful, and high-performing electric trike. It is important to choose the trike according to the needs and expectations. 
#2 Check the Frame and Design
The strength of the electric trike is indicated by the frame. A strong frame helps the rider to explore any surface without worrying about the electric trike. The step-through design of the electric trike makes riding easy and offers better control. The riders can choose step-through or step-over frame design based on their convenience. 
#3 Check Motor and Range
The motor is considered the heart of the electric trike. A powerful motor pushes the trike effectively on different surface types. Also, the rider can load cargo on their electric trikes if they have a powerful motor. The motor makes riding effortless by providing assistance and pacing up the speed of the trike. The long range of the trike encourages the rider to travel more and more without getting tired. So, considering the motor and range on a single charge is important for the riders. 
#4 Check Safety Features
Safety is pivotal. As a rider, considering safety is the major factor. They can compromise with the other features but cannot with the safety features. The safety feature checklist includes the braking system, lights, tires, etc. The more safety features in the electric trike mean the higher confidence of the riders while riding the electric trike. Do not ignore or compromise with the safety features on any condition. 
#5 Get a Test Ride
Checking everything about the future travel companion is a good thing, but why not do a test ride? Many well-known and trusted brands like Addmotor are offering test rides to the riders to double-check everything by practically riding the electric trike. It is hard to believe the attractive graphics mentioning the features on the website. So, it is important to check and experience everything by yourself before buying an electric trike and getting the perfect travel companion. 


These trikes are crafted for different purposes. Every trike has different and unique features that make it better to fulfill specific purposes. However, the upgraded versions are better and provide amazing features to the riders. I recommend considering your needs and preferences before buying a trike to get the best. Also, senior riders should check the comfortability and safety features of the trike to enjoy every ride. 

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