Addmotor Electric trikes: all the features you need to know about

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Electric trikes and electric bikes are the new trends in environmentally friendly commute gadgets. Introducing features that add on top of each other to provide a ride that serves more than just the purpose of transport, these electric tricycles are popular among young and older people alike. Nowadays, the e-commerce market has different varieties of electric trikes designed to cater to the need of different users having unique demands. For instance, there is electric tricycle for adults that offers a low center of gravity and stability, support and comfort to adult people. There are also electric cargo trike bikes for transport, folding e-bikes, and cruiser bikes for youngsters.

If you analyze all the unique features of electric tricycles, you will realize that these vehicles are more than just a means to commute. They pack together style, comfort, efficiency, and durability which cater to many needs of a person looking to have a fun-filled safe ride.

Many producers of electric tricycles offer unique features but here at ADDMOTOR, we ensure to offer all the great features in all our electric trikes no matter which one you use. You can be sure to buy an electric tricycle that caters to your needs, yet you will be amused by the additional features we have incorporated inside your e-trike and you will quickly fall in love with your ride. Quality, durability, comfort, stability, and security are the hallmark features that we have combined in each trike.

Here are some of the great features that all our bikes come with. You may want an electric tricycle for adults or a fat trike bike for hill trekking yet you will get these features in every bike you choose. Be sure to check out some of our new products at the end of this article to buy the electric tricycle of your dreams.

•  Powerful motor

The main power behind all the functioning of a three-wheel electric bike is its motor. The power and wattage of the motor decide the speed an electric trike would have. A strong motor will allow you to travel on rough terrains and bike uphill yet if you need an electric trike for just a daily commute, you can even opt for a medium-powered motor which will be more than enough for a trip to the market or local grocery store.

No matter your power requirements, at ADDMOTOR, you can have any bike you want according to your needs. All the electric trikes of ADDMOTOR have incorporated powerful motor that is mostly front-mounted yet some versions also come with a rear-mounted motor. The motors in these bikes have mostly 500-watt to 750-watt power which allows you to travel at your desired speed without having to put too much energy and effort into paddling. The ADDMOTOR electric tricycles can travel up to 85+ miles per charge thanks to the powerful motors incorporated in their mechanisms.

•  Battery

Just like a powerful motor, an efficient battery is also equally important for the functioning of an electric tricycle. All Addmotor electric tricycles come with a highly efficient removable and rechargeable battery that lasts for hours. These batteries juice up your bike for up to 40 to 85 miles per charge.

Some ADDMOTOR trikes are charged by EB 2.0 batteries system that provides an estimated maximum range of 90 miles per charge.

Addmotor electric trike batteries are also UL-certified. UL certification tests batteries under different procedures to ensure that they are produced under proper regulations and safe for use. This means that ADDMOTOR batteries are secure and safe for use.

•  Vast riding range

Normal electric bikes have around 25 to 35 miles riding range per charge, yet the Addmotor electric trike packs powerful batteries and motors. This allows the bikes to provide you with up to 90 miles per charge riding range.

•  Paddle Assist system

The paddle assist system is another big feature in these electric tricycles by ADDMOTOR. These electric bikes come with up to 7 level PAS mode settings, so you can adjust your speed with your required PAS mode and enjoy your ride accordingly.

The PAS 1 offers an 8 mph speed which means that you get 85 miles distance range with one charge. Similarly, if you opt for a faster speed, you can select 7 PAS which will give you 20+mph of coverage.

•  LCD Screen for better monitoring

With ADDMOTOR electric trike’s LCD system, you can have full access to information about your trike. The LCD features a background light that lets you keep track of your battery percentage, speed, mode, and mileage even in dark surroundings.

•  Integrated head and taillight

The Addmotor electric fat trike incorporates a 180-degree headlight. Most electric bikes by ADDMOTOR have a 40 Lumen headlight which means that it will be pretty bright when you are riding at night. The beautiful headlights have a visual range of up to 200 meters. The light can be controlled through uneven buttons to adjust the brightness according to your requirements. These lights are protected by waterproof high-quality glass that makes them durable.

The backlights are also made of premium grade materials as these bikes have all the high-quality accessories. The backlights in a fat tire electric trike have many features. You can use the multi-function tail light in these electric bikes to give left and right signals to people behind you. The tail light also has a driving light, danger light, flashlight, and brake light in most of these e-bikes.

•  Wide seat

The new ADDMOTOR electric fat trike bikes feature a wide and comfortable padded seat that enables the rider to have a comfortable ride. Unlike other electric motors that have small and uncomfortable seating, these seats cover a large area of your back and allow you to bike with ease.

•  Durable tires

Electric trikes may have started as riding gadget for convenience but it has surely been upgraded to cater to the needs of every biker there is. From electric tricycles for cargo applications to cruiser applications, each one of these bikes has standard high-quality durable material and unique features that cater to the specific needs of the rider.

Even the tires in these trikes have different capabilities that cater to a rider’s specific biking needs. Some of these electrical trikes by ADDMOTOR feature puncture-resistant 4 inches thick KENDA tires that are suitable for rugged terrain and offer more road grip, balance, and support.


Let’s have a look at the top-selling e-trikes by Addmotor to review their best features;

1. GRANDTAN CITY 3 Wheel E-Trike

Featuring a cool and outstanding look, the GRANDTAN CITY fat tire electric trike is available in six beautiful colors. If you are looking for a relaxed electric trike that offers vintage charm when riding around beautiful streets, this retro electric bike must be at the top of your consideration.

The GRANDTAN City Trike by ADDMOTOR has a wide range of features. The main and most functional feature of this bike is that it has a 750W Bafang brushless motor that fuels up the trike to give you a fun-filled ride. The electric trike bike is powered by Samsung battery which is the world’s first 48V*20Ah UL-certified battery. With the help of an extraordinary battery and efficient motor, this bike offers a maximum distance range of 90 miles when riding on PAS 1 level. This is equivalent to 8 miles per hour.

Additionally, this beautiful fat tire electric trike features a cool and functional LCD screen. The sturdy and strong taillight in this electric trike bike can be used for five different functions. With new 3.0 mini flame-like fat tires, you can ride this electric trike bike on snow, sand, hill, or street however you like.


2. GRANDTAN PLUS Fat Tire Electric Trike

If you require an electric trike that is not only solid but also convenient, this multi-speed E-trike is the newest addition to a variety of amazing tricycles by ADDMOTOR. This cool electric tricycle features full-wheel Tektro mechanical disc brakes that come with motor cutoff sensor which allows you to stop mid-drive in an instant without any pushback. This provides full control whether you ride on beaches, cruise through the city, uphill, or even on the roughest roads.

Similar to other new electrical trikes by ADDMOTOR, this GRANDTAN Plus electric trike bike has a 48V x 750W front-mounted motor that offers adaptability to the roads and gives power on the most difficult of terrains. This ensures a smooth and shock-free ride even when you are riding on logs, stones, or loose paths. The 48V x 20 Ah UL-certified batteries incorporate Samsung’s newest battery cell combination offering larger capacity and functionality.

The 5-inch LCD screen in this fat tire tricycle for adults is designed to keep you updated on your battery power, wattage, and max speed. With the best rollover anti-slip cover, the 4.0-inch thick fat tires have in-built layers of inner tube protectors and high-volume inner tubes that boost comfort and durability. Featuring a wide seat, this cool-looking electrical tricycle is available in six different colors that you can choose from.


3. TRIKETAN M-330 Electric Fat Trike

Another amazing addition to ADDMOTOR E-trikes is this TRIKETAN M-330 electric trike with fat tires. Similar to other electric trikes by ADDMOTOR, the TRIKETAN features a powerful motor and an efficient battery that give you a smooth and steady ride. The features of this electric fat trike involve a 750-watt motor that is perfect for everyday use and is also suitable for sports riding.

The bike has a built-in removable and rechargeable 20Ah Samsung Cell Battery which provides a max range of 85 miles distance per charge. Another feature that makes this electric trike bike suitable for riding on tough terrains and for regular use is its three-wheel stability. With thick rear tires, this electric trike lowers your center of gravity and provides you a stable and safe ride.


The front-mounted basket is a pleasant addition to the bike even though there is a storage space behind the seat which can also be used to place an additional seat. This will allow you to give your child a ride with you. The thick and fat 4.0 KENDA tires are designed to perform best when riding on hills, offering you stability while turning sharp turns.

The final verdict

Electric trikes are becoming immensely popular among people of all ages. Offering fast, convenient, and safe rides to adults, youngsters, and working people alike, these electric bikes ensure that all biking needs of their riders are met.

There are many sellers of electric trikes in the market yet ADDMOTOR offers a variety of bikes with unique features. There is no compromise on quality and durability when we manufacture all our products offering different features. Of course, there are some standard features such as headlights and taillights for security, ergonomically designed handles and footrests, and thick durable tires. We customize other features to meet the needs of our riders. For instance, we offer our electric trikes with different powered batteries and motors which are designed to meet the specific needs of certain customers. The bikes also include storage space, step-through frames, and LCD screens in almost all of our bikes. So if you are looking to buy electric tricycle that will be more than just a boring old tricycle, you need to give these ADDMOTOR bikes a go.

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