Addmotor Electric Tricycle Comparison: Grandtan M-340 vs M-340 City

By Addmotor | 11 November 2022 | 1 Comments
Tricycle electric bike provides a comfortable ride to all the riders who don’t ride on a regular electric bike. Beginners of an electric bike can build their confidence by riding on three-wheel electric bicycle. This is also best for people who cannot drive electric bikes due to some disability problems. They can travel easily on a tricycle to become self-independent with less effort and enjoy their life's best moments. This electric trike bike is for adults to move freely on sandy, snow, hills, and any type of terrain. Electric bikes are helpful for health as it’s a source of exercise to make strong your muscles and bones.
electric tricycle m-340 in Neptune Blue

Electric Trikes of Addmotor

To buy your tricycle electric bike I will suggest to you Addmotor which is famous for manufacturing of latest technology and high-quality luxurious electric bikes in the USA. They have a team of expert mechanical engineers that develops customized electric bicycles for adults. All types of electric bikes developed by Addmotor are designed according to the customer's requirements and needs.

Addmotor’s main aim is to overcome transport charges and facilitates all types of people with the latest technology in electric bikes. They have designed electric bikes for sports riders, regular electric bikes, electric trike bikes for adults, disabled persons, cargo electric bikes, city, cruiser, folding, wildtan, and motan electric bikes.

Addmotor updates all the models of electric bike every year with new technology and features for people who loves to ride electric bike. Most people want to travel on a tricycle electric bike. Here I am comparing two models of addmotor three-wheel electric bicycles that are Grandtan m-340 etrike and the Grandtan city etrike.

Comparison Between Grandtan M-340 Etrike 2023 and Grandtan City Etrike

Tricycle electric bike of addmotor all model is almost same in shape but have different features. Addmotor updates features of motorized trikes for adults to provide more comfort to the riders.  

1. Both are compatible with EB.2.0 electric systems with a capacity of battery 20Ah. But the battery of grant can travel up to 85miles per charge. While grandtan city can travel up to 90 plus miles on a single charge.

2. Grandtan city is designed with 3 inch wide fat tires that easy to reach the destination. While grandtan tires are 4-inch fat-wide, eco-friendly wooden tires to support your foot with maximum absorption capacity. 4inch Kenda fat tires of a grandtan are made of four layers of inner tube protector, high volume inner tube, anti-slip cover tire, and boost riding comfort for sandy beaches and terrains.
electric tricycle with rear bag

3. Both have a 5inch LCD to view battery usage, speed, pass level, mileage, and motor output power but grandtan city has a waterproof LCD specially designed for weather conditions.  

4. Quality of both tricycle electric bike is excellent if you want to go on sandy beaches and loves to ride on hills then you should have to buy a grandtan m-340 due to its high-quality tires and integrated headlights.

5. If you are a daily bike rider and doing some jobs then you should have to buy grandtan city to travel in rainy conditions also that provide protection to you. 

Why you should have to choose an electric tricycle bike:

An electric tricycle bike will save you money and also be favorable to your health. To enjoy valuable moments of your life with friends and family members within your limited budget motorized trikes for adults are the best option for traveling. It's beneficial for you when you are tired too much after a hectic day and don’t use a pedal then a tri-wheel electric bike provides comfort to you. You should have to click on buttons to travel outside and applies brakes when you need them.

For traveling on terrains and hills high-quality tires of the bike are most important. The maintenance cost of the three-wheel electric bicycle is affordable for the riders. To update your old electric bike, you can buy all the accessories of electric from Addmotor and their staff is always available for you to maintain your electric tricycle bike.


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