Addmotor E-Trikes: Maintenance Guide

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After carefully weighing your options and choosing an electric trike, proper maintenance is crucial. A wonderful alternative for those who need speedy and effective transportation for heavier loads is an e-trike. It's also perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a joyride through their community on a cool autumn night. Like most other modes of transportation, its longevity is increased by thorough and rapid maintenance. E-trikes that are not properly maintained might lose out on thousands of kilometers of travel, require costly repairs, and cost money. Take a look at this post as a reference to how you may take the best care of your tricycle in order to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Proper loading

Let's start with the cargo area on your e trike. If you think of it as a supermarket cart, you should be able to load it while preserving safety. This advice is solely applicable to those who want to transport freight. For instance, you wouldn't put the bread or eggs in the bottom and the water on top.
The thought process is identical while loading your items into the motorised tricycles with fat tires. Making the proper loads helps you avoid losing anything along the way and keeps the rider safe. Load balance is also essential for keeping your tricycle from becoming damaged. Anything that moves on wheels needs to be stable, thus an unequal load could put stress on the brakes or other mechanisms. Consult your owner's manual for details on load limits. There are standard load sizes for different chassis sizes of the battery powered trike.

Triketan M-350 Electric Tricycle In Neptune Blue
Addmotor TRIKETAN M-350 Electric tricycle: Enjoy a leisurely walk with your dog

Battery protection

The battery, one of the most crucial elements in a fat tire electric tricycle, is at the core of your tricycle. It might cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs and additional hassle if your battery develops problems. Make sure the lithium-ion battery is kept at the proper temperature and stored properly. The battery can be greatly affected by cold or hot temperatures, just like our mobile devices. Given that the amount of effort needed to maintain its effectiveness changes with temperature, it is advisable to store it between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Another common issue is an overcharged battery. Because overcharging can result in the battery going through more cycles, it's preferable to keep the battery between 20 and 80 percent charged. After being fully exhausted, a lithium battery-powered tricycle's ability to store energy declines. As a result, productivity suffers. A lithium battery should always be completely charged. Even if you only rode a short distance, plug it in when you're finished. If the battery is drained, it should be recharged as soon as possible. However, make sure you don’t overcharge it since it reduces the efficiency of your fat tire electric trike.


In a battery-powered trike, avoid using a mobile device with a wall charger. Always use the included charger or one you bought separately to recharge your e-bike. A fire and a blast could develop from using a bad charger. You shouldn't frequently deplete your electric tricycle to 0 volts in order to prolong its lifespan. Completely depleting a lithium-ion battery carries some dangers. The batteries are incapable of holding a charge. Shallower discharges and recharges are generally preferred. They ought to last longer because they don't put the battery under additional stress.
Partial discharges and frequent recharge can dramatically increase a battery's lifespan. When your battery is down to half, recharge it. Batteries typically lose all of their capacity once in a time. The device should be charged every few travels to prevent a full discharge.

Chain Cleaning

Now that we have discussed an electrical component, let's discuss the chain, the most crucial mechanical element of your electric tricycle. If an electric tricycle for adults with the chain is frequently cleaned, it will function better and endure longer. The chain doesn't need to be taken off; all that is needed are hot water, a toothbrush, rags, swabs, sponges, a degreaser, and chain lubricant. For a quicker job, use a handheld chain cleaning. Simple wash and degrease, followed by drying, lubricating, and rinsing.

Cosmetic Care

Let's now talk briefly about outward appearance. Even though many people are just concerned with how well the electric trike performs, some people think looks are important. If you want to keep your 3 wheel ebike looking good, you should store it in a covered area away from anything that could make it wet and damp. Lubricate all of the mechanical components, including the chains, and tighten all of the brakes, pedals, and crank arms. Make sure your gears and brakes are functioning properly by giving them a once-over.
Even though you, the rider, maybe more responsible, the state of your trike can directly connect to this. Always exercise caution when riding on paved surfaces. Even if riding is quite comfortable, accidents may still occur due to your environment's unpredictable nature. You can avoid any hiccups by being extra vigilant and thoroughly scanning your surroundings. This is especially crucial because carrying people or goods raises your risk factors. By taking wide turns and driving steadily, you can keep yourself safe.

Grandtan M-340 Electric Fat Tire Trike In Neptune Blue
Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 E-trike: the most comfortable means of travel

As we just discussed, extreme temperatures can shorten the life of batteries, which means they can potentially harm your electrics. Your trike's electrical parts could become damaged if it continually freezes and unfreezes. Your tricycle will still work in cold weather, but maintaining it can take more work from you. If you intend to store your electric tricycle in an area that you are aware gets cold, take care to remove the battery and store it in a warmer environment. The battery typically operates best in normal temperatures.


Servicing your trike once a year should be plenty if you've had the guts to bike through the winter. If at all possible, start the spring season with this. However, there is nothing shameful about asking a specialist to look at it. The chain, brake and derailleur levers, cables, bearing systems, and any other sections of your bike where metal touches metal should all be lubricated. Never oil your chain without first thoroughly cleaning it; doing so will result in an abrasive paste that will erode the chain. Use a lubricant suitable for the weather you're riding in.
Your adult e-gear trike's shifting and braking are managed by cables and, in some circumstances, hydraulics. These cables will eventually deteriorate and strain with repeated use. Depending on how frequently you cycle, how much. You should routinely inspect your cables for signs of rust, dirt, cable splits, or bending. Make sure to closely inspect each of the three tires, wheels, and rims to make sure they don't have any evidence of wear or damage. It is normal for cosmetic damage such as scratches, dents, and scrapes to occur with regular riding. As long as the wheels turn easily and straight, this is acceptable. You must check the spokes to make sure they are not bent, damaged, or loose if there is some wobbling.

Maintenance also refers to your storage capacity. While it's excellent to safeguard your investment with the proper cleaning and lubrication, you also need to make sure it's safe when it's not in use. Despite the high cost of these joyrides, many people nevertheless rely on them as a reliable mode of transportation. If stolen, you forfeit all of your investment, and someone else stands to gain. Think about the storage place and how easy it is to reach for you or other people. Garages and bike sheds make for the greatest locations. Make sure you have the equipment needed to lock the tricycle safely while you walk away as well as riding it.

The product's user manual contains the best recommendations for caring for your battery-powered tricycles. Please don't assume that you know what it means. Lithium-ion e-bike batteries carry a number of dangers. It may catch fire if used improperly or charged using an unapproved device. If you adhere to the manual's recommendations, your battery will last longer. Your adult electric tricycle's battery life depends on how many times you can recharge it. The total number of times the battery has been charged from empty to full is used to calculate it. Electric trikes made by Addmotor typically have a charge life of 85 kilometres. If properly maintained, the battery can endure up to 1000 discharges and recharges. The maximum number of recharges is listed by the supplier. It gauges how many charges a battery can withstand before its performance degrades.

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It's far too easy to neglect some straightforward but important maintenance tasks for the creature comforts in our life. But if you want to keep using it or give it to a family member, keeping what you paid for is the best option. If you're ready to buy an adult electric trike or if you need help maintaining your trike, get in touch with our team at Addmotor right now. Whether you're hauling things, breathing in the fresh air, or visiting the mountains, with the proper care and maintenance, you can get where you're going!

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