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An electric bike is increasingly becoming a popular mode of transportation and mobility as it provides convenience and safety to riders, especially adults. This faster and more sustainable mode of mobility has increased the demand for e-bikes in the USA, and due to this, various options for e-bikes are available in the market. Among the variety of electric bikes, the most popular is the folding electric bike due to its numerous benefits, like easy transporting and storage. If you are looking for the best folding electric bike for yourself, you may find one at Addmotor. Addmotor M-140 R7 folding E-bike is a popular folding electric bike available, but the good news is that the e-bike is getting upgraded with the new 2023 version. So let’s see what new and exciting features the Addmotor 2023 new upgraded version of the folding electric bike has in store for you. 

• Aesthetically pleasing

Everyone wants an electric bike that looks aesthetically pleasing with unique color and design. The new upgraded version folding electric bike comes in 6 new colors, yellow, blue, orange, army green, white and black. You can choose it according to your favorite color from a range of color schemes. The updated version of the e-bike is designed to perfection, with an integrated head tube that gives a smooth and clean look to the electric bike and also makes it easier for the riders to handle the e-bike. The frame of the folding electric bike is made with aluminum alloy, which makes it strong and durable, and the body is composed of appropriate steel tube thickness, reducing the weight and increasing its strength. The color, design, style, and updated features of the folding electric bike together make the bike aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, and safe to ride. 

• Upgraded 20 Ah battery

The new upgraded folding electric bike at Addmotor contains a battery that is now upgraded to 20 Ah from 17.5 Ah. The large-capacity battery will now let you drive the e-bike for longer distances without the need of recharging on the way. On a single charge, this fat tire electric bike can cover 100 miles on PAS 1, which was previously 65 miles per charge. It contains Samsung’s 21700 lithium-ion battery cells, which are of high capacity and maximum discharge. The upgraded battery provides the maximum protection for the battery and the rider, preventing it from overcharging and over-discharging, and triple protection for short-circuiting. It also has an integrated battery assembly bracket that consumes less space and also provides maximum protection to the internal components.

• E.B 2.0 electrical lighting system

Addmotor upgraded version of the folding electric bike provides a great riding experience at night with its advanced EB 2.0 lighting system. It provides maximum wide-angled visibility, making it easier to ride the fat tire electric bike safely at night. As the electrical lighting system is powered by a battery, it should decrease the mileage, but the advanced LED lighting system could save 15% of the energy consumption. With the headlight that provides 40-lumen brightness and a visible distance of 120 m and 180 degrees side view, its manufacturing is based on the K-mark optical principle and has passed the ISO6742-1 international standard certification. The multipurpose tail light of the electric bike also provides a visible distance of 200 m and 180 degrees side view. The taillight also functions as a brake light, flashlight, driving light, and turning indicator. The material of both, the head and taillights have reached the IPX5 waterproof standard, which means it would provide you maximum safety and visibility in any weather condition.  

• E.B 2.0 all-in-one integrated system

The new folding electric bike has made the riding experience safer and more convenient with its all-in-one integrated system. Now you don’t have to use the display to switch on and off the head and taillights, instead, the uneven buttons on the handlebar are present that can be differentiated easily via touch to control the head and taillights. You would concentrate and look straight while riding your e-bike without continuously looking at the display or buttons. The 5-inch LED display also makes the riding experience convenient with its integrated system. You can know about your speed, battery usage, current motor wattage, PAS level, and mileage when riding an electric bike. Along with that, in the updated folding electric bike, the display will also feature the left and right turning signal lights with a single or double flash on the display. In the new updated version of the folding electric bike, the speed has also increased to 7 PAS.  


Why choose a folding electric bike?

With a variety of ebikes in USA, you might wonder what the benefits of folding electric bikes are and why you should invest in one. So here are some benefits why you should choose a folding electric bike.

1. Portable

Sometimes it is difficult to store or park your e-bike at certain places due to a lack of bike racks or storage space. Like if you have to board a bus, or travel to another city, it becomes a task to carry the electric bike along with you. So with a folding electric bike, you can easily fold it into a compact size and shape and keep it in the trunk of your car or under the seat.

2. Easy to ride

Due to the compact and slim frame, it is easy and convenient to ride the folding electric bike. Sometimes it gets difficult to ride through the narrow alleys or pavements or make your way in the crowd. But with the slim and compact design of a folding electric bike, you can ride it easily through sidewalks or traffic.

3. Less likely to be theft

We all have this fear of whether our electric bike is safe in the parking rack or if someone has stolen it. A folding electric bike lets you enjoy your moment wherever you go without the fear of losing it. With its foldable quality, you can take your e-bike with you wherever you go and keep a watchful eye.   
The advanced features and updated design and style make the new version of the folding electric bike worth the investment. With various benefits and a smooth and comfortable riding experience, this updated version of the electric bike is one of the best products currently available at Addmotor. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website and order yours now.

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